Those Who Live In Glass Houses Shouldn’t Throw Stones

February 2nd, 1957

Pittsburgh Courier Articles

Those Who Live In Glass Houses Shouldn’t Throw Stones

THE old Christian missionaries, writers, on the life and teachings of Muhammad, were his enemies. they were so grieved over the great success of Muhammad and Islam that they have written falsely against the man of God by attributing His success in the use of the sword instead of to Allah (God), from whom it actually came.

All who hate Islam (The Truth) use these same false charges against Muhammad and Islam. As I have said before in this column, “Muhammad was a member of the Black Nation, and the white race, by nature, is against black man leadership, regardless, whether spiritual or political”. They have so educated and trained the leadership of the so-called Negroes that they are their best weapons against all mankind.

ELDER McCOY, a follower of his slavemasters’ faith and beliefs, says that “Muhammad’s big mistake was in warfare.” According to history, there was no mistake. He and His followers were the most successful in war against their enemies than any before them. Why? Because Muhammad and His followers obeyed Allah, and Allah (God) was with them. Who started the war? Was it Muhammad and His followers? No! It was his powerful enemies who cared not for the Truth and made war against the poor man, Muhammad and His followers who were far from being equally armed with their enemies.

He accomplished His aim in converting Arabia by obedience to Allah, the one God, and they still remain unto this day.

Is it the sword that’s spreading Islam over the world today – even here in America?

THE HOLY Quran, “Muhammad’s Revelations,” forbids compulsory converts. It teaches the Muslims against being the aggressor, but fight with those who fight against you but never to be the aggressor “Fight in the way of Allah with those who fight with you” (Chapter 2:190.)

It is a divine law for us to defend ourselves if attacked. Maybe if Jesus had let Peter and the other Disciples use the sword on the Jews He would have been more successful, for it was the sword that put Him to death, and the Jews remained disbelievers.


Because my people (the so-called Negroes know so little about themselves and know so little of the treachery of the many other racial groups, we suffer untold human indignities. In order to obtain so-called equality of opportunity in public accommodations, schools, churches, sports, etc. We seek to be accepted as members of the white slave master family.

Regardless of the savage treatment we receive, we pour out our life blood like water to be near our enemies. Allah open my people’s eyes that they may see and know the truth, if they only know the truth they would prefer sitting as far removed from their enemies as the East is from the West. My people, return to your God, Allah, and His religion, Islam, that I may protect you and save you.

Elder McCoy, point out, with truth that which is false doctrine that I am putting out.

According to the Bible (Mathew 10:34), Jesus didn’t come for peace but to bring the sword. Neither did he come to unite (Mathew 10:35) It stands true today that Christianity, as we see it in practice in America, certainly does not unite, but rather divides the people against the other. According to the history of it, she has caused more bloodshed than any other combination of religion; her sword is never sheathed. If Jesus was a peacemaker, then the Christians are not His followers.

ELDER McCOY – you ask: “What have I done?” I am doing that for thousands which Christianity failed to do, and that is uniting the so-called Negroes and making them to know God and the Devil, and making them to leave off evil habits that the preachers of Christianity haven’t been able to do for a hundred years. We are that in Islam what Christianity offers beyond the grave.

Write to Muhammad’s Temple 2, Inc. , 5335 Greenwood Ave. , Chicago, 15, Ill.

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