by master elijah muhammad


   God is the end of what we have in books when He makes his appearance; that’s the end of what we
have in books. He then must teach His Messenger what He wants him to know from his mouth, because
He must move him up into the knowledge of what He intends to build or create.
Then there are two phases of the Messenger’s work was here as it was with Moses. Moses had two
phases of his work. He got his people out of the bondage of Pharaoh, but yet he didn’t have in it that
which could bring to them success and progress in the nation or in the country where they were going.

    So, the book teaches us he had to go up in the mount of God to get something like a law or get a
scripture which they had to have to be successful in a land where they can be independent. The God
didn’t dare give him that in Egypt, nor did He give him that soon after they had gotten across the Red
Sea, but this went on for a while and He gave it to Moses when the people were ready to go into the
land that He had promised them. It would be used to guide them out of the ears and eyes of Pharaoh
and His people. It was there he received it.

   Here we have in the resurrection a Lamb rising up and receiving a book which the beasts around him or
in the midst of him, admires it and is confounded over the contents of that which he’s reading or
studying. They are confounded. It confounds them to the extent that they cannot even talk. The Lamb
is here opening up that which the beast nor even the scientist of heaven have ever known – not even the
24 scientist who wrote our history, their descendants or that claim to that is maintained by our
civilization. This book now comes down which is the reading of a scripture that’s given to the Lamb from
the hand of God.
Are not you willing to agree with me, that this is what Jesus and Muhammad prophesied of: “that which
no eye have seen nor ear have heard, nor have it entered into a man’s heart to conceive of it? That
truth which the Last Messenger receives is so mighty and so superior to what others prophets is the past
have received.

   I want to say to you my people, we the Muslims will rule. We the Muslims, I repeat will rule. The
Muslims, I repeat, as the first time, will rule the civilizations of this earth. We the Muslims… I want to
warn you who think we are nothing in the world but an easy kick over, brought the white man out of the
caves and hillsides of Europe and civilized them. We are the ones who did that. We the Nation of Islam
have produced all of his guidance. If we had not sent Musa to him nearly 4,000 years ago to pull him out
of the caves and hillsides of Europe, they would have been there until today. We are the people who
did that. If you want me to talk what I know, make me angry and I will talk. I know these things. For the
last few thousand years since the creation of the white race, there has become a dislike for black all over
the earth, even in Asia there is a dislike for the black man. I say to you my friend, if you are able to come
back here a thousand years from today, one thousand – you won’t find white, brown or yellow. You will
find all black. Make me to prove it, we have tried it. The Holy Qur’an teaches you directly that we tried
everything. We tried the mountains and they would not disobey, now we tried this man here, meaning
the Caucasian race and he’s very disobedient and proud, a disputer, even disputes with the maker. He
says now if we pleases, we will remove them and try you and see what you will do now, trying you,
means the American so-called Negro.

  I say as we have tested and tried every power that we found in us, the white man was the last one and
now today we will go back to that first one. It’s going to take us one thousand years to get to him;
nevertheless, we will get to him, and a thousand years from today the whole earth will have nothing on
it but black people.

  There are many things that God has taught me that I would like to tell you, but I know you, you are evil,
you are a hateful people. You envy one if God happens to reveal truth to him. You envy him and you
seek to kill him; you want to kill me. You would like to kill me, but I say to you that God has promised me
life. God has promised me, that I will be with Him in the last day.


[excerpt from why elijah  must first come by master elijah muhammad]

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