January 29, 1990


Recently, Sister Ava Muharmnad and I gave the first written examination in ISLAMIC STUDIES to fourth through tenth grade students of the Muharmnad University of Islam. While the results were pleasing overall, there was one development in the Boys test results which both pleased and astounded me. As we taught Prayer as a Fundamental Principle of Islam, we pointed out that along with the spiritual benefits, there is one serious physical reason that the Fajr Prayer, which is said before sunrise, is the most important of the Daily Prayers. When that physical reason was asked for on the examination, that was the only question which every student answered correctly! Furthermore, subsequent discussion revealed that they thoroughly understood it.

A few of the parents have related to me that their sons are now urging them to get up each morning for Prayer, and have explained their reason in a manner which the parents readily understand. I think it is worth passing along to readers of the FINAL CALL.

We are all familiar with medical studies which show that Blacks are more prone to strokes than other ethnic groups. Two more facts uncovered by medical authorities, but less widely disseminated are: (l) Most strokes occur between 8:00 and 9:00 am, and (2) Most strokes occur while the victim is in bed. Medical researchers attribute these phenomenal attendant circumstances to the interaction between the sun and the human body. It seems that when the sun rises, it irmnediately and automatically accelerates the activity of the brain, whether we 16 are awake or asleep, indoors or out, exposed to the sun or in total darkness. Of course, the more active the brain, the more blood is required to nourish it. This is why we have been taught from babies not to read or engage in very serious discussions while eating. A great proportion of the body’s total blood supply is required to digest a meal. If too much blood is being demanded by the brain at the same time, it hampers the digestive process and we suffer gas, heartburn, etc. If we are in bed each day at sunrise, the brain is being activated while the vital systems of our body are sluggish from hours of low activity, and the blood does not reach the brain swiftly enough to properly nourish it. This repeated abuse of the brain makes us more prone to strokes. On the other hand, when we awake, bathe and pray-standing, bending, kneeling and sitting-by the time that sun rises, we are stimulated, all systems are “go” and the blood is flowing copiously to the brain.