We pray for the best but aren’t willing to pay the price to get the best that Allah has to offer !



Some of you pray for a Man of God but are not willing to pay that price and live that life that such a man will require of you uncompromised! My wife (blessed her heart) understood what she was getting from the start of our interaction because I never, and I repeat never faked, lied, or concealed anything that was in my mind about how I lived my life and saw Islam. It’s strict, with perpetual striving, with a constant shedding away of the weakness of excuse-making for non-conformity to the dictates of my God. This openness and mandated posture for how I would run my home and family from the start has allowed me by Allah’s protection, guidance, mercy, and love to survive what most fail in the 1st few weeks or months of marriage. If you dear sisters truly desire a man of God then you will have to become acquainted with the true mind, the true heart, and true will of God so when you get that man you won’t misdescribe his rulership and methods of protection and love as oppression but uplift it for what it truly is, the unadulterated manifest love of God coming through his Servants who have been gifted to you !


Some of us want greatness for ourselves and our children but flee from the men and the women that will bring that greatness out of us and the children that will be entrusted into our care. The believers have to sincerely start asking themselves, why have we with all that we’ve been given have been slow and I mean slow to produce greatness in our marriages and our children? Have we truly entered the process of marriage and have we wrongly perceived the men and women that will bring greatness out of us to where we will become a new marker or standard for how marriages should be formed and lived among us for the establishment of a new world?
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