Reprinted from the May 24, 1968 edition of Muhammad Speaks Newspaper


For nearly four decades the Honorable Elijah Muhammad has been preaching and teaching his people, i.e; American so-called “Negroes,” to BE THEMSELVES.

FOR NEARLY FOUR decades he has been telling them, emphatically but with every sincerity at his command, that it’s time for all black Americans to wake up — to snap out of their deep slumber (state of mental death”) –and to rejoice at the “New Day” (of their future glory and greatness) that is dawning.

For nearly four decades the venerable Messenger
has been trying to impress upon the oppressed and down-trodden of this land that they are not to blame for their past or present misfortune because it was indeed brought upon them through trickery and sustained terror on the part of a “wicked. . .race of devils.

For nearly four decades he has been urging them, in the manner of a concerned and loving father, “big brother” and guardian all rolled into one, to give up the white man’s “God” (because he wasn’t A”God” at all), Bible (because it wasn’t holy) and religion, Christianity (because it was alien-conceived and hence virtually completely incompatible with the black man’s inherent righteousness) as well as the white man’s names and culture.

Simltaneously he has been beseeching them to “quit fooling yourselves” in believing that the road to freedom, justice and equality lay in “civil


rights demonstrations and marches” and in begging the former slavemasters’ children and grandchildren for a few crumbs off their table.

FOR NEARLY FOUR decades the “Little Lamb without spots or blemishes” has been striving to persuade all who would listen that the “final” solution to the U.S. Black man’s problem depends not on integrating with his enemies or on voting for one white political office- seeker or another but on accepting his own God (ALLAH) and submitting to His will and returning to his own ancient, ancestral faith (ISLAM).

He has been trying to convince them that if they do as directed, Allah would set them up in heaven (on earth) at once. Again he has been endeavoring to counsel all who would lend an ear that every Black man, woman and child in North America should not hesitate but hasten instead to rally around the Muslims’ banner, explaining that the Crescent-bearing flag alone guaranteed their exit and safe conduct from the white world’s “hell hovels” and entry into the “Promised Land”.

For four decades the Honorable Elijah Muhammad has been further pleading with his good people to give up the “way of those who have erred from the path of righteousness and gone astray,” to give up smoking, drinking, consuming forbidden foods, indulging in drugs, gambling and other vices.

Likewise, for nearly four devades he has been trying to advise “my Black brothers” never to beat their wives and womenfolk or curse and abuse their own offspring and to learn to love, protect and take care of them instead.

Divinely appointed and charged with such duties as referred to above, the Messenger has also had to warn his people that those who failed to heed his pleas and do his bidding, they would surely be chastised by Allah and deined sight of the Hereafter. At the same time, the Muslim leader has been doing his best to show, via numerous concrete examples, that through faith, unity and hard work (SELF- HELP) the U.S. Black

man can and will eventually overcome every obstacle, no matter how insurmountable it might initially appear. In all this time, not once has The Messenger (Honorable Elijah Muhammad) been seriously challenged by anyone or proven wrong on any score or point.

TRUE, A FEW individuals did at one time or another attempt to oppose him and even tried to inflict bodily harm upon him. However, they were men who were motivated by mere malice or petty jealousy and envy and they were unable to silence him or arrest his progress. The fate of such foes and of a handful of former followers turned hypocrites is all too well known to warrant repetition here. The “saddest” aspect of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s otherwise perfectly marvelous and highly noteworthy career, under the circumstances, I think, is the fact that to date only a portion of the Black American populace has recongized in the Messenger its true and natural leader. After all, a few thousand, followers are by no means “enough” when you realize that there are some twenty-five million “Asiatics” in the wilderness of North America who need to benefit from the Muslim leader’s unique and extraordinary “Message” and superb wisdom.

Could it be that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is a bit “ahead of his own time? ” Many admirers and well-wishers of the Messenger surmise that such is the case. Be that as it may, I refuse to believe that most Black Americans aren’t capable of “recognizing a good thing when they see one” and that they would not even now-however belatedly – rise to the occasion and RUSH to cast their lot with the proud yet humble, people of Allah and Muhammad-the mighty “Nation of Islam” of tomorrow.

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