Why must there be a righteous reformation of the Black Woman (M.G.T)?

Does Allah desire bring the greatest souls and minds that have ever been created, through the wombs of those women who will except the process of righteous reformation ?


from the studies of Afiya Mahatmas Muhammad

  Higher souls want to incarnate on the earth plane, but the mothers must become spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally prepared to bring them in. The garbage from one generation can no longer be passed on to the next generation or the planet will not survive.   Women must be purified so they can be vehicles for these more advanced beings. Workshops and trainings must be done to prepare the mothers-to-be.   Someone who had a spontaneous message from Ramana Maharishi, the great indian sage who made his transition years ago now. Ramana explained that it is very difficult for advanced souls such as him to find appropriate parents. Also take the words of Torkom Saraydarian as worthy of our attention when he advised; It is a glamor and illusion” to desire a child if you are unprepared to birth a high-level child. “Either bring in a masterpiece or prepare yourself for unending problems. The race of great beauty must start manifesting on earth.” The secret criteria are: right intercourse with the right partner, right conditions during pregnancy and breast-feeding, and an increasing love between partners   A variety of souls wait in the wings for birth. Advanced souls seek spiritual benefits and desire to further mankind’s evolution as leaders, geniuses, or humanitarians. Lesser evolved, on the other hand, are interested in enjoying the outwardly stimulating pleasures of this world. Couples can give birth to children belonging to a higher or lower stage of development. A couple who desires an exceptional child must raise their consciousness, quality of thoughts and feelings, attitude, and way of life, in order to attract an advanced soul. Parents who are unable to attract an advanced soul will bring in a young soul who turns out to be a troublesome offspring. Such children waste time, energy, money, and their bodies. They are typically lured by superficial values and hinder their spiritual growth by using alcohol, drugs, tobacco.   Advanced souls await the opportunity of birth to pure parents. That is why some parents make efforts to draw the right soul for their family during the period prior to conception. Some spend three months; others may spend a year. Couples who are at their best – spiritually, mentally, and physically – increase the possibility of conceiving exceptional children.  

The world will enter a “Golden Age” once it regains understanding of the creative function of the sexual act. Light will come to the world like “the light that never shone on sea and land. . . . Then the world will have a race of Buddhas and Christs, for the world will have discovered that individuals have it in their own power to procreate Buddha-like children. .