WAKING UP IN MIDDLE TIME: THE SEVEN LAST YEARS ON THE ROAD TO 2012 A Special Report of the Foundation for the Law of Time

A Special Report of the Foundation for the Law of Time

Preface: The following Report contains a variety of perceptions and information. We are now only seven years from the end of the cycle, Rhythmic Moon Solstice Seli 9, 2012.  What you are about to read is a multidimensional mosaic of the synchronic order at this most critical moment. We are passing the seven year marker and entering the final turbulent thrust of a galactic synchronization beam that has been activating the Earth for almost thirteen baktuns. Critical information is intended to make us wake up. It is important to be honest and transparent about our actions and who we are, so that we might take heed and change.

At the root of the 12:60 error is the perpetuation of a moral failure which has resulted in the inability of humanity to alter its course, and, instead, to indulge ever more deeply in the ease and gratification of its lower self through an unparalleled materialism and technological prowess. But that, too, is part of the cosmo-dynamic process, as the thirteenth baktun is known as the “Climax of Matter.” Our task is to see critically, to define the path to the new, and the means of attaining it, so that when 2012 arrives we are already participating in the Second Creation. So, please, take your time in reading this report and consider the profound nature of the activities in which the Foundation is involved and of the character and challenges of the present day world situation, both socially and mentally.

I. Waking Up in Middle Time – Are We Prepared?

It is high time for mankind to exclaim, “The planet is in danger! Save yourselves, those who can!” Well, the voices of the advanced and enlightened people are already yelling. Those who study the development of our civilization are horrified to see how mankind is cutting off the branch it is sitting on.

“Brief Abstract of the Concept of Universal Noosphere Spiritual-Ecological Constitution for Mankind”
Lyubov Gordina and M. Limonad

The Foundation for the Law of Time was especially created to pace the Biosphere-Noosphere Transition – 2000-2013. The first four years – the harrowing of hell – was conducted as a Campaign for the New Time, culminating in the “Great Calendar Change of 2004.” The Blue Crystal Storm year, 2004-05, began the seven year cycle of the Mystery of the Stone. This cycle is also known as “Middle Time,” the tenuous transition between the “fires of 12:60 hell” and the resurrection in natural 13:20 time. Whether everyone on the planet knows it or not, they are waking up everyday now in Middle Time. This defines the final grace period before the cosmically climactic end of the cycle in 2012.

Middle Time ends on the Day Out of Time, 2011, also known as Earth Dwellers World Day and the Planetary Peace through Culture Festival (see below, section II, d. Noospheric Assembly). There will still be almost a year and a half before the Rhythmic Solstice Seli 9, 8 Mol, 12 Hand (Long Count, 4 Ahau, Gregorian, December 21, 2012), but by mid-2011 it will be evident that the 12:60 world will never be able to come back to life. We will no longer be in Middle Time, but in the pure 13:20 interval leading to Inner Time, the dawning of the Sixth Sun of Solar-Cosmic consciousness. This interval, 2011-2012 is also known as UR-OMA, the time of Universal Recollection and the visionary Bridge of Time over which will pass the “new race of OMA – the Original Matrix Attained.”

The climax will occur during the seven last moons of the thirteen baktuns – from Crystal Wizard Moon, Rhythmic Wizard year, 2012, through Overtone Sun Moon, Resonant Storm Year, 2012. When the Cycle closes during the Rhythmic Dragon Moon-Out-of-Time, the Earth should be adorned with a circumpolar bridge which will alter forever human self-perception and elevate it to permanent cosmic consciousness. Then will follow the Seven Mystic Moons to the launching of Timeship Earth 2013, signaling entry of the planet into cosmic civilization and full membership in the Galactic Federation. “Another planet with noosphere,” it will be declared. “It made the grade, after all!”

Waking up in Middle Time with its bleak reports of natural disasters, terrorism, general irrationality of human behavior, and the human inability to change quickly enough and so adopt to the crisis it is now fully plunged into, you might rub your eyes and wonder about this rainbow vision at the end of the cycle.

Today, there are many prognostications concerning 2012. The number of web sites about 2012 proliferate, and a growing sense of curiosity, questioning and even alarm begins to seep into the mass consciousness regarding this now dramatically impending date. In America, cracks in the facade widen. The catastrophic Katrina demonstrated that the government cannot be relied upon in case of emergency. New Orleans stagnates, slowly becoming a monument to global warming. At the same time, as the disasters of the last year have set off some kind of alarm clock whose hands point to 2012, the mindset of the planet is generally gripped by complacency, fear, lethargy and often anger.

The yoke of 12:60 materialism grows ever tighter as the edges of its world erode with every Earth change. Consumerism – and its complementary factor, exhaustion of natural resources – continues unabated. Cars pour off the Chinese assembly lines at the rate of 112,000 per day! The Amazon continues to wither in an unprecedented drought, killing fish and drying up lagoons, while forest fires rage. And in the Himalayan foothills of Kashmir and Pakistan, 3.3 million earthquake refugees slowly succumb to a bitter winter. Against this backdrop, the Pentagon, on Rhythmic Seli 2, 11 Serpent, made a request for another 100 billion dollars for war, including a new stealth bomber. If granted that would boost the Pentagon’s war budget to one half trillion dollars. It may be asked, if there are 100 billion more dollars available for war, why aren’t there 100 billion dollars available for world poverty and disaster relief?

A country like Japan, the only Asian member of the original G-7, enjoys a new prosperity and a mood of smug complacency. Despite a season of intense typhoons, the Japanese continue to roll along stylishly as if the world will never end. It has been over ten years now since the terrorist nerve gas attack in a Tokyo subway station set off panic and alarm – and indelibly marked the psyche of postmodern Japan. Since the attack was attributed to a religious sect, the Japanese, fearful of another cult, have shied away from religion and spiritual matters in general. This is only to the benefit of their consumerism, a deepening of their materialism, and a general closing down of their mind. Following the Gregorian calendar program has ensured that the Japanese remain ever more ensnared in the pageantry of materialism, buttressed by negative fear programming.

For instance, though few Japanese are Christian, because Japan is hooked on the Gregorian calendar, Christmas is a main event, not only for consumers but for urban and commercial designers and decorators as well. But the symbols have no meaning. It is all for show – and for money. Though Toyota and Honda are turning out hybrid cars among their many lines these days, it doesn’t make crossing Tokyo during midday any easier. The Japanese are very well-defended, well-dressed and well-insulated in their island culture, and as a consequence, they seem quite immune to criticism. As with all nationalities, their television programs only reinforce their national ego, while their cell phones keep them removed from themselves, so how can they – or any people so caught in the cybersphere – really change? Where will it end?

The Foundation recently asked for a report from members of PAN Svet on the situation in Russia, the country that turned the G-7 into the G-8. Here is what was written in response:

In Russia we are now witnessing what we call capitalization of the whole country. Unfortunately, almost nothing is left of the best achievements of socialism: healthcare, education and science are in a sad state considering low social level and under financing. For example, Russia’s healthcare is on the 97th place in the world. The lowest wages of workers in these areas lead to many scientists leaving the country and only true devotees left in science. More than half the country’s research institutes are closed. In the state education and healthcare those who stay are of pensionable age, no young men willing to work there. Number of commercial healthcare and education organizations has grown, but these are only affordable to highly paid employees or state officers. And Universities welcome mostly children of well-off parents. Alas, number of suicides among young men has grown. Television is garbaged with crazy ads and films of terror, sex and violence. Alas! Today Russia is considered by experts of global economy forum as one of most corrupted countries. A lot of mafia organizations appeared, and drug mafia increasingly comes to the country – structures that in Soviet times were all outside the “iron barrier”. In general the agony of 12:60 frequency fully manifests in Russia too, accompanied by planetary cataclysm, terrorist attacks and tragic events. Well, just recently our government took a decision to increase funding medicine and healthcare thanks to some economic growth. But we realize that while these decisions will pass through bureaucrats, real benefits will reach common people not soon.

Everybody sees the handwriting on the wall, but nobody wants to give up what they have and actually change – their lifestyle, their mind, their perception of reality. The problem is that, whether in consumer driven Japan, or “catching up with the West” Russia, virtually everyone is now thoroughly trapped in the materialist end game. There appears to be no escape. Sustainable development is the catchword for wanting to change but not wanting to give up what you’ve got. That is a hard act to pull off. According to the best analysis, we’ve got ’til 2035 before the oil runs out. You just have to contemplate that in 1939 with 2.3 billion humans there were 47 million motor vehicles. Today with 6.3 billion humans (three times as many) there are about 775 million motor vehicles – that’s a sixteen-fold increase. The propagation of the machine far exceeds that of the humans. And to make the point, consider the computer. In 1975 there were but 50,000 – today there are almost one billion. That growth has paced the information revolution which now is the final factor alienating the human species from itself and nature.

While the Chinese are fully on the globalization-consumer bandwagon, the United States keeps trying to round up the Islamic world so it too can experience what Russia is experiencing. But the clash of civilizations may be just too overwhelming for that. Witness what has just occurred in France, another member of the G-7, and also of the P-5 – one of five permanent members of the UN Security Council because it has the Bomb. Incapable of assimilating two generations of Muslim and African immigrants, the country exploded in the mindless violence of the dispossessed. Can you really remain a true Muslim and become globalized? The contradiction may prove to be too great.

Caught in these various snares of social-cultural karmic whirlpools, planetary humanity is experiencing a vertical exponential surge of population, machines, information, and pollution – and the temperature just keeps rising. What goes up must come down. The sheer weight of all of these factors at vertical thrust will reach a breaking point, more than likely before 2012. Are we prepared for 2012? Hardly, it would seem. The fact is that every day the world mind continues in the unconscious grip of the materialist 12:60 Gregorian program it goes deeper into a gridlock of the will, where voluntary change, a shifting of gears becomes virtually impossible.

This is Middle Time. This is what we see when we look out the window. Let us take another look and see what is inside the view from the Law of Time.

II. Grounding the Vision, Unfolding the Plan.

“My brothers, from the spiritual angle mankind is in a worse condition than it has been at any time in the modern age. In other periods, materialism has held mankind in its grip and spirituality has been downgraded and rejected, but there has never been a time when materialism has been called spirituality, as is the case now. The confusion that is resulting from this is costing you dearly.”

Master K. H., “The Red Letters”

The Yellow Cosmic Seed year (2005-06) is the first of the eight year cycle of the activation of the CA (Cosmic Awareness) Planetary Manitou, the Way of Wielding Power. As the curtain opens on the Way of Wielding Power, it is evident that the pervasiveness of the materialism that is deadening the world soul afflicts all organizations no matter how spiritual or 13:20 they purport to be. The glamour and allure of materialism are so profound that the concurrent side effect is scarcely noticed – rampant egotism. The phenomenal luxury and ease which materialism affords intrinsically incite the ego to take over the individual consciousness. The better off you are, the more you have, the harder it is to let go. Harder, that is for the ego to let go.

The trap of ego is built into the materialist system and is part and parcel of the mechanism of the second great economic revolution of humanity, the industrialization of the planet. This is because the industrial revolution which evolved the machine created three features that serve to harden the ego: jobs, surplus wealth, and urbanization. This is the essence of the effect of the 12:60 paradigm, time is money. The purpose of the machine is to transform raw resources into consumer commodities through humans at work at a great variety of jobs whose purpose it is to create surplus wealth to be invested into more machines and to buy the commodities produced by the machines.

The consumer identifies with his or her job because it is the means to his/her wealth. Ego thrives on this identification. The end result is to create a consumer society inevitably living in ever greater concentrations of urban areas – that’s where the jobs are. The urban living increases the possibilities of the ego with different styles and manners of entertainment, fashion, etc. Witness the endless varieties of magazines that now exist, each catering to a different ego-taste. With globalization, through the instrument of marketing, the entire population is turned into consumers and there is nothing that does not become merchandise or a consumer commodity of some kind – even spirituality.

Spirituality is purveyed the same way real estate is, and the purveyors all have business cards declaring the specific form and type of spirituality they are selling you. Unequivocally: genuine spirituality is thoroughly egoless and has nothing to do with buying or selling egotistical benefits of any kind. Genuine egoless spiritual practices all have but one aim: to elevate the soul or true self beyond the egotistical grips of the lower self, that is to dissolve the illusion of the ego altogether.

Many people who have started to follow the Dreamspell Thirteen Moon calendar are no exception to this process. As a new dispensation, the Dreamspell is a thoroughly egoless system of knowing. There are those who wish to turn it into fortune telling or “soften” the message, or take some part and forget the rest. Most people, no matter how well-intentioned, have not really examined the depths to which their perceptions and attitudes are fixed in 12:60 Gregorian ways. Dreamspell is not a brand name but a revolution.

The Law of Time is a profound deviation from the malaise of egoic materialism. To maintain the purity of the 13:20 frequency and the meaning and tools of the Law of Time is the purpose of the Foundation for the Law of Time. To further the Thirteen Moon calendar Change Peace Plan is the purpose of following and living according to the Thirteen Moon calendar. The Law of Time is an evolutionary principle. It was required by the times as a radical antidote to the materialist degeneration of the human will. It was evoked by the pulse of 2012 to provide a clear, nonsectarian genuinely universal light.

In this regard the Law of Time is a purely seventh ray principle – that is, one representing the new order of civilization and the great work of ceremonial magick. Until that order is firmly established (the coming Sixth Sun of solar-cosmic consciousness), we are still under the influence of the Fifth Sun of Movement and Change. We are beset with sixth ray-Piscean age issues, and so find it difficult to come to higher, ego-transcending unity and cooperation. This is why it is good to consciously move into Middle Time and acknowledge the transition.

Though the Foundation struggles on the surface with the economic question – acquiring sufficient financial support – its vision continues to arouse the spirit. If the Law of Time and the Thirteen Moon/28-day calendar were suddenly taken from the world, then there would be no comprehensively transformative rainbow vision encompassing the road to 2012 and the launching of Timeship Earth 2013. Therefore, this section of this report will focus on seven current developments concerning the Foundation for the Law of Time for grounding the vision and unfolding the plan.

a. Triple Foundation.
During the Overtone Moon, moves were made in both Japan and Brazil to establish affiliates of the Foundation for the Law of Time. It was perceived that Japan had the best organized PAN, while Brazil had the largest and most extensive bioregional PAN promoting the 13 Moon calendar and the Law of Time. This past Lunar Moon, PAN Brazil was able to convene a major bioregional council meeting with representatives of more than 100 PAN nodes. PAN Brazil has developed a number of councils, the principle one being the 13:20 council consisting of the 33 most committed members.

From this Council of 33 was selected the committee to form the Foundation’s affiliate in Brazil, the Institute for the Diffusion of the Law of Time. Before the end of the Overtone Moon the Board of seven members (required by Brazilian law) was elected with Sra. Maria Cristina Franco Diaz (Red Planetary Moon) chosen as President, Vandir Natal Casagrande (Yellow Overtone Human) Vice President; Carlos Roberto Fonseca Sabo (White Crystal Wizard) Treasurer; Sr. Ivo Pinheiro (White Crystal Wizard), Secretary; with three other members constituting what is called the Fiscal Council: Sra. Maria Cristina Greselle (Yellow Spectral Warrior); Sr. Moreno Dias Nuñes da Silva (Blue Planetary Hand) and Sr. Sebastiao Otavio de Oliveira (Yellow Rhythmic Human). The sum of the Galactic Signatures of the council of 7 is Kin 144, Yellow Magnetic Seed, while the day it was first resolved to form the Institute for the Diffusion of the Law of Time was also Kin 144, seal of the first year of prophecy.

Following the establishment of the Board of Directors, and in conjunction with the Council of 33, a set of 13 priorities for a plan of action for the new Institute were agreed upon. These included: establishing structures and systems for better production and distribution of the calendar and the Earth Wizard’s code book; acquiring finances; establishing the centers for the noospheric project; translating and making available all materials of the Law of Time, as well as the books and writings of José Argüelles/Valum Votan; finding a permanent location for the institute; developing a program for preparing instructors of the Law of Time; helping coordinate and orient for the annual Day out of Time Festivals (which are numerous and official in many cities and states of Brazil); and finally developing criteria for controlling unauthorized use of distorted presentations of the Dreamspell and the Law of Time – this problem of plagiarism or plagiaristic distortion is a common problem. All of this is just a beginning. It will be a little while before the Institute for the Diffusion of the Law of Time is fully operating as a legal entity. It is not that the PAN Brazil does not have the same ego-problems as exist everywhere, but that an exemplary cooperative effort has been demonstrated for the creation of the Institute for the Diffusion of the Law of Time.

Simultaneously, during the Overtone Moon, the Galactic Research Institute – Director and Associate Director – traveled to Japan to participate in a seminar and a series of presentations intended to draw interest to the formation of an affiliate Foundation, the Foundation for the New Time. As it turned out, it was absolutely necessary to travel to Japan for here a major schism had developed within the PAN Japan, seemingly over the very issue of a Foundation in Japan.

The older PAN core strongly objected to the idea of a Foundation on the grounds that it is a 12:60 legalistic construct involved in money, and that the existence of such a corporate structure would detract from the highly autonomous, self-organizing activities of PAN Japan. Underlying this attitude was a deeper philosophical issue concerning the matter of “responsibility.” In the interpretation of the older PAN core members, the 13 Moon calendar means “not taking responsibility” while the idea of a Foundation implies “taking responsibility.” What this seems to mean is that PAN has no responsibility beyond the dissemination of the 13 Moon calendar.

Contributing significantly to this position is the Japanese fear of any kind of topdown, cult-style behavior, a hangover of the 1995 terrorist subway attack. In this light, the meaning of “not taking responsibility” infers not being responsible to anyone other than oneself, while “being responsible” implies obeying others rather than oneself – such as a cult-leader. This attitude was also evident when some of the PAN members reacted negatively to the suggestion that if the armies of the world were so well organized, perhaps the peace movements could be more effective if they were better organized or disciplined. This was interpreted as a cult-like (anti-peace) position, as were the use of the words “strategy” and “command.” So, largely due to the reaction to a conditioned cultural situation (terrorist subway attack perpetrated by a cult), the PAN core group had moved into an ever more inflexible position, where communication with the Foundation eventually broke down.

Further adding to the polarization within the Movement in Japan was the fact that the person behind the establishment of the Foundation in Japan, Hirohide Yanase 12 Human, a former corporate executive of Dentsu, the largest publicity firm in Japan, was producing his own edition of the 13 Moon calendar, the Cosmic Diary, with Cosmic Diary study groups as well, which were not necessarily part of the PAN. It is not that there had not been cooperation between the two sides. Both sides cooperated in the 2004 visit of the Galactic Research Institute team to Japan. It was precisely to establish further cooperation between PAN and the Foundation that Yanase-san traveled to Ashland in the early Cosmic Moon of the past year with three leading members of PAN Japan, Yoshimi Kin 108, Tatsu Kin 200, and Amane Kin 228.

However, by the first weeks of the Cosmic Seed year, matters had come to a point of major polarization. Misunderstandings and misperceptions mounted. The PAN refused to cooperate with Yanase in the planning and coordination of the visit by the Foundation’s Director and Associate Director. Rather than cancel the visit – which had been planned since the previous Galactic Moon – it was determined that it would be far better to come, despite all of the misperceptions, and attempt to turn a new page. Even more important was the need to communicate the most recent teachings of the Law of Time, especially in light of the urgency of 2012.

With the exception of 13 Moon calendar designer, Kozo, 7 World-bridger, virtually all of the older PAN core members boycotted the Foundation visit, including a meeting of the PAN that was called for the second to the last day of the visit. The schism seemed to be reflected in the turnouts to the events which were lower than expected. Even so the schedule of events was well planned and proceeded smoothly.

The three day seminar on “Cosmic Order and the Coming of Cosmic Civilization” took place on Lake Kawaguchiko near Mt. Fuji, Japan. To assure the sacred order of the event, on the day 10 Mirror (Overtone Gamma 3) a special ceremony was commemorated at the Kitaguchi Sengenjinja, one of the main shrines to the kame or spirit-god of Mt. Fuji, Kono Hana Sakya Hime. This ceremony, exactly one-spin since the Japanese visit to the tomb of Pacal in Palenque, was specifically to honor the principle of the noosphere to be planted in the Japanese mind through the forthcoming seminar. Then followed a visit to a second shrine, the Kawaguchiko Sengenjinja. Here is the special shrine to the two legendary founders of the Japanese people, Izanami and Izanagi, represented by two massively ancient trees whose roots have totally grown together. The saving grace of Japanese culture is the persistent foundation of the Shinto nature religion.

As with the previous seminars in Switzerland, Spain and Ashland, the Mt. Fuji event stressed the introduction to the natural mind meditation, the need to establish cosmic order, the preparation for cosmic consciousness – the Noosphere – and the coming cosmic civilization following the initiatic rite of passage called 2012. The participants were divided into their five earth families for meditation and discussion. Following the event, which occurred at the peak of momoji – the time of the leaves changing color – an informal meeting was held with a small group most interested in the formation of the Foundation for the New Time. Here it was stressed that the Foundation’s principle purpose is to promote the Law of Time and the Thirteen Moon calendar Change Peace Plan, including the Banner of Peace, Day Out of Time, the Centers for Restitution of the Natural Mind, and the Operation Earth Rescue. Before leaving Mt. Fuji, a return visit was made to the Kawaguchiko Sengenjinja, the sacred shrine of Izanami and Izanagi. With the formation of the Foundation in Japan, the seeds are being planted for a new genesis to occur.

Following a brief respite in the sea coast city of Atami, the next destination was Tokyo. Here three symposium style events had been planned. The first took place on Overtone Moon 9, with the theme of Human Evolution and the Law of Time. Presentations were made by the Director of Research, Yanase, and Mr. Kenji Nakanishi 5 Skywalker. Long time leader of the organic back to natural life movement in Japan, Mr. Nakanishi has recently been inspired by diksha, the popular movement for liberating the mind with a single transmission. Mr. Nakanishi presented videos of Bhagavan, the founder of the diksha movement, as well as a testimonial by a German scientist. At issue is the principle of self-reliance on the cultivation of natural mind or reliance on techniques which seem to dispense with responsibility for further discipline. Once you have received diksha, it appears you don’t have to do anything else. Is there something more to this? A further principle behind the diksha is to awaken as many people as possible in preparation for 2012. Given the state of the world mind, this is a genuinely worthy intention. (See below, f. CREST13)

The second symposium on Overtone Moon 10, had the theme of Calendars and Society. This one featured Mr. Hayao Kawai 7 World-Bridger, prominent Japanese Jungian analyst and presently Minister of Culture in the government of Prime Minister Koizumi. This proved to be a very enlightening experience due to Mr. Kawai’s cultural bearing and presence. He could very well perceive the deleterious effects of Gregorian time on Japanese culture and supported the principle argument that a crooked calendar makes a crooked mind, while a harmonic calendar results in a cosmic mind, and why a change must be made before it is too late. In supporting the change of calendar for the Japanese people, Mr. Kawai only cautioned that it be done peaceably and respectfully.

On Overtone 13, 7 Star, a PAN meeting was called. Almost all present were new members. The Director of Research reviewed briefly a history of the PAN, the World Thirteen Moon calendar Change Peace Movement and Peace Plan, and the purpose of the Foundation in relation to the PAN. As a universal whole system principle, the Law of Time necessitates a global coordination for the implementation of the Peace Plan; this is the most general purpose of the Foundation. The PAN world wide provides the autonomous network and learning programs to introduce people to the new calendar and the Law of Time. The proposal was put forth to follow the Brazilian example and approach the mayors of the major cities in Japan with a Banner of Peace and invite them to declare July 25, the Day Out of Time, as an official civic holiday to be known as Planetary Peace through Culture day. (see also below, d. Noospheric Assembly)

The final event on Overtone 14, 8 Moon, featured the theme of Time is Art and the Meaning of 2012, and included presentations by Haiji Maeda 11 Skywalker, exponent of Waraku martial arts discipline. Mr. Echaran Deravay 8 Wind, a Scotsman living in Japan for 31 years, author of books devoted to transformation and the coming of 2012 (“Marginal point” Solar Code, “Power vs. Force”), strongly reinforced the necessity of preparing for 2012. The Director of Research exhorted the Japanese people to examine their minds and consume less, while Yanase-san emphasized the need to return to cosmic order. The event concluded with a concert by Love Notes, a jazz rock fusion group headed by Hiro Kawashima 7 Monkey with lead singer, Maki Inoue 5 Seed. The performance included Hawaiian dance, and a stirring rendition of the rock style, “Day Out of Time,” which was immediately followed by Maki’s stunning a capella rendition of “Over the Rainbow.”

A final meeting at the airport with Yanase-san and his wife and assistant, Akemi, affirmed that, despite all the difficulties, we were all on a new page. Next would come making clear the guidelines for the operation of the Foundation for the New Time, working on reactivating the PAN Japan, and envisioning the working relationship with the Foundation for the Law of Time and its Brazilian affiliate, including the creation of a Global Council for the Law of Time.

The Director and Associate Director of Research of the Foundation for the Law of Time would like to extend a special thanks to the tireless efforts of Yanase-san and his wife Akemi 6 Serpent, as well as to their son Ken 2 Seed, who assisted much in the background, and to Mikoshi 10 Skywalker, the main translator, and Naomi Yagisawa assistant translator, both of whom also provided much personal assistance.

b. Unifying PAN.

“The sum of the liberation of psychic energy formally integrated into the fourth-dimensional patterns of time, manifests as PAN, Planet Art Network. As the integration of celestial harmonics of mind and social order, PAN replaces the civilizational order and social form governed solely by the 12:60 mechanized laws of space.”

Dynamics of Time, 6.12

While the Foundation has taken the step of sponsoring two affiliates for global coordination of the Peace Plan and designs for the conclusion of the cycle in 2012, the Planet Art Network, as an autonomous grass roots movement, is also taking steps to become a more coherent, self-reflective planetary organism. A major move has already been made, and that is the creation of a forum specifically for reporting on PAN activities www.planetartnetwork.info which is now up and running. Nonetheless, the core group behind this unifying effort, headed by Frank DaSilva, 12 Eagle and Mark Heley 8 Wind, is in need of more support to maintain this vast project. We reproduce here portions of a letter recently sent to the new web site which clarifies its purpose:

“… The PAN World has recently launched www.planetartnetwork.info, a new web site designed specifically for the linking and reporting of the activities of all of the different nodes of the Planet Art Network worldwide. This development marks a milestone in the history of the Planet Art Network. … PAN is intended to be a unified network of “time is art artists” joined around the globe. For such a grassroots organization to be a genuine network it needs to be unified as one whole system, linked through collaboration, cooperation and communication. Providing a forum for this integrative possibility is the essential purpose of www.planetartnetwork.info. Only in this harmonized way will the vision of the new alternative reality of the Thirteen Moons have the magnetic power to draw and attract the countless beings still caught in the 12:60 world who need this vision to refresh their souls.

… Through cooperation and communication, the whole of PAN must now become a consciously self-reflective planetary organism. We are One. … The motivation behind the formation of www.planetartnetwork.info is to create the global village town hall of consciousness specifically for the cross-cultural exchange of information between the various PAN nodes on a 28-day basis. This is so we can actually begin to see what we are up to as a planetary organism evolving its way into the noosphere. The opportunity we have is limited by our great timeline of 2012. We must use the cybersphere for our own good and reach out to each other across oceans and continents – and most certainly, across national boundaries.

Let us utilize digital pictures with our moonly Silio 28 reports so we can begin to form the collective image of who we are … Let us inspire each other to go beyond our limitations to the greater glory of our mission – the Launching of Timeship Earth 2013! Let us commission PAN reporters in each bioregion to compile information so we can find out what all of the different limbs and eyes and ears and mouths of our one body are doing, seeing, hearing and saying. The principle of synergetic syntropic upspiraling of vision and psychic strength is what is involved in our communicative collaboration. … participate now. It is our One mind that we will be expanding.

The web site is the first step. The second is to begin to prepare for PAN bioregional congresses and then a PAN World Congress. This we must achieve by 2008. … The success of the PAN World Congress will depend entirely on the interactivation we experience in sharing our PAN activities and cultural views on www.planetartnetwork.info

One Time One Earth One People – Let’s make it real!”

The issue is of PAN becoming a self-reflective planetary organism. This is important in order to complete the necessary transformational work prior to 2012, and in preparation for the launching of Timeship Earth 2013. However, as the PAN Japan situation reflects, there is a tendency to mistrust authority or any kind of formal organization, much less hierarchy. This is a world wide phenomenon, with different causal factors, perhaps, according to cultural region or life style. Nonetheless, it is a real aspect of the end time mind set and represents a genuine challenge to world wide organization.

For instance, during the recent Call of the Hummingbird gathering of Alternative Communities in Brazil, sponsored by the Rainbow Caravan and the 13 Moon calendar Change Peace Movement-PAN Brazil, “rebel factions” contributed to a general sense of anarchy and confusion. In a report about the event from Rainbow Caravan spokesman, Alberto Ruz 13 Monkey, the “rebels” are referred to as drainbows, those who drain the energy of the whole by not being willing to take responsibility. According to Alberto, they are those who feel they do not have to pay the full fee to get in, who feel that they are already one of the 144,000 elect, and that, since time is art, they don’t have to do anything.

In the end time, with the democratization of the human mind, there is a tendency to reduce all values to a base level, so it is easy for anybody to assume they know it all already, and that no one can tell them anything. This is ego anarchy. Often, in this kind of climate, anyone who may know something and tries to communicate from this position is called a guru or cult leader, and so is dismissed from having any value or credibility.

If you read about the classic Sufis, the writers stress that there has to be outer law – shari’ah – first before there can be the release into true spiritual freedom. The only reason rules, outer law, covenants of spiritual discipline (Buddhists call it samaya) ever existed was to harness the energies of the lower self, and help direct us to our original nature. Once we have recovered our original nature – the true self – then we experience freedom.

Nowadays, in postmodern global society, there is a consensus that all that “stuff” about discipline and outer law is just authoritarian brainwashing, and point at present day Muslim society (with some justification) as if to vindicate themselves. So, generally, in the West, with the rejection and breakdown of the older social values, due to the dehumanizing effect of industrialization, there has been an increasing rejection of all discipline and “outer laws.” As a result, there are many people who believe any kind of rule is an authoritarian falsehood, and so mistake indulgence in the lower self for freedom, thus contributing to the barbarism and degeneration of the closing of the cycle.

In this social environment the real problem isn’t drugs but ego. The indulgence in the lower self is really the indulgence in ego. At one time, Kropotkin’s classless, anarchistic vision (“property is theft”), and anarchy in general as espoused by thinkers like Herbert Read (an art historian no less), was a viable answer to the hectic mechanization of life. But that was when people could still think. The drainbows are obstinately rebellious because their egos control them and they feel they have the right to do, be or say anything any time it pleases them. No one is going to tell them anything. It’s not just the youth who have ego problems, of course, but just about everybody else in the world, as well. But while the older generation of egomaniacs tend to be insufferably neurotic and pretend to be civil, those of the younger generation are often just plain barbaric – not that the one is better than the other.

As any yogi will tell you, the mind has to be controlled, not by Big Brother, but by your higher self. The New Time cannot be lived without mental discipline. If we cannot transcend our ego we cease to be human. The ego is the biggest factor contributing to the incapacity of global civilization to save itself. This is what is behind the 13:20 proto-noospheric base camps, the Centers for the Restitution of the Natural Mind (see below, f. CREST13). To leave the pervasive mental clutter of the postmodern 12:60 world and restore the mind to its natural 13:20 state is just the first step. The synchronic order of the Law of Time is a supermental paradigm to be cultivated by the superhuman. The superhuman is the one who recognizes that he/she can no longer be controlled by the ego. If the Planet Art Network is going to replace civilization, as the Dynamics of Time proclaims, then some basic changes will have to occur. We must move quickly into a spirit of selfless service and cooperation. The seventh ray “Age of Aquarius” is calling!

c. Biospheric Congress.
The Second Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights to be held in Brasilia, Brazil, Electric Moon 3-7, Red Magnetic Moon year, is the ten-year follow up to the First Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights. It will be the first such Congress formally convened by the Foundation and its two affiliates. The last time a similar event occurred on behalf of the Thirteen Moon calendar Change Peace Movement was in 1999, when the World Summit on Peace and Time was convened at the University for Peace, Costa Rica.

While the First Planetary Congress affirmed our fundamental biospheric rights – free air, free land, free water and free time – it also established the Thirteen Moon/28 day calendar as the harmonic registration of the biosphere and the instrument to restore the human in the biosphere, as well as affirming the Planet Art Network as the new social form and the Banner of Peace as an official instrument and symbol of the Calendar Change Peace Movement.

Now, ten years down the road, and only six years to 2012 when the second Congress will occur, we are in a genuine planetary emergency. Building on what the first Congress accomplished, as well as the spread of the Dreamspell-Thirteen moon/28-day calendar since then, the Second Congress will emphasize action and implementation of techniques to create a restorative, positive harmonic path to 2012. To accomplish this goal, three commissions will be formed: 1) Operation Earth Rescue; 2) Planetary Biospheric Congress and 3) Planetary Noospheric Congress.

These three commissions will create the strategy of the Foundation to fully engage the biosphere-noosphere transition. The first Commission is charged with envisioning The Thirteen Moon Operation Earth Rescue – Mission 2012. It is up to us to put in motion an action peace plan, and with its own systems of governance, asserting our biospheric rights in accord with the biosphere-noosphere transition which is now rapidly underway.

Operation Earth Rescue is envisioned as a resource and information gathering hub that would identify existing emergency aid and charitable groups and organizations, as well as individuals with “worldly power and influence,” to inform and enlist them in the 13 Moon Earth Rescue Peace Plan. With such a hub in place – and there are now enough natural catastrophes occurring that we need a rolling plan of getting aid to the different disaster zones – we could then set up a constructive whole systems engineered follow-up program. This follow-up would include: community reconstruction, reforestation, education about new systems of agriculture, alternative energy and how lifestyles impact the environment, new systems of time and thought, and the nature of the biosphere and world situation in general – all with an eye to helping shift certain ingrained habits, for instance, from carnivorous to vegetarian diet, or from industrial jobs to garden economy and cottage industry.

A second objective of Operation Earth Rescue is to create a global network of alternative energy producers and distributors. This would be done in the context of information gathering regarding the actualities of the global warming and its impact on shorelines and weather patterns by 2008. Then, to implement programs in places of need, we would require the creation of Operation Earth Rescue Teams, flying the Banner of Peace and offering emergency assistance in areas of natural disaster or even war-ravaged communities; teams to help set up alternative energy systems; or Operation Earth Rescue Reforestation Corps; not to mention Operation Earth Rescue Emergency Garden Communities. In other words what we need is a global equivalent to the original Peace Corps, a 13 Moon Earth Rescue Mission. This would involve training in meaningful roles many young people who today are filled with aimlessness and despair about the future.

To organize the various initiatives of the Operation Earth Rescue Mission 2012 into a coherent form of self-governing order that is bioregional rather than nationalistic, a second commission will lay the groundwork for the creation of the Planetary Biospheric Congress. This is necessary because the mechanisms of the nation state make national interest higher than biospheric interest, and we have arrived at the stage when the biospheric interests must supersede national interest. The existing systems of organization have brought us to this crisis. Earth can no longer afford anything but a unitary system of self-governance in accord with the universal laws and principles by which the whole of nature abides.

In actuality all of the universe is governed by and functions according to pre-established laws synchronized by time. Only humankind violates the universal order, insisting to live by laws that accord with and support its lower self, and at variance with the laws of nature. As a consequence, humanity, in a state of cosmic oblivion, plunges on towards its own self-destruction. Seen from space Earth has no national boundaries. The notion of national boundaries is a hallucination stemming from the political disorder of the human mind, the end-product of Babylonian-Gregorian history. As such, the nation state is one of the greatest stumbling blocks toward achieving biospheric integrity and noospheric unity.

The Commission on the Planetary Biospheric Congress will determine how best to create a general assembly constituted of representatives from the world’s bioregions, and then to further determine the responsibility, among other things, of equalizing wealth and establishing just and equitable terms of commerce and trade that are in accord with the biosphere’s operating principles. What we are talking about are principles based on logically consistent, cosmically scientific laws, of which the 13-moon/28-day harmonic standard is a perfect example. A secondary aspect of the Planetary Biospheric Congress will be to establish a working accord with the existing international body, the United Nations, as well as organizations like the World Bank, so that a spirit of cooperation between the old order and the new may develop into a genuine willingness to change in accord with a moral and ethical understanding that espouses tolerance, compassion, and forgiveness, especially in the face of the tremendous transformation that will be occurring by 2012, not the least of which is the advent of the noosphere.

In preparing for the noosphere, we must understand the meaning of the biosphere-noosphere transition and manifest the New in the midst of the chaos of the old. Following the guidelines for the creation of the Planetary Biospheric Congress, the third commission will work on the creation the Planetary Noospheric World Assembly. Fortunately, much ground work has already been laid for this governing unit (see below, d. Noospheric World Assembly). The Noospheric World Assembly will be the higher guiding council drawing on spiritual wisdom and a scientific whole systems analysis of and solutions to the world crisis. In addition, recognition of the CREST13 project for establishing a telepathic network for activating the noosphere, based on the new cosmic science, must be supported and brought to the fore, for it holds the ultimate key to shifting the world paradigm. We need to be educated about what the effects of the shift to the noosphere will be on human self-perception and consciousness. The solutions we seek are to be found, above all, in changes within our spiritual consciousness, for as we think so we become.

During the final session of the Second Planetary Congress for Biospheric Rights, the commissions organized to establish the Earth Rescue Operation, Biospheric Congress, and Noospheric World Assembly, as well as the Planetary Healing Council, Planetary Peace through Culture Council and Planetary Alternative Energy Network will present their findings and recommendations for implementation.

d. Noospheric World Assembly.
When the Foundation representatives were in Russia in the autumn of the Spectral Wizard year (2003), in a special ceremony at the Moscow City Hall, the Director of Research, along with several other noted Russian citizens, was awarded a credential honoring him as a Fellow Member of the Noospheric Spiritual Ecological World Assembly (NSEWA). The principle organizer of this event was Lyubov Gordina, President of the NSEWA. Lyubov, a Doctor of Technical Science and a Ph.D., has been a member of the Russian State Dumas (parliament) serving on the Higher Ecological Council. With the aid of Mikhail Limonad, Vice President of the NSEWA, she has crafted a pioneering forum for the age that is now dawning. See http://www.newhumanity.org.ru

The opening statement of “Memorandum of the Noosphere Spiritual-Ecological World Assembly on the Convocation of the Global Noosphere Civil Forum of the Earth for the adoption of the Universal Constitution of Mankind” declares:

People of the World!

Mankind and its planet named earth are approaching the brink of irreversible depletion of the natural resources necessary for the conservation and development of civilization. The existing approaches to the organization of human life activity of mankind bring us to the systemic crisis. It is urgently necessary to appeal to our common intellect and to rebuild our life upon the laws of scientifically-managed noosphere world order.

The Foundation is fully in support of the work of the NSEWA. In 2002 this organization participated in the UN sponsored Johannesburg Summit of 2002, where the Noosphere Constitution was first begun. In 2005 the NSEWA participated in the World Exhibition EXPO 2005 held in Nagoya, Japan.

In preparation for this last event, the NSEWA sent an address to the astronauts of the International Orbiting Station (IOS), appealing for the crew to make a video address for the EXPO 2005. Included was a request for the astronauts to give “expressed support of the World Assembly initiative to celebrate yearly on the 25th of July the World Day of the Earth Dwellers …” This, of course, we know as the Day Out of Time, Green Day, or Peace through Culture Day. Now it is also given the name “World Day of the Earth Dwellers.”

Here is the response of the International Orbiting Station Crew to this request:

“We are happy to greet participants of the World Exhibition “EXPO-2005”. We express our solidarity with the World Assembly initiatives and projects aimed at prosperity of our planet. Yearly celebration of the World Day of the Earth Dwellers on the 25th of July initiated by the Assembly is not only a beautiful idea, but a conscious necessity. While looking at our planet from outer space it is becoming obvious that: The Home of Humanity Planet Earth may perish if all people do not unite themselves around the one idea of CONSERVATION OF LIFE ON EARTH … We appeal to all Earth Dwellers to creatively participate in development and implementation of this foundation-laying document: the ETHICAL CODE OF THE NEW HUMANITY that reflects the modern realities of the development of human civilization …”

The document is signed by members of the IOS crew, Team Leader, Sergei Krikalev and Board Engineer, John Phillips.

It is encouraging to realize that the Day Out of Time as Earth Dwellers World Day is being supported by the International Orbiting Station crew, who, among all humans, may be said to have the best view of the whole Earth and her needs. By broadcasting this message from their orbiting satellite, the mission and purpose of one of the Foundation’s key goals was being firmly placed in the noosphere. This is an exemplary manifestation of the spirit of cooperation which is being called for at this time of planetary emergency.

At the Nagoya EXPO-2005 (August 25, 2005 – Lunar Kali 4, 13 Warrior), Lyubov Gordina gave a major address, “On the Sphere of Consciousness (Noosphere),” where she states that the principle aims and targets of the Organization (NSEWA) are to “substantiate necessity for unification of mankind’s efforts for saving and changing life on Earth.” This is a key point: not only saving but changing life on earth. We cannot expect to be having shopping malls and cosmic consciousness at the same time. The NSEWA, Gordina asserts, “emerged as a necessity realized by its leaders who understood that urgent measures were needed for the salvation and harmonic development of civilization, and who realize that the mankind is being gradually swept away by the global systemic crisis – spiritual, political, economic and ecological.” This speaks precisely to the point of calling for the Second Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights.

The thrust of the NSEWA is the restoration of the ethical foundation of mankind. A noted navigator, Fyodor Koniukhov, who went around the Earth fourteen times on a solitary sailing vessel, remarked upon seeing the dolphins and whales who accompanied his boat: “their existence does not bring any harm to their environment … Why then man who is supposed to be the clever creature is constantly cutting the branch he is sitting on? Why Man behaves as if he is persistently trying to destroy the place of his own habitat, put an end to it as soon as possible? I could not find the answer neither with whales, with dolphins nor with man.”

Through the Law of Time, and through recognition of the NSEWA, we intend to not only find the answer, but to create the solution, the spiritual ecological transformation of the biosphere into the noosphere – by 2012. The “Brief Abstract of the Concept of Universal Noosphere Spiritual-Ecological Constitution for Mankind,” will be placed on the agenda of the Second Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights. It sets a standard of the direction we need to be going and an example of what can be done when we cooperate. The crux of what the Law of Time offers is the reformulation of the human mind through establishing a new timing standard, 13 Moons/28-days. This is the key to lasting universal peace, and the transformation of the dynamic of the dying civilization into a new cosmic order of reality:

Pax Cultura Pax Biospherica.

Only the emergence of a new planetary culture of peace can restore stability to the biosphere. This is predicated on a new time and a new calendar which reformulates the human mind into a perpetual harmony, establishing a new life mission – time is art, to replace the old, time is money. The new time values will assist in the conversion of existing wealth and institutions according to renewed artistic and cultural priorities that reintegrate the human back into the biosphere. A consequent abandonment of the concepts of nationalism and privatization of wealth will aid in converting to the new cultural-artistic social goals. We must further empower the Banner of Peace as the standard under which we may effect change through existing governments by having them recognize the Banner and the Day Out of Time/Peace through Culture/Earth Dwellers World Day as a universally recognized day of world peace. This will be the first step toward fulfillment of the new vision: “Art Now, War No More – That Beauty May Prevail On Earth.” From these considerations and deliberations at the Second Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights, a Planetary Peace Through Culture Council will be formed. This Council will be part of the Earth Rescue Operation.

e. Operation Earth Rescue.
How long is the present system going to last? The handwriting is on the wall. The increase in natural disasters this past year (2005) alone has left many humans numb and frightened. By the time of the third major event, the Pakistan earthquake, the world had run out of emergency relief funding and capacity to respond. This only underscored the need for a new type of unified whole system Earth Rescue Operation whose focus is solely on emergency rescue, long term rehabilitation and restoration of community and environment, and cultural and biospheric regeneration. We must see in the catastrophes the opportunity to rebuild and direct ourselves in a new way.

If we also consider that many of these disasters are the result of the effects of our own greed and thoughtlessness upon the environment, then might we not want to do something about changing ourselves? If we really understood the fundamental change the Law of Time offers the human mental and social organization, then wouldn’t we want to see all of the resources of the Earth placed in alignment with the Law of Time on behalf of an Operation Earth Rescue? For this is what is required – a whole system effort to rescue and rebuild the planet from too many centuries of sheer mismanagement and ignorance of the biosphere.

The NSEWA has also envisioned a similar style program, the Living Earth Foundation “…to render real effective assistance to the Planet in order to allow it to survive despite the aggressive attitude and behavior of the People towards it. The principle aim of such a Foundation is rendering assistance in mitigating the consequences of natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunami, earthquakes etc. at the expense of the funds that we propose to deduct in the amount of at least 1% from military budgets of all countries.” 1% of current US military would amount to 400 million dollars. Pakistan could raise hardly that much for immediate emergency relief following its devastating earthquake.

In addition to being a primary commission of the forthcoming Second Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights (see above, c. Biospheric Congress), the Operation Earth Rescue represents a Foundation for the Law of Time project now in the process of being designed and organized and in need of major funding and support. The first step is setting up an information hub and team to gather and map information regarding existing relief agencies and world trouble spots.

In all troubled areas and disaster zones we must envision garden communities and a garden economy and begin to implement this vision with renewed vigor. We must take health into our own hands and realize that by taking complete responsibility for and changing our life style to a simpler, more vegetarian approach, alternative therapies and healing methods would be all that we would essentially need. By cooperating with the councils of Indigenous elders we will tap into one of our greatest resources. At the Second Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights a Planetary Healing Council is to be formed from these considerations and deliberations. This Council will be part of the Earth Rescue Operation.

In light of global warming and the ecological disasters we face, we must also assess alternative energy solutions, create a working network, and begin to implement them in select Earth Rescue emergency areas immediately. We must further assess the components of the new lifestyle of a genuinely postindustrial Earth based civilization, and plan accordingly. At the Second Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights a Planetary Alternative Energy Network will be formed from these considerations and deliberations. This Network will be part of the Earth Rescue Operation.

f. CREST13 – Planetary Engineering Project.
CREST13 is the acronym for Centers for the Restitution of the Natural Mind. Never has the Foundation put out a project proposal that received such immediate and overwhelming response. However, it is due largely to the efforts of one person, Daniel Red Planetary Dragon (to whom the CREST13 acronym owes its coinage), that this project has really come to life. From the time Daniel attended the Swiss Seminar in the middle of the Magnetic Moon to the present, he has been able to steer the Planetary Engineering Project to the forefront of the Foundation’s endeavors.

Clearly the idea of a global network of self-sustaining 13:20 land bases featuring focused meditation retreats and experimentation with telepathic field exercises for the propose of establishing a planetary telepathic grid prior to 2012, is one that is deeply resonant with many people. Beginning with a parcel of land offered for Foundation use in Baja California, other lands soon after came to be made available, including: United Kingdom, Costa Rica, Spain, India, Bali, Bolivia and Brazil.

Daniel, who already has a distinguished career in the fields of culture, the performing arts, visuals arts and architecture, has crossed being a creative artist with being a producer, fundraiser, networker and lobbyist for innovative projects and productions. His approach has been geared toward the creation of whole systems, interlinking community building and visionary projects with a degree of diversity and complexity that aim to be an integral part of the global transformation. When he came across the Planetary Engineering Project on the Foundation web site, he knew it was his calling. Here was a whole systems project with unique architectural design features engaging alternative 13:20 community building to create an unprecedented vehicle for planetary transformation, a telepathic grid to anticipate the noosphere  – and the circumpolar rainbow bridge.

Setting right to work, Daniel began collaborating with members of PAN Switzerland and PAN UK to create a network of support for the project which soon became known as CREST13.

In the meantime, several other developments occurred. Oscar Tinejero, 3 Mirror, veteran Earth Wizard and inveterate Banner of Peace walker, most recently traveling through India as part of the Ahimsa Caravan, found himself taking the message of the 13 Moon calendar and the Law of time to Auroville the global community founded by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, and then on to Chinai, home of the Kalki Avatar Sri Bhagavan. Here Sri Bhagavan founded the Oneness University, origin of the diksha training programs. At the Oneness University, spreading the message of the Noosphere II and its Planetary Engineering project with the Thirteen Centers for the Restitution of the Natural Mind, Oscar encountered Lucas Jimeno 10 Warrior of the Oneness University. Together with another kin, German, 2 Dog, they conceived of the idea of bringing together the Oneness University with the Thirteen Moon calendar Change Peace Movement through cooperation by means of the Planetary Engineering Project. (www.onenessuniversity.org)

Since Daniel was now named the Project Manager of the CREST13, he was put in touch with Oscar and Lucas Jimeno. Following the contact made between Daniel and Lucas of the Oneness University, an understanding developed, and an invitation was forwarded to Daniel to visit the temple (that is about to be inaugurated) in the Solar Moon (March, 2006) To quote from the letter sent to Daniel from Lucas:

“The main idea of this project is an integration between the 13-moons calendar, in terms of Planetary Engineering, with the Oneness University work, showing how the Shatki Stall (temple) may become the fifth vortex in which this project is taking form.

Oneness University was created in order to fulfill the different prophecies all around the globe and provide each individual the opportunity to accomplish their changes before 2012. Over the years we have been performing different activities, always guided by our beloved masters or parents Amma and Bhagavan, and always with the intention of helping people find their own divine self.

… Some of those people were the monks who have been in contact with Bhagavan since a very young age … at the moment some of them have become what we call Cosmic Beings, beings that are now One with the Divine Presence. They live continuously meditating in order to change the morphogenetic fields of the globe, 24-hours a day. Such beings have been prepared by Amma and Bhagavan, who channel the Grace directly from Hunab Ku, the brighter world.”

Certainly, the aims and objectives of the meditation practices of the Oneness University and the Centers for the Restitution of the Natural Mind are close. But that would be natural, for at this point in Middle Time, with seven years to go to 2012, there would have to begin to be a new kind of global Harmonic Convergence. This is because the natural inhalation of the Hunab Ku, in preparation for the galactic synchronization, begins to draw together magnetic filaments vibrating at the same frequencies. The same could also be said of the intentions of NSEWA in relation to the Second Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights.

With the Second Planetary Biospheric Congress to occur in Brasilia, Brazil seems to be the place where the next critical phase of the Law of Time will be launched. For this reason,  following the Call of the Hummingbird, Lunar Moon 26-Electric Moon 10, Flaviah 7 Star, pioneer of the 13:20 community project in Epuyen, Patagonia, went forth fully intent on finding a site for the CREST13 in Brazil. As it now turns out, two sites have manifested, both near Alto Paraiso, some two hours drive from Brasilia. The other site came about through Sigrid 11 Star (also veteran Earth Wizard) and her nephew Claudio. It appears that both sites will be able to be utilized: one solely for the CREST13 and the other for establishing 13:20 community and for intermediate training in preparation for involvement in the CREST13 project on the land nearby.

As can be seen, the nature of the new projects, especially the CREST13 and, to a lesser degree, the Operation Earth Rescue, have already elicited a global scale of activation and cooperation between the Foundation, other organizations and different bioregional PAN groups. This bodes well for a happy ending to Middle Time. The catchwords for the coming Cosmic Civilization – the Seventh Ray Age of Aquarius – are service and cooperation. These can only happen genuinely and fully when there is a liberation from slavery to the ego, and a complete awakening in the primordially pure state of non-ego, which is our essence and the essence of the order of cosmic reality as well.

g. Mystery of the Stone – 20 Tablets – Cosmic History Chronicles – Noosphere II.
Waking up in Middle Time actually refers to a spiritual awakening. This is the purpose of the latest revelation of the Law of Time, Seven Years Mystery of the Stone – Resurrection of the Soul in Time. As an interactive tool, the daily practices of the Mystery of the Stone facilitate the cultivation of an expanded vision of the human soul and consciousness. By introducing the practitioner into the imaginal realm of Middle Time, one becomes a participant in the magical exercise of waking up the fifth dimensional Lords of the Ring, the Bolontiku. The cosmic nature of this practice qualifies it as a critical step in precipitating the supermental descent of cosmic order and cosmic consciousness, the full activation of the noosphere in 2012-2013.

Accompanying the simple daily practice procedures are a set of full color maps that locate you in Middle Time and demonstrate for you the nature of the solar thought form in which we are now all participating. This is the thought form, “time shift.” This thought form began in 1989 and is concluded in 2012. It corresponds to the 223rd and last 23 -year sunspot cycle since the beginning of the 13 Baktun Count, BC 3113 (BC 3114, Julian Count). The elevating and participatory, multidimensional cosmology that the Mystery of the Stone reveals is essential for lifting you above the disastrous nature of the collapsing human world at the end of the cycle. The Mystery of the Stone is intended for anyone who is simply willing to follow the 13 Moon calendar – that and nothing more.

Where Middle Time ends Inner Time begins. Inner Time is the pure 13:20 timing frequency. It is called Inner Time because the galactic synchronization phase shift produces in our perceptions a purely mental comprehension of the nature of reality. In Inner Time, it is all natural mind. Our third-dimensional form becomes an Island of Inner time within the vast Ocean of Cosmic Consciousness. The paradigm shift occurs not because of any conceptual effort but because the galactic synchronization beam shifts its frequency. This is why we must prepare for it, if we so choose, because when it happens we will see what a grave mistake it is to mistake our thoughts for reality.

Emerging from the final Ring of Middle time is the Solar Human (Kin 152, 19 x 8). This is literal and not just figurative. The frequency of the next galactic beam is a purely solar-galactic frequency. This is the meaning of the prophecy of the Sixth Sun which emerges at the conclusion of the Fifth Sun of Movement. The Mystery of the Stone exists specifically to spiritually prepare us for this evolutionary shift point – the end of the time shift and the beginning of cosmic civilization on Earth. By the time of the launching of the Timeship, the Bolontiku as the Nine Lords of Time and Destiny will be coordinating planetary affairs from a fifth dimensional level. The New Race will emerge from among us. OMA shall return across the Bridge of Time.

Through Interlink productions in Hong Kong, the Foundation for the Law of Time has just produced 10,000 Mystery of the Stone kits. These are ready made for practice and study on the spiritual journey we have all embarked upon.

One the Foundation’s principle purposes in this intermediate world of Middle Time is to establish broad based education programs. The Mystery of the Stone, like its predecessors 7:7::7:7, the Telektonon, and Dreamspell, the Journey of Timeship Earth 2013, represent the interactive tools of the Law of Time. One vital tool not yet properly produced, though available since the Yellow Overtone Seed year and in need of funding is the 20 Tablets of Law of Time, Sixteen year Cube of the Law. Incorporating the practices of the Cube of the Law this interactive tool is especially critical for the activation of the Noosphere and the telepathic means of wholesomely vibrating our DNA. To properly produce 10,000 copies of this special tool in full color requires $40,000.

The Noosphere II Project, of which the production of the seven volumes of the Cosmic History Chroniclesis a major element, is now in its sixth year. While the experiment of approximating noospheric states of consciousness is attaining some minimum success, there is still a need to depressurize even more from the external world and deepen the pure contemplative retreat for prolonged phases of meditation, life-style experimentation, creative assimilation and intensive research. To attain this end, with but brief exceptions, the Galactic Research Institute team will be in retreat through the duration of this project.

III. The Last Seven Years – Visions of 2012

The 1987 Harmonic Convergence inaugurated the cycle of the initiation of humanity into the Cosmic Order. The planetary phase of initiation will reach the physical stage of expression in 2012. Now we are in Middle Time, the final grace period before the cosmically climactic end of the cycle in 2012. Everyone asks and wonders: What will happen? More and more are coming to the conclusion that something extraordinary will definitely happen. If you only gauge the index of the exponential curves of population, machine, pollution, war, and global warming, some unpredictable, unprecedented kind of event or chain of events is bound to occur.

People are not so wary of using the word “apocalypse’” any more to describe the disturbing tenor of contemporary events. Mel Gibson is even making a mysterious movie about the Maya entitled “Apocalyptico.” If you go to the web site of the India Daily (www.indiadaily.com) you will find a vast repertoire of stories about what will happen in 2012: 88 members of the Galactic Confederation are getting ready to land in 2012, one report says, corroborating another that says a group of Tibetan monks, using remote viewing, saw a greatly changed world in 2012, with the first UFOs landing on Earth. Other stories explore the possibilities of errant asteroids, pole reversal, aliens who can traverse spatial dimensions from other universes; simultaneous terrestrial and solar polar reversals, solar flares, massive earthquakes and volcanoes being set off between now and 2012.

While any of these hypotheses may be possible, according to the Law of Time, in some way the answer to what will happen in 2012 also depends on your state of mind. This is because the nature of what is occurring is multidimensional and, therefore, also highly mental in nature. Of course, the Earth will experience a shift, a change in its physical state, but this change will also register as a mental shift. Because there is the potential for collective self-reflective consciousness on Earth, this planet qualifies as being a planet with noosphere. The shift that is now underway is the shift from the collective unconsciousness to collective or cosmic consciousness, in other words, the noosphere. The physical changes are all external accompaniments to a profound change in the nature of the collective dream or hologram of the Earth as a planetary being. What 2012 signifies, then, is that the Earth as a psychophysical planetary entity, is undergoing a resonant frequency phase shift.

The structures of our present order of technospheric civilization matter not a whit to the Earth. They are no different to the Earth than is a hornet’s nest to us, one that has to be removed from the side of a house. It is we earthlings in our present hologram or world hallucination that are attached to the existing structures, our technospheric hornet’s nest. The technosphere supports and affirms the present hologram, the hallucination or world view that we have projected on to our terrestrial landscape. In a resonant frequency phase shift, this hologram will be dissolved and another arise in its place. We will see the world with different eyes, as it were. That is, if we are prepared for an alteration of our mind and consciousness. Be empty and you shall receive. Be expectant, fearful or full and you shall be shattered.

According to the Mayan Factor, the 13 baktun cycle from BC 3113 to AD 2012, is the measure of a type of galactic synchronization beam that the Earth and the entire solar system have been passing through. The culmination of this beam is what is referred to as the “climax of matter.” While we in our ant’s, or hornet’s eye view of things experience this as consumerism, materialism, and the geochemical/industrialized transformation of natural resources, from a fifth dimensional point of view, this is witnessed as a quickening in the vibrational frequency of the various molecular structures of the Earth and their biogenic patterns of migration into different physical and nonphysical states. From this perspective, the molecular structures are now in a frenzy of change – the Fifth Sun of Change or Movement is consuming itself. When this frenzy climaxes, there will be a change of state altogether, a stabilization at a higher frequency, accompanying at the same time a liberation of psychic energy that has been locked into the molecular structures.

This psychic energy represents the cumulative condensation of analphs (memory configurations) from previous lost worlds. When Earth entered the current synchronization beam (Fifth Sun or 12:60 beam – 12 x 5 = 60) at BC 3113 (Dreamspell -3187), it meant that it had entered a psychically activated field of resonance saturated with the lost world memory analphs. This was possible because Earth is in what is called an “experimental zone,” otherwise known as Velatropa. From the point of view of the Dynamics of Time, an experimental zone would correspond to a universe sector which intelligences from another or parallel universe had selected to activate in order to create a field of corrective possibilities for the exhaustion of karma.

According to cosmic science, the highest categories of the evolution of consciousness are planetary and biological or cosmic engineers. These engineers – Mahabodhisattvas of a Type IV cosmic civilization can not only traverse universes but can construct experimental model planetary or even galactic civilizations according to spiritual laws and principles. This means that the present synchronization beam was engineered by higher intelligences for specific purpose of burning out or exhausting the karma of the lost worlds – stages of passage of previous experiments – by focusing a condensation of memory storage analphs vibrating at a particular frequency (12:60) on a particular star system, the one we are inhabiting.

So the molecular frenzy is then coupled with a psychic hyperactivation and population explosion of karmic entities to absorb the analphs which come to a multiple lost world memory climax – 2012. The point of Middle Time is to consciously deflect and dissolve some of the analphs, and transmute them into a plasma attracting medium which then can be projected as the rainbow bridge. At the solstice, there will be a resonant frequency phase shift which will alter the molecular frequency and dissolve the world mental hologram, releasing the stored psychic energy of the lost world analphs as a collectively experienced ecstatic rapture. It is important that the circumpolar rainbow bridge be in place by this point, for it will already be in advance of the phase shift and enhance the planetary mind with a new order of reality capable of withstanding the total dissolving of the old hologram. The skill in maintaining prolonged states of natural mind meditation will be able to perceive the new “world hologram” and, through telepathic interaction during galactic synchronization – Galactic Seed 2013 – fully receive the new cosmic consciousness operating hologram. It will be the dawn of the Second Creation, the Launching of Timeship Earth 2013.

Report filed by Galactic Research Institute
Foundation for the Law of Time
Kin 250 White Electric Dog
Rhythmic Lizard Moon of Equality Silio 7
Yellow Cosmic Seed Year

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