by Minister Louis Farrakhan

It is written in the Qur’an that Allah (God) has ordained struggle for each of us.

Struggle – to try very hard to deal with a challenge, problem, or difficulty; to make a great physical effort to achieve or obtain something.

This Divinely ordained struggle is to manifest the dormant qualities and characteristics which when manifested cause us to glorify Allah (God), our Creator. Allah (God) says in the Qur’an that He never lays on a soul a burden beyond its scope.

Burden – a load being carried; a difficult or worrying responsibility or duty; to give somebody a task that is difficult to deal with or something worrying to think about.

Whenever there is struggle, there is a degree of pain. Wherever there is a burden being carried, there is stress that demands great endurance. Endurance demands that we continually expand our threshold of pain so that we might endure to the end. Pain is necessary for growth, development and for the manifestation of character.

Endurance – bearing anything; lasting quality; duration.

Pain, though not welcomed, along with work and endurance are necessary for success. This is the reason why Allah (God) puts in our bodies centers which gives us pleasure.

Pleasure – a feeling of happiness, delight or satisfaction; gratification of the senses, especially sexual gratification, recreation, relaxation, or amusement, especially as distinct from work or everyday routine.

The pleasure aspect of life is the reward for going through the pain of struggle. This is why Allah (God) says, “After difficulty comes ease.” In the ease that comes after difficulty, is the joy or pleasure of relief from difficulty – relief momentarily from struggle and the heaviness of the burden.

Allah (God) in creating the woman said in the Qur’an that, He created her as a consoler and a pacifier for the man. He created her as a soul in which the man might find peace and quiet of mind.

She then in her person represents the joy and pleasure of his life. Consequently, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that, the only heaven for man is found in a woman.

There are many things in life that give the human being rest, ease, comfort, consolation, and pleasure. Sometimes, there is the comfort of a touch or a massage; the comfort of a hot bath; the pleasure of good company; the pleasure of a good musical or cultural experience; the pleasure of seeing ones creative mind manifested into concrete reality as the created object gains for its creator recognition, honor and praise. Along with these things, there is the great pleasure that comes from a sexual relationship or sexual intercourse.

As we mature, we learn of the pleasure centers in our bodies. In this world, it is pleasure in the area of sex that gives the human being the greatest trouble. There is a natural yearning or instinct to be around the opposite sex. In the kingdom of the lower animals and creatures, there is a natural period of heat in the female in which these creatures will copulate for the express purpose of the procreation of their species. This is the nature in which Allah (God) has created all living things. So it is with the human being. These periods of heat in the female are to be understood and handled properly by mothers and fathers. The mothers must teach the young females how to get through these difficult periods of heat without destroying their future. Mothers must sit with their teenage and pre-teenage girls to help them understand what their bodies are going through and what effect these changes are producing in them.

The fathers should sit with their sons to discuss this period in their development to help them to understand what is happening to them; the changes that are taking place, and the urges and impulses that suggest certain actions to their minds. If there is no father present, the uncles or the male members of the church or community should assist the young men in their development.

During this time of heat in the female, she inclines more toward the male for attention and affection primarily from her father, her uncles, her older brothers, and close male friends of the family. If these males do not understand what this is in the female, they can and oft-times do take advantage of such condition, thus, ruining the lives of these young girls.

Mothers, fathers, teachers, preachers, and elders are tried severely during this time period in the life of a young adult. Our desire should be to improve the moral character of the young adults by helping them to understand the nature of the male and the female. This is the prerequisite to proper action and the giving of proper guidance during this crucial period of male and female development.

Please discuss this article with your teenage and pre-teenage children.

Thank you for reading these words.