Try These Colorful Table Settings By Muhammad Speaks Staff – April 1962

Every woman who has mastered the art of dressing well can use her skills to create attractive, varied table settings that express her personality. She can do it, even on a tight budget, by building from the dishes and glassware she already has.

Where to begin?

First survey what’s in your china closet. If your set is patterned, you may have to stick to a solid tablecloth, but you don’t have to stick only to the colors in the pattern. Try an analogous or nearby color – like a deep yellow to point up green-and-white dishes, or an orange cloth under a yellow stripe. Let your napkins sing out with color – either with a sharp contrast (red on blue) or a softer one (olive green on blue).

Elegant Look

If your dishes have a traditional pattern, give them an elegant look with a damask or embossed

cloth. These don’t have to be expensive to buy and keep up, since both damask and embossing come in Plastolyn, an economical, vinyl-coated fabric tablecloth. Upkeep is negligible, since you can wipe them at the table, or toss them into the machine.

Variety of Colors

Lucky is the woman who has either white or solid-color dishes, for there’s no limit to the variety of colors and patterns she can use. For instance, cloths of Plastolyn come in contemporary stripes, border patterns in decorator colors, gingham checks for the typically American look, or a modern, muted plaid. These vinyl-coated coverings have napped backs which protect your tabletop and also deaden dish clatter.

What scarves and gloves do for your outfit, candles, flowers, and leaves can do for your table setting: add warmth, color, style. Candles now come in decorator colors, so experiment Don’t always aim for harmony, when an eye-stopping red or green might be just the thing to perk up lagging appetites.

Serving of Dinner

When it comes to the actual serving of dinner, take a tip from the color psychologists. How

you dish it up can make all the difference between plates wiped clean, and more leftovers to store. Potatoes, cottage cheese, cheese dishes, or puddings if served on white or light plates, look as appetizing as faded laundry. Salads, greens, and colored vegetables, on the other hand, will look fresher and more inviting if served in a white, contrasting dish. More Appealing

Serving juicy roast beef or steak? A blue-green cloth will make it look even fresher and more appealing than it already is. The reason: The after-image of blue-green is red-orange. Another tip: keep bright light on and appetites will glow even more.

What does it all add up to? You can dress your table as well, as smartly and in some ways more economically than you can dress yourself. And no woman’s completely expressing herself and her tastes until her table “talks.”