by Minister Louis Farrakhan

In the Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.

The institution of marriage allows the lawful sexual union between male and female in the eyes of Allah (God) and society. Since both, male and female should dedicate their lives to the Will of Allah (God) and the great struggle in the journey of the meeting with Allah (God), and, the great struggle of the union of the two, then the pleasure derived from sex is Divinely given to enhance the union as well as to re-charge the electrical energy of the male and the female that they might continue the great journey and struggle of life. These two, properly motivated, allows the sexual union to be a life-giving experience not only in procreation and continuance of the life of the species, but, it is invigorating as well as life giving to the marriage and the struggle of these two to become as one.

To look at marriage as only the legalization of the sex act is to put our minds on a level that will not bring the best out of the experience. To become extreme in our view that the sex act is only for procreation and not meant by Allah (God) to give pleasure to married couples is a view that is not in accord with the Will, Plan and Purpose of Allah (God). These pleasure centers in the human being, used properly and in accord with the Will of Allah (God), brings comfort, ease, consolation, rest, reward and joy to the souls that are working hard to fulfill their Divine duty and obligation.

What is the purpose of sex in marriage?

1. Procreation of human species.

2. Reward the struggle of the two to become one with the joy of the pleasure of each other’s complimentary nature.

3. To give rest, relaxation and new energy to the male to continue the great mission of being producer of mastering the earth and its laws as he strives to become Khalifah or one who stands in the place of Allah (God) at his level of development. The female in energizing the male and giving him this comfort, consolation; giving him peace and quiet of mind as a rest period between struggle is also satisfied and is pleased because she has given rest to him to work for Allah (God), her and the family. Therefore, she is rested in herself. This is the Divine Purpose of Sex in Marriage.

Satan, however, has taken this natural gift of Allah (God) and made mischief with it causing us to go after pleasure without struggle; without the burden or responsibility of being what Allah (God) created us to be. We have become pleasure seekers without responsibility and misusing our pleasure centers thus becoming slaves of pleasure.

This has given rise to the misuse of women and the misuse of what Allah (God) gave them for the man so that she becomes a prostitute – sex for hire, he becomes a pimp – using her and the need of the male for pleasure as a means of livelihood.

The lust for pleasure is causing the abuse of children, male and female, and the misuse of our bodies. As a result, we are living in a morally degenerate world. We are paying the price for this moral degeneracy through the plague of AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases, which produce the destruction of the male and female and the destruction of our future.

This is why we must return to Allah (God) and seek to know His purpose for what He created and use everything of creation in accord with His purpose for it. Then, and only then, will we find the genuine peace, joy, and happiness that we seek.

It is written in Psalms, “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!”

The unity of the brotherhood gives us another kind of pleasure.

It is written in the Qur’an that, when we become one with Allah (God) we will be well pleased with Him and well pleasing in His sight.”

There is tremendous pleasure in being one with Allah (God). There is tremendous joy in knowing that we are pleasing in His sight. Let us strive for the real pleasure of life that comes from duty to Allah (God); duty to ourselves; duty to our mates; duty to our families; duty to our community.

Let us seek real pleasure that comes when we know that we have struggled to obey Allah (God); we have struggled to bear the burden of the great responsibility that Allah (God) has placed on our shoulders; we have accepted the difficulty factor of life knowing truly that after difficulty comes ease.

Please discuss this article with your family.

Thank you for reading these few words.