Reprinted from the F.O.I. Orientation Brochure

Muhammad Speaks is a newspaper that, number one, bears the name of God. It is designed to enlighten and uplift our people wherever they may be. This newspaper is unlike any other in the world and has and still is playing an important part in our struggle for justice.

It is the only means of direct communication which we can depend on to reach the homes of our people.

This paper is so valuable that we can’t afford to let one go to waste. It is like water to a man dying of thirst.

If you sincerely want to help our people in the struggle for Freedom, Justice and Equality, then right now as F.O.I. this is the best way.

We used to sing that old church song: to lift up Jesus. Jesus simply means justice and the only man that we know: is fighting and standing for justice for you and me is the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. So when we lift Muhammad up, he will draw all men unto him.

The devil, the whiteman, wants us to lay down on the job. He doesn’t like our people to read Muhammad Speaks, a newspaper that will actually give life to the dead.

Brother, when you take it upon yourself to sell this newspaper, Muhammad Speaks, you’re helping to resurrect dead bones, the dry bones, that Ezekiel spoke about in the valley. So pick up your newspaper brother and remember it bears the name of God, and contains that which our people are so vitally in need of.

You are actually carrying the word of God.

When you help sell this paper your are bearing witness there is no God but Allah and The Honorable Elijah Muhammad is His Last and Greatest APOSTLE.

On the pages to follow, you will be given further instructions as a guide in showing you the best way to sell your newspaper that you will receive.

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