This world family has lost every resemblance of beauty it has ever had from the previous times !

What has caused this  ?

Because the agency by which beauty, also known as artistry,natures decor, harmony, colorization, balance and the gift of song has been removed from their natural position of power which unleashes and refines such gifts. Until the Woman , but in truth the black woman is returned to her rightful place and state the people on our earth will never know true beauty like the worlds that have passed by before their time ! The Black Woman is the original model and cornerstone of influence for all other women of earth even in her broken state. The women of the world, in the deep recesses of their mind secrectly envy and inwardly acknowledge her majesty.

She dear family ,dear brothers and sisters has to be placed back into her rightful place even if its against her own misplaced desires !
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