[Editor’s note: The following article is taken from “The Man Jesus And How Not To Fall Into Idolatry,” an important message delivered by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan at Mosque Maryam in Chicago, Illinois, on Sunday, July 21, 2019. Min. Farrakhan delivered words of warning and guidance to President Trump and the people of the United States. Given recent events and rising tension in light of U.S. aggression against the Islamic Republic of Iran, we offer some points distilled from that important message.]

In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.

I bear witness to the oneness of God, the Originator of the heavens and the earth. I bear witness to the oneness of His prophetic community. I bear witness to the Aim of God through Muhammad, through Jesus, to bring the whole of humanity together as one family.  I thank Allah so much for His coming to us in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, the Son of Man of your scripture.    


God has given me a message for our President, for White and Black and Brown and Red people, letting us know we have entered into a time where none of us can escape the judgment of God.   The man that is born to fulfill the will of the Originator is called Mahdi. Mahdi in Arabic, they say, is a guide. That rather cheapens the One who is here. He’s not just a guide or the guide; He is the Self-Guided One who comes to guide all back to the straight path of God.  …  God is a sacred name to those who use the term. Allah is the best name for Him. Satan has corrupted religion. Even those of us who are Muslims, he has corrupted the faith. Those of you who are Christian, you would be hurt to find out that Jesus didn’t know anything about Christianity.  


You’re going to have to struggle to hold on to truth because falsehood is about do something.  Falsehood is losing all over the world. The masses of the people are awakening all over the world. So Satan is very angry.  …

When you hear the name, Mahdi, Self-guided One, in the traditions of Islam, the only prophet that comes back is Jesus. But he’s not alone. He comes back at the side of Al-Mahdi. And the Mahdi is a man born of a woman. But He’s doing things that only God could do. He comes to set down every tyrant. That’s a big task. Some of us are little tyrants and we rule our homes tyrannically and the sphere of our authority is filled with dissatisfaction because of the way we handle authority. Some of our children see us as tyrants. Now God, when He sets down the big tyrants who the little tyrants have learned from, you’ll see tyrants bowing down, falling down, being thrown down by the power of God in the people rising against their tyrants.

If we look at our president, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad writes that there’s no such word in the Bible as president. All the rulers in the Bible are kings and rulers, not presidents; though the president is in the scripture, not as a president. Now he has a little fever because he wants to be a king. And because he has a feeling that he is greater than a president, he does not desire to be bound by that which the Founding Fathers have set up to be a balance for the power of the executive branch of government. So he’s interfering with those institutions—not in a mean-spirited way—he just feels that he could do better if he was the lawmaker, if he were the judge. Because if the judge doesn’t judge according to the way he sees it, he’ll take the judge on. If the Attorney General doesn’t do what he thinks the head law officer in the country should do, he’ll take him on. 

So the country is right now in great confusion because the institutions of government that were set up by the Founding Fathers are now being challenged by a President who really wants to operate as a king. Some of us want to be dictators. We don’t want any rein on our power. We would rather be the one to make all the decisions and force them on others that are under our authority. So any structure that is set up to bridle the power of any office, if that office does not agree with us, there’s a spirit to destroy it. So President Trump is literally destroying the republic that the Founding Fathers wanted to guide and gird it against what they suffered in Europe from kings.

This president has seemed, as the fake news group likes to call him, he’s a man that is unbridled.  So they say, “He’s unpresidential.” So clashing is going on among those who are responsible for government. … We’re facing war now. Our president is making moves as a king. The former president, Barack Obama, and his Secretary of State John Kerry came up with an agreement with Iran and five of the strong members of the Security Council, the permanent members, that would keep Iran from developing an atomic bomb or weapon. Iran never said that’s what they wanted; but when you’re guilty of evil and you see they have the technical knowledge to go to get a bomb, your fear of their having it causes you to say and do things.

So, this agreement was to limit and make it impossible for Iran to develop a nuclear weapon.  Five plus one, signed that agreement: China, Germany, France, England, America. But the king said, “I don’t like that.” So, he didn’t feel bound to anything that his predecessor worked out. He said, “scrap it,” and walked out on it without even considering what his predecessor had done with the cooperation of the five permanent members of the Security Council of the United Nations. He (Mr. Trump) didn’t like it. He talked about money that the U.S. gave to Iran. They didn’t give Iran any money. They had over $150 billion of Iran’s money that they were holding, and part of the agreement was America would give them back some of their money, not all of it. The demon was upset because he had to give back something that he felt he should keep. See, these are thugs. 


Now, America is provoking Iran. Iran has some technology that shut down an unmanned drone.  I think, if I’m not mistaken, that it was 20-something miles in outer space over territorial waters belonging to Iran and Iran shot it down. I mean when you shoot down something that’s far out, your technology must be pretty heavy. And, Iran told them there was another plane there with people on it, and they could have shot that down as well.

Now the world is not afraid of America, but our president wants the world to fear him. So, coming out of the White House, they said that if Iran purifies some of that uranium, Israel would attack Iran and America would back Israel. What’s that got to do with your subject? America’s about to go to war. And when she goes to war, she wants Black and Brown bodies. Now, you’re useful. They don’t give a doggone about how Black Lives Matter until they want to use Black Lives to accomplish their wicked ends.

They’re trying to provoke Iran. I would like to say to the president, Mr. President, it would not be a wise move for you because you’re already $23 trillion in debt and you don’t have any money to prosecute a war. So, if you don’t have the money to prosecute a war, the Federal Reserve is printing money every day. So, you will have to come to the Federal Reserve to borrow money that you don’t have to prosecute a war in a time when any little thing could cause the dollar to fall and stocks to fall.


America is surrounded with the judgement of God. Climate control is very important in the context of war but there’s no space on this earth that has received as much calamity from weather as the United States of America. Water glaciers are melting. Some of these glaciers are the size of some small states. When you see a water glacier, what you see on top is nothing compared to what is on the bottom. So, when the top falls off, the bottom rises. And when the top begins to melt, the water rises. 

So, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said the Holy Qur’an bears witness that Allah would curtail this place, America, on both sides. He said he wouldn’t buy anything on either coast because the coasts are going to be flooded. You heard it first here. Now, watch the news bear witness that a Messenger of God, a man taught by God is telling you things that are and things to come.

Heavy rain fell in Washington and flooded the White House. “What did you say, Minister?” Oh, you didn’t hear? Not just the basement of the White House but the lower basement, levels down.  What is God trying to get you to see, Mr. President? That he can touch you wherever you are.  Allah-U-Akbar (God Is Great).

Did you know that locusts invaded Mecca? You didn’t know. They can’t hide either. Allah will touch us wherever He desires to when we disturb Him and He wants to chastise us. When we were there, there was some residue of the locusts still in Mecca. Then snow fell in Mecca. They had six feet of ice in the Southern United States. It was six feet, ice, in warm climates. Have you noticed how warm it was yesterday, the day before, the day before that? They didn’t tell you how many people died, did they? God is punishing.

The Messenger told me, we sitting at the table, “The temperature would be taken up into the high 90s and then within hours, it will drop down into freezing. So, while your pores are open for the heat, by dropping the temperature so fast, the cold will come right into your system and you will die from the effect of it.” The president does not control the weather. If he could he wouldn’t have let the White House get flooded. Do you know why God is using weather like this? I’m going to be very clear: It’s about you, and I have to say, it’s about me.

Two earthquakes that hit California: 6.4 and 7.1 on the Richter Scale. In an area in California where the Navy owns 100 million acres of land, a little more than that, the earthquake left a fissure, a crack in the earth’s surface that could be seen from space. That’s a naval base where their nuclear stuff can’t work now. They have to fix it. The Wheels, spoken of in Ezekiel in the Bible, have been seen by the Navy pilots out there. Now, they’re reporting in a different way than the lying way that they spoke in the past. Those UFOs are real. Everywhere on earth where there are nuclear missiles, the Wheels have visited them.

Do you think I could talk like this if I didn’t have backup? The cowardly police feel good when they can reach into that little microphone calling for backup. I don’t have to reach into anything to call for mine. My backup stays tuned into me every minute, every second, every millisecond of the day.

God is telling you, America, you can stop this. I’m going to show you how. “You mean the president can stop this?” Not that you can stop it, but if you do what God wants you to do, He’ll stop it. But what does God want me to do?  Thank you for asking. …

Now, you have been a prey in the hands of America for 464 years. America doesn’t want to let you go and they don’t want to give you a good send off. The Messenger said, “We need about eight to ten states and we need to separate from this enemy.” It’s something the way you are trying to get in good with him. I said it in Washington, D.C., in 1984, at the Press Club. I told them to beware that America was losing what is called Democracy and America was being taken over by special interests, and the power of Jewish money. The enemy is frightened that it’s becoming known that Jewish money controls Congress.


In the Book of Daniel Nebuchadnezzar, who was the king of Babylon, had a terrific dream one day and a man that was in his kingdom named Belshazzar was asked after the astrologers and all the magicians could not give him the meaning of his dream. Like it was with the Pharaoh and Joseph so it was with Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazzar.

The interesting thing about these Scriptures and the Babylonian persecution of the Children of Israel corrupting them, taking away their names and religion, Nebuchadnezzar once had the heart of a human being. The prophesy said that heart of a human being would be taken out of him and he would have the heart of an actual beast. 

I don’t know what that means to our president but there’s a heart there that in some cases is not a human. But the thing about Nebuchadnezzar was the dream was that his nation or government was like a huge tree with branches and fruit. God ordered it cut down to just a stump and the root of it banded by iron to keep it from growing. 

But under that condition of loss Nebuchadnezzar’s reasoning begin to come back, the heart of a beast was beginning to come out of him, and he became human again. I say to President Trump, God is punishing America for what you’ve done to Black, Brown and Red people, particularly the Black that God is after, and you won’t let them go.  … Mr. Trump you have to see that’s in the interest of America’s future—not to make you great again because you never really been great in a righteous way. You felt great because of how you took the land of the Native people. You felt great because you brought millions of us over here and made us slaves. You felt great because you brought the Chinese in to lay your railroad tracks and other things. You felt great because White power was in effect. America you can truly become great but righteousness has to be the cornerstone of your greatness and justice for the Black man and woman has to be a part of your plan, Mr. President.

If you just turned and saw the value of what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad gave us to talk to you about, I want to tell you how to try this. If you just sat down in a quiet room in the White House and began thinking about what America would look like with forty to fifty million Blacks in states or a territory of their own. You have to plan for the next 20-30-40-50 years and Mr. President if you agree to look after us in that territory for the next 20-25 years, like you did for Israel giving them millions of dollars, you would be proud of what we do. We’ll protect our side and you’ll have an extension of time. God will show you mercy for just thinking about it, not studying reparations, but if you sat down sincerely with a desire to do something to ease this problem for Black people. 

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