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Today’s news bears witness to divine truths

Farrakhan The Traveler by Jabril MuhammadDown through the centuries, there have been many great military geniuses, many of whom were called generals. Their efforts at warfare were so outstanding that their efforts are still studied the world over.

However, if you were to study the history of all of these men, and a few woman, if you were to combine all of their wonderful talents, and the resources they used, and if you were to mount up all of their achievements, it would all fall into utter insignificance in contrast to what is presently being achieved by the Great Mahdi, (Master Fard Muha-mmad) Who is accompanied by the Messiah (the Honorable Elijah Muhammad).

The above is thoroughly related to what comes below.

This article is being written on June 22.

Be it the will of Allah, it will appear during the second week of July, when Vol. 19, No. 37 of The Final Call becomes public. The news items mentioned in this article—which are very prominent today—may not be mentioned in America’s press by then. However, the consequences of each of these events will have moved us all closer towards the inevitable fulfillment of the purpose for which Allah allowed each event to occur.

I wish to focus on two of these events which are very prominent in the news today. Much of the news is about Brother Shaka Sankofa (Gary Graham) and the prospects of life on Mars. Both of these news “stories” are very relevant to the mission of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Right after the wicked TV program hosted by Mike Wallace titled, “The Hate that Hate Produced,” aired in 1959, the whole of America’s media (with much of it under the government’s direction) spewed evil propaganda on the Nation of Islam. This intensified interest in the person, mission and work of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, throughout America and the world.

Then in February 1963 the Honorable Elijah Muhammad answered the two most often asked questions throughout that period. They were: “What do the Muslims want? What do the Muslims believe?”

He answered these two questions at our convention in his Saviour’s Day speech in February 1963. A summary of his answers was put on the back page of our newspaper, the Muhammad Speaks. His answers included, as they do now, under the leadership of Minister Farrakhan, the essence of our views on the death penalty.

Brother Shaka Sankofa was murdered by the state of Texas earlier today. In response to this crime Minister Farrakhan spoke the will of God Almighty. If you don’t see that by now, you will.

I don’t have much to say about this, at present, except to refer the reader to a book titled “No Equal Justice,” by David Cole. I’ll now quote a little from four of those who reviewed his book.

David Kairys, Professor of Law at Temple University, wrote, in part, “David Cole effectively gathers and assesses—in plain language that (which) will appeal to a broad range of readers without expertise in law or statistics—the mounting evidence that the entire criminal law process yields racialized justice, which is, of course, not justice at all. No society can jail and execute such large numbers of its people in such circumstances and still claim to value freedom, democracy or equality.”

Author Robin D. G. Kelly places this ingredient into the discussion, when she wrote: in part, “No Equal Justice” proves over and over again that policing and punishment in America are hardly color blind … .”

Paul Chevigny mentioned that, “David Cole makes a powerful case that discrimination in the justice system is not just a matter of poor administration, but is built into the structure of the law, procedural as well as substantive. That insight, in turn, tells us that discrimination is not inevitable even in an imperfect system of justice.”

I disagree with his second sentence. But to continue, Carol S. Steiker, Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, included in her review of Mr. Cole’s book that, “This powerful indictment of the pervasive effects of race and class on the criminal process deserves to be heard and demands an answer.”

Even though the majority in this country would disagree, Brother Shaka Sankofa died a martyr. I am sure that Minister Farrakhan will expand on his brief statement to America and to the world soon. Allah will answer him.

Some of America’s scientists announced today that they feel more strongly than ever that liquid water may be present on Mars. They have already known, so today’s news reports state, that water exists on the northern polar cap and as vapor in what they call “faint” clouds.

These scientists stated that they had just seen features that seem to them to be caused by liquid water, on Mars that they never saw before. One of them said that they were surprised and even confused by what they now see. His explanation was “It didn’t fit our model of what Mars is like.”

They also admitted that their preconceptions delayed their understanding of that which they are now coming to see. They are becoming convinced that they will “discover” life on Mars.

The words of one of these scientists were: “It didn’t fit our model of what Mars is like.” This demonstrates arrogance and bias. They have no right to try to impose—from the base of ignorance—their “model” on another planet. What about taking the open-minded student’s stance?

Minister Farrakhan’s teacher said that the water, the atmosphere, even the winds on each planet is different from every other planet.

What about their preconceptions about what life they might find? How ready are they for the reality of the life that is on Mars—which is independent of their preconceptions? What will happen to their minds if Allah makes the primary life on Mars to reveal themselves to America’s scientists?

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught that a part of what Allah revealed to him was the truth about life on the other planets, including Mars. He taught us that there are seven to nine feet tall Black beings on that planet, who walk on two legs. They don’t look exactly like us and are not as intelligent as we are. However, they live much longer than we do. He said they live around 1,200 of our earth years. He said we are always experimenting on ourselves and therefore, we kill ourselves long before the much longer ages that we could live. But, he said, Allah intended to lengthen our lives to well over 10 times the current (average) life span of the people here on earth. That process has begun.

Back in 1969 the Honorable Elijah Muhammad strongly hinted that these beings on Mars may be living underground. He wrote, in the Muhammad Speaks, that these beings had the intelligence to keep these scientists from seeing them. He said Allah speaks their language and they respond to Him.

Suppose Allah allows the scientists of this world to see these beings on Mars? How would they react? Would they try to hide this information? Would they deal with this explosive information as they have with those humanly built and flown planes that they call “UFOs?”

I once saw a documentary titled “UFOs – 50 Years of Denial.” America is in denial. Her attitude towards these planes—which are very real—is unlike the rest of the nations of the earth. All of the other nations are very open on this subject in contrast to the U.S.A., which lies about their reality or acts like they don’t exist.

Suppose Allah so arranges things that America’s scientists see the beings on Mars and this becomes public. One of the powerful results would be further confirmation that Minister Farrakhan is a divinely backed leader and teacher, who should be supported by everyone in all aspects of his mission.

In the next article, I intend to more fully show the relevance between the two above mentioned news “stories” and Minister Farrakhan’s mission.

More next issue, Allah willing.

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