[Editor’s Note: At the invitation of Father Michael Pfleger of St. Sabina Catholic Church, Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan spoke May 9, 2019 and addressed the decision by Facebook to ban him from social media platforms, including Instagram. Below is an edited transcript of his message.]


I bear witness to Him who originated the heavens and the earth. Who is the originator of all life and His greatest desire is to rid the earth of unbelief and hatred, lying and deceit and to make the human family human again. To take out of us the mind and spirit of the Beast of Revelations.



The mark of the Beast is in our hands. And, the mark of the Beast is in our forehead. We are not thinking like the divine Creator created us to think in our best selves. We have degenerated into something that is subhuman. The actions that are going on throughout our planet, among all the peoples of our planet, say that Satan has nearly conquered the whole of humanity.  


I thank Allah for all of the prophets who suffered to bring truth in a world that seems to love falsehood. I thank Allah for Moses and Abraham. I thank Him for Jesus and Muhammad (Peace Be Upon These Worthy Servants of God). I thank Him for each and every one of you who would like to see yourselves in your divine garments. 

How could the son be a creature of the Creator and it is not divine? How could the least of His creatures not be divine because each of His creatures reflect the Creator? How could you and I, and we and us, who are made in His image and after His Likeness be so far removed from the divinity of our nature?  Some of us are even so afraid to admit that the human being can be divine.

This is not just for people of high status and standing.  The least human being is greater than the Sun.  … The least human being is greater than the Sun. The Sun can only do what God created it to do.  Every creature that we study contained in it is the treasure of what God’s Purpose was for its Creation.  He’s not a mindless Creator. And, we would have to be mindful to feed on the wisdom in the least of His Creation. This is why the Psalmist says, “Yea are all gods, Children of the Most High God.”

I often wondered as a student of my wonderful teacher, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, why we could speak such noble words and live a life so far removed from the noble words that we speak? I looked at the Constitution of the United States of America supposedly composed by the Founding Fathers, many of them, of this great nation. 

“We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equally.” What beautiful words … but the same creators of that word inspired by the God of justice could not make those words bond. That we all should enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and to that end governments are formed with the consent of the governed.

Here we are today. Some of us could not come out tonight because we did not wish to be censured by those who presently have power to censure. But that power is gradually being taken from you and I am so grateful to God that He made me an instrument to bring that end of your wicked system of injustice.

“Now wait a minute Farrakhan … How dare you say that you are the one.” God has said it. And, if you study your Scripture and study my work, you’ll find that there is not another human being on this earth that speaks like Farrakhan; that challenges like Farrakhan; that has the wisdom of Farrakhan even to the Pope of Rome and all those that you think are wise.  The wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. 

The Founding Fathers couldn’t make those words live. They were slaveholders. They were misogynists. All these wonderful rites could not be given to White women, much less Black men and women, Native American men and women, Chinese or Japanese human beings. 

Jesus wanted to produce a special community. His words are difficult to live if you have a racist mentality. His words are difficult to live if your heart is darkened with hatred, envy and jealousy. 

The story of Cain and Abel is a very beautiful story for us to reflect on because that happened in the Genesis of a new people on our planet. We are now living in the Genesis of a new beginning for us and for the world … A new beginning. 

God created the heavens and the earth in six days and rested on the seventh, they say. After doing all this great work He looked around and He saw that there was no man to cultivate the earth. The most noble profession is that of a farmer. Many of you shun farming, especially Black people who were working from can’t see morning to can’t see night on Massa’s plantation. 

So one day Cain and Abel from the dysfunctional family of Adam and Eve started a world that we are the recipients of it.

A dysfunctional world; our government is becoming sicker every day. Three equal parts of government; a judicial branch; a legislative branch and an executive branch. …

They have an offering that they were to give to God. Cain being a farmer he went to work in the field and he offered to God the fruit of the ground. But his younger brother offered Him the fruit of a sheep from the womb of a sheep—a lamb, a lamb, a lamb.  When God saw Cain’s offering He took it. It didn’t mean that He didn’t love Cain but somehow God was moved by a lamb and He took that lamb to his bosom; Cain was very upset. Most of us get upset when we think our offering should always be better than the next person because in our imagination we did what God wanted “because I’m a farmer.” 

Cain was so upset God spoke to him. And, in our upset we need God to speak to us. God said, Cain why has your countenance fallen? Why are you angry? Did Facebook do something? Why is your countenance fallen? Why are you angry? God said to Cain … Cain sin lieth at the door. If Cain were not so angry he would say to God: God I gave you such a beautiful gift. I sweat. I went and I planted and I nurtured what I planted and look at how beautiful it is. Why is that lamb more acceptable to you than this—Abel didn’t do the work. The male sheep did the work. And now you accept his offering over mine?

See if you only have wisdom to properly answer God’s question … why are you angry? Why is your countenance fallen? Sin lieth at the door. God could have easily said: “Cain I love you. I love the sweat of your brow that produced this fruit from the ground. But I was looking down the wheel of time and I saw a lamb coming that would take away the sins of the world. If you could see what I see—since you don’t have a comprehensive knowledge of things—I have to show you what I see that you can’t see. But if you had faith and asked me a question, I could have counseled you. But instead you hated your brother because in reality you hate me.”

Envy is a disease of the heart that will not allow you to see properly. You think you’re envious of the person who has what you think you deserve. But your hatred is for God for allowing somebody to have what you think is your possession. What happens to us is we lose sight on our own gift because we’re blinded by our envy of the gift that your sister has, your brother has. That kind of envy, which led to hatred and the Qur’an says, soon by and by, it became easy for Cain to slay his brother. 

That’s why Jesus gave two commandments while Moses gave ten.  Those two commandments Jesus made, no pun intended, trumped what they thought was a well-played card. Jesus said: I give you this day two commandments. If we focused on those two commandments, we could walk through what’s happening with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the hatred that is shown toward me. If you could dig into those two commandments, you could overcome the disease of envy that keeps us divided against each other.

Jesus said the first commandment is that you love God with All your heart, soul, mind and strength.  When you put All in front of it, that’s why some religious denominations can’t pledge allegiance to a symbol of a nation. I’ve already given my all to Him that helped you get a nation. 

Now I’d like to get to the core of our problem and I must say to Minister Ishmael what a beautiful—if I needed a lawyer for my defense God gave me a lawyer tonight. Father Pfleger I must say without apology, he’s my brother. “Now wait, wait a minute Minister I think you’re stretching things.” No. I’m trying to stretch you. 

The first lesson we learned coming into the classroom of God was He starts us off with Actual Facts. The problem with many of us is we start talking before we know what we’re talking about.  We’re not interested in facts. We’re not interested in truth, so we go off of assumptions and emotions. Who is the Original Man? Elijah Muhammad taught: “The Original Man is the Asiatic Black Man, the Maker, the Owner, the Cream of the Planet Earth, the God of the Universe.” That’s who you are and that’s who you were before the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade brought you to America and turned us upside down and inside out.


hat is the Population of the Original Nation in the Wilderness of North America and all over the Planet Earth? At the time that that question was asked of us the answer was “17 million with the 2 million Indians making a total of 19 million in the wilderness of North America, 4,400,000,000 all over the Planet Earth.” 

Why did our teacher put that in as an Actual Fact for us to think about? We are so narrow in our thought processes. I have to say Father Pfleger has outgrown all of that stuff and so has Louis Farrakhan.

It’s not racism to say the Black man is the mother and father of all human beings. No matter what science you think you know you can’t prove different. If White people were the first on our planet we could never be because it’s a genetically, mathematical impossibility for two White people to produce what you see in South Sudan. That’s not hate, that’s not racism, it’s just a fact. 

So when man was being made in the image of God it was a new man on our planet being made in the image of the original. We are the Original Man but what has ruled us for the last 6,000 years is mankind—a kind of a man made after the order of the Original Man. 

We’re not better than you in this sense. If Usain Bolt was on the track with a lot of other speedsters, he’s not being arrogant if he says, “I think I can beat you all.” He didn’t have to think it. He proved it. We are the first in the Light of the Sun. The lands that we owned were the richest lands and envy of the new man on our planet. You used your knowledge, your wisdom of tricks and lies to create division among us and rule us until the Coming of God.

This is where I wanted to go tonight. I won’t be long. Listen family to my Christian family here the Bible teaches you: As by one man sin entered into the world. Death came also because of sin; so all men have sinned and death has passed to all men.  But Adam’s time was limited. It’s the time now for the rise of the people who are the Original People of our planet. That doesn’t mean White people have to go someplace. It just means now is our time. Since it is our time, you have to be honest with yourself and look at how you ruled. You did not rule to grant us freedom or justice or equity. You wanted to take God’s place. So you had us call you massa and if we rebelled against you, you beat us nearly to death or you would kill us because God is supposed to be obeyed. But now we are waking up and we are not prone to obey you in foolishness.

In the Book of Thessalonians it says, That day.  What day? The Day of Judgment, when everybody has to reap what they have sewn. If you don’t like the fruit that you are getting look deeply into what you have sent forth. Justice has nothing to do with color. You lay down with justice and you wake-up with justice. Justice does not sleep; it’s the recording angel of your deeds. So no matter if you could beat the court with a good lawyer, who also may be a good liar, you can get off; but not with God, not in His season, not at His time.

So to the White people who think I’m a hater and by the way; and by the way you don’t know me. You don’t know me. You’ve never had a conversation with me. Somebody made you hate me. But after you got acquainted with me the hate began to be diminished and then you begin to listen. After you begin listening, your hate began to turn to love. 

Will you Christian family answer me this? See how easy it is for you today to mention the name of Jesus? But when he walked this earth he was hated without a cause. I’m a hated man today. You can’t even have a picture with me and some of these that hate me see you smiling with me. Poor Barack Obama, we helped him win in Illinois. At the Congressional Black Caucus weekend forum he was a senator. We shook hands and he had a big beautiful smile on his pretty face. Somebody had that picture. But they said, “Lord if they see him smiling with Farrakhan we’ll never have him as a president.” So somebody had the wisdom to hide the picture. I don’t mind saying it was one of our brothers. 

See we knew how hateful you were toward me so you make me the Litmus Test for any Black person who wants to rise in White America. You want a job, you want to work downtown, you want to be this, you want to be that. They are the doorkeepers of it all. So you can’t say you like Farrakhan, you can’t say, “I heard him teach and my eyes came open. He saved my life. You can’t say that because you’d lose something. 

The enemy is so hateful of me. 

Father Pfleger has been a friend to me for nearly 40 years. I’ve spoken at St. Sabina several times at his invitation. I never said this publically before but I’m going to say it tonight. Father Pfleger brought Cardinal George to have dinner with me in my home. We spent an evening together, we weren’t playing checkers or chess—we were talking as men of God talk. My protocol director, Sister Claudette Marie Muhammad, said, Cardinal may we take a picture memorializing this visit? He said, yes. She took the picture. The next morning I said, “please call the Cardinal who gave us permission to take the picture.”  I wanted to be sure that he would not mind our exposing the picture. She called the Cardinal and he said on second thought it wouldn’t be wise. 

Our great mayor, Richard M. Daley, the son of the first Daley that was a Chicago mayor, he visited us.  I met with him on the fifth floor of City Hall. No pictures brother. He said, “Farrakhan, these are some very powerful people. I don’t know why you always seem to be getting into trouble with them.”  That picture of Cardinal George has never seen the light of day because I told him I would not violate my word that I gave him.

How many of us love notoriety? How many of us who had a picture of you and Cardinal George smiling together would keep your word? I did because I live by my word.

Now for those in the media who are angry because Father Pfleger invited me to St. Sabina what do you think about the Cardinal and I having dinner together with Father Pfleger? 

I’m going to spill some beans tonight. I understand you had a meeting today with the Monsignor, that’s nice. I had a meeting with the Cardinal, not the present one, but even Cardinal George’s predecessor. I met with him in his home or his office downtown. We don’t talk about these things because we know what they’re going to suffer. My God, that kind of hatred is almost—no—it is not almost: It is insanity. 

I want you to look at your brother. God willing I will be 86-years-old May 11. I have never been arrested; no drunken driving. I just drive a little fast sometime. What have I done that you would hate me like that? Now I’m going to close with this point. 


y wonderful lawyer, minister, teacher, companion he took on the idea of dangerous. Brother, you did such a fine job but I have to confess. This is the place they do confessions right? I said to Father Pfleger, I’m in the right place. This is the place that you do confessionals. I am really dangerous. I’m not dangerous on my own. God, the Lord of the Worlds, made me dangerous to Satan and his World. I want to show you something and I’m out of here because it’s time to break the fast. 

That day. What day? Judgment cannot come unless there is a falling away first and the man of sin be revealed—the son of perdition. Now all the reverends, all the imams, all the high monks, God didn’t call you to do this. You can have a church on every corner but don’t fight Satan. Satan has won against all the prophets of God. While the prophet was alive and with his community, they were together. But when death came to the prophet of that time, Satan entered and now Jews are divided because of Satan’s intervention. 

Christians you have so many denominations you don’t even know how to count that high. Everybody who knows a few verses of Bible starts a church.  And if you got a voice, like my pastor over here Pastor T. L. Barrett that only adds with Pastor’s being a real teacher—but some can sing but they don’t know how to preach. They don’t bother with Satan. The man of sin has to be revealed. That’s not your job. God gave it to me. I will not fail to make manifest the man of sin and who has put the whole world in perdition.

God’s coming is after the workings of Satan. Many of us don’t even know we’re followers of Satan thinking that we are the followers of Jesus Christ.  Discipleship will cost. Are you willing to pay the price? Jesus said they hated him first. So if you really are a disciple of Christ why aren’t they evil speaking of you? Who really are we? God called you to preach. You go downtown to get a license. What the heck is that? You can’t stand up on God’s calling? You have to go and get approval from somebody downtown that don’t believe in Jesus but is giving out licenses? 

They are angry with me because I exposed their hatred of Jesus. They say it has been written in the Babylonian Talmud that Jesus is in hell boiling in excrement. Now when they tell you I teach hate, you better find some testicles—if you don’t have any Walmart has some. Just a little levity. It’s going to take courage to ask a question: Did you say that Jesus should be boiled in excrement? In this church, don’t you say Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us now. And at the hour of our death pray for us Holy Mother Mary.

I’ve been to Baptist churches and the pastor would not allow his own mother to come up on the speaker’s stand. And I asked him, I said, tell me something reverend if the mother of Jesus came in this church would you deny her the right to speak to this congregation? She was holy enough, righteous enough, her womb a reflection of the cleanliness of her heart and her mind and she was able to bring into this world the Messiah? Would you tell her she can’t come up here? See that’s Talmudic Thought that has invaded the church. 

There was a time when priest could marry and a Pope decided, “no, we’re not going to marry; but call me Father.” See it’s time that all this has to be cleaned up. Having sex with little boys is in the Talmud. Taking little girls three years old and under and putting their finger in her private part is permitted. They call Mother Mary a prostitute. The mother of the greatest life to ever come to earth, the life of the Messiah is a prostitute, according to the Talmud. Do the research. 

They hate me because it’s written. I didn’t realize I was going to fulfill it. It is written God’s coming is after the workings of Satan whom God will Consume with the Spirit of His Mouth on the Brightness of His Coming. It’s this that they fear. I don’t have an army. I just know the truth and I’m here to separate the good Jews from the Satanic Jews … yes, yes, yes. This is just the beginning, banning me from a social platform. I used that platform with respect. I never allowed those who follow me to become vile as those who speak evil of us. 

So I am dangerous, not to you, unless you feel that Father Pfleger’s invitation to me may hurt St. Sabina. They don’t have the power to hurt St. Sabina, if you don’t give them that power.

I thank you for listening to me. I have not said one word of hate. I do not hate Jewish people. Not one that is with me has ever committed a crime against the Jewish people, Black people, White people. No matter what your color is as long as you don’t attack us we don’t bother you.

So you met me tonight. Social media you met me tonight. I plead with the rulers let the truth be taught.  I plead because this is the only thing that will make America, not great again, but make America truly great. If you allow me to tell the truth that God has revealed to His servant, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, that he taught me we can save America from her destructive fall. 

I’m not a misogynist. I’m not a homophobe. Don’t be angry with me if I stand up on God’s Word. But I don’t hate my brothers and sisters who have been exposed to the great deception … taking the word God is love and I love my brother.  In fact we kissed when I came up here. This is straight up love. So from tonight, go home. I’m not going to ask you to let them put you in jail what they call Facebook jail.  But we have a teaching about the maker of the White race his followers were put in jail. I wonder is it Facebook jail and everywhere they looked there was another one? Until all the jails got filled up. And, that’s when the president said, “I think I’d better go and start a dialogue with Farrakhan.” Because this false mess to give you civil rights and take it back. You owe us and I’m here by God’s Permission to tell all of you what justice looks like. It’s not a White woman, a T.V. show and a nice car and a nice home. I have all of that too. I didn’t rob anybody. I love you. I love you because God loves you and wants to free you from the grip of Satan that we may build a righteous world and Father Pfleger will be in that righteous world. You can believe it. He’s a true servant of Jesus the Christ. 

Thank you for listening. As-Salaam Alaikum.