When you are in the cube everything is (communicated) by telepathic suggestion. You realize how slow and cumbersome are conditioned thoughts and rationalizations of all kinds. Only thoughts automatically originated by telepathic suggestion have value or are worth examining. This is why keeping silent in voice and mind is so important. Every time you meditate upon and actually construct a cube you are participating in the original creation reality. This is noosphere second creation auto genesis.

The Synchronotron 441 cube is the manifestation of the source code as the telepathic frequency index codes of the integrated holographic structure underlying and informing the universal order of reality. This is why the 441 is known as the cube of totality; it is the micro circuit of the infinitude of universes. Those who can fathom much less master its knowledge already belong to generations of the future. To study it and immerse oneself in the frequency codes intrinsic to this cube is to purify and tranquilize restive analphs still activated by the illusion of personal reality of which there is no such thing. —

Valum Votan