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Thoughts on an historic Saviours’ Day

This Saviours’ Day 2000 was so rich in significance that there is no way I can adequately cover what I grasped from this experience in a short article. Whatever I saw was limited. But here are a few of my thoughts on this memorable convention, which was born out of the love and the mercy of Allah.

Among the thoughts that have occurred to me, several weeks ago, when I learned that Imam Warith Deen Mohammed accepted the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s invitation to attend this year’s Saviours’ Day Convention, were the words of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad about these two very significant Black men. It revolves around his use of the term “mop up.”

In the early 1960s, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to Minister Farrakhan: “You, and my son Wallace, go and mop up the wilderness.”

In ways, not clear to many, for several years, these two Brothers have been on this course. During this Saviours’ Day Convention, we entered a new phase in the process of the “mop up” work.

“Historic” was a word used very often of this Saviours’ Day Convention. What made it so? What does the term “historic” mean? Briefly, it means, “having, or likely to have, lasting significance or importance.” What gives anything or event “lasting significance?”

Again, in my limited view, the public display of love between these two Brothers (Imam Mohammed and Minister Farrakhan) lies at the heart of the historic nature of this Convention. Although certain persons were utilized to make it a reality, as Minister Farrakhan has stated, its origin was the will of Him Who really called this grand event into existence. So, it was “historic” in the deepest sense of the word because it was from the heart and the will of the Almighty. Be it the will of Allah, I intend to be more specific at another time.

It has been demonstrated, time and again, that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad saw with extraordinary depth into the words of Allah; into the nature of human beings; into the roots of national and world conditions and trends, and well on into the future. Despite the varied and rough roads we’ve all had to travel to get to this point, in our education, I am convinced that he fully expected this day to come when Imam Mohammed and Minister Farrakhan would come together to fulfill his words that they “mop up” this insanely wild place.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad stated that every thing written in the Bible was written to give us a picture of today. The Holy Qur’an verifies the truth of the Bible. Now, could this Convention—which was the focus of world attention—have been overlooked? No. In my view, we are living out a very beautiful picture, of which this grand event—Saviours’ Day 2000—is a part, which was foreseen a long time ago.

So it was with the “mopping up” work that Imam Mohammed and Minister Farrakhan were to do. The word “mopped” means “to wash, rub, wipe, or remove with or as with a mop.” To “mop up” means, in the informal sense, “to bring or come to an end; to finish; to defeat completely.”

Disunity among Black people, and the oppressed, in general, and among Muslims in particular, must end. Misunderstandings between Black people, and the oppressed in general, and between Muslims in particular, must be removed. Mean spirited attitudes; jealousies; envying; evil competition; slander; mockery; racism; the hatred of women; and every form of injustice; all kinds of ignorance and all forms of poverty, must be brought to and end and defeated completely right here in the United States of America.

Those who run the social services agencies depend on those whose research is at the edge of their knowledge of human nature, for the very underpinning of their programs to help others.

However, the social ills of this country and of this world have been and are epidemic and worsening by the day! A growing number of the social scientists and others, while using the exhausted wisdom of this world, have admitted they don’t have the wisdom to halt the downward spiral of this world’s course.

However, the overall effectiveness of those who run the social agencies, worldwide, intended to help people, could be greatly improved, at once, if they would get and study the profound speech delivered this past Sunday by Minister Farrakhan. So would the educators; the politicians—in short everyone, throughout the earth—who claim to be working to uplift humanity—they can all be better equipped to uplift fallen humanity, if they would absorb the spirit of the wisdom in his speech.

Minister Farrakhan demonstrated this as he went deep, deep, deep, into the word and wisdom of Allah this past Sunday. He clearly showed where the root of all human misery, misunderstanding, strife, confusion, all forms of murders—in short, the cause of every aspect of hell—where it originates and where it resides: the human heart.

Certainly, many may say that they already knew this. Even if this was so, have you ever heard this extremely critical and complex problem stated more clearly and yet more briefly, than he did? Tell the truth. Then he presented the only solution or the only way to rid the human heart of all evils, in such a reasoned and wholly acceptable manner that was beautiful.

Much has and will be spoken of and written of Minister Farrakhan and his speech, this past Sunday, the 27th of February. But will any of it take up the magnificent quality of his heart and how he got that way? An indication of the quality of his heart is the nature of and manner in which he delivered the speech he gave this past Sunday. It was characterized by the most rare of all the ways in which any human being can love. His presentation was from the most genuine kind of love.

What is the thinking and planning of those who hate Islam and the rise of Black and oppressed peoples in this country? How do they think and feel about this conference just concluded? The Honorable Elijah Muhammad stated they will seek to use the “weak minded” to destroy us. So, let us be vigilant.

I hope to include in my next article what characterizes “the weak-minded,” as well as the nature of Minister Farrakhan’s love, which I’m obligated to share.

Moreover, we must speedily and accurately spread the truth of what took place during this wonderful convention. We must work harder than our enemies are, right now, deceiving others about what took place during this wonderful Convention.

Let’s not forget for one second, that the enemies of Islam and the rise of Black and oppressed peoples, throughout the earth, are still with power to deceive and are on their job. The ultimate aim of this world did not change because of these past four glorious days, here in Chicago at Saviours’ Day 2000. The ultimate aim of the most wicked still involves the destruction and the death of the Nation of Islam, in particular, and the rest of our people, in general.

So, while we rejoice over what was accomplished during the past few days, here in Chicago, let us be vigilant. Be on guard. Let us not forget for one second that there are many people of power who continue to plan to exterminate us. Whenever they cannot control or use us for their evil purposes then they work to murder us.

This conference was straight out of the will of Allah, to Whom eternal praises are due. He Who Hears and Sees all, also has total power over Satan and his hosts. However, He will allow Satan to try us right up until the time when He breaks Satan’s power. Meanwhile, the work of “mopping up” continues. Let’s get more involved in this work.

More next issue, Allah willing.

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