by Master Elijah Muhammad


Question: Mr. Muhammad, I’d like to know, I read in the Sun Times that Master Fard was
a drug addict, is that true?

Messenger: I don’t think you have found any drugs here for sale have you? He didn’t
teach us to use drugs; that would put us out of our natural mind. In fact about it, He didn’t
teach us to use drugs of no kind. We use drugs sometimes due to our weakness of causing our
bodies to need some kind of nursing of that which is now making us sick, but He didn’t teach
me that. He told me and taught me how to live to keep me from using anything like drugs,
but sometimes we get away and we go and do that against the nature of our bodies in which
they were made, then we go and look for something to help us to get back into the well being
and we grab at anything that will give us easement that the drugs. But if you live like He
taught me for us to live we don’t need drugs at no time. We eat once every two or three
days, we won’t need no drugs. You say, “Well Muhammad, they tell me you used some drugs.”
Yes, because I was other than myself. I wasn’t eating like He told me; therefore, falling away
from the way I was taught, I suffered the consequence. I suppose to pay, if I don’t live
according to His teachings. But I was to prove it. Like the people thought of Job. He being a
beloved man of God and He turned him over to the devil to try him out. He let the devil try
him, for the devil had said to God, “Take you hedge from around him and he will curse you to
your face.” He told the devil to go and try him, but save his life. So, the devil went and he
pulled on Job everything that he had, even to that he had those who believed in him under,
but he was unable to change Job’s mind. Job suffered all the afflictions that were put upon
him as he tells you in his book. That God brought him near death; nevertheless, he refused to
forsake God and he came out of it and the devil was defeated. I am the modern Job.
I have suffered bronchitis, asthma for about 10 years, but I am not ready to curse God
and die. The Bible is talking about us. I asked Him about this, as to who was it talking about,
us or the Jews and Christians, He said it’s talking about you. When it comes to my afflictions,
you can take plenty of it brothers and sisters. You will be alright after that. I’ll go and read
over Job’s afflictions. I think he did come out of it, so I believe I’m coming out of mine.

I could not be able to teach you if I don’t taste the same as you taste. As the Bible
teaches you, “In all of their afflictions he was afflicted, but yet the pleasure of the Lord will
be upon him.” It don’t mean by no means that he was guilty of something and God afflicted
him. It don’t mean that.

Question: I notice that within a few weeks they white press and the news media is
waging a campaign against the Arabs and the Arab Nations and trying to get public sympathy
for the Israelis, and I wonder could this be because the Arab Nations are starting to recognize
the Black Muslim Movement here in the U.S.?

Messenger: Yes, I believe those who have knowledge of what kind of work I am doing in
America is beginning to recognize it and respect it. I believe that. This is the greatest that
has ever happened in our midst since we have been crucified into slavery by the white man.
Never a work of this kind come in his midst that he was able to try and attack and win. He
don’t even question this work. You go out there and bring all you can see out there. Not a
one of them will question me. There is nothing for him to question me on. He knows the
truth, but he is not able to do the truth, but he know it. He gave me credit for teaching the
truth, but he is not able to accept the truth, because there is no truth in him.

Question: According to the Christian teachings, all men must die, but those who are on
the right side of God will go on to an eternal life?

Messenger: Yes, and that’s why we are here today, because those on the right side mean
those who believe in God and they put their trust in God, and we are defenders of those
righteous people.

Question: Do we have to suffer death?

Messenger: There is not a life made, according to the teachings of God to me that will
not face death.

Question: What made the Egyptians wicked?

Messenger: There was in their time the wicked man coming among them 6000 years ago,
the wicked devil got a chance to visit among the Egyptians; like when England come among
the Egyptians and they deceived the Egyptians to follow and doing like them. And there was
the Turkish in Egypt and they put a little of their devil stuff in them under the rule of Pasha.

Question: Did you yourself speak to God?

Messenger: Yes, I thought I was speaking to him every since I was born, but I didn’t know
him. I was blinded to the knowledge of him, so He came to me and made Himself known to
me. This is the way I got to Him. I was trying to see Him, but I wasn’t able to approach the
right path to get to Him, because I was blind when I was born by the enemy.

Question: I was reading in the Muhammad Speaks that you were going to come back to
the Temple and reveal where the Promise Land was, and I was following the Muhammad
Speaks and have not seen you reveal that and I want to know if you still intend to?

Messenger: The place where you are in now. As you may read in the Bible where the
Jesus said, that it is the Lord’s own good Will to give thee the kingdom. This means a
kingdom that you will have to inherit, that is not present at that time, but the kingdom of
heaven that’s formed for the righteous. And it will be this place that He will give: the
kingdom of the wicked. As Isaiah, and other prophets prophesy, that He gives to us the
kingdom of the wicked.

Question: Did Joseph and Mary have another child after Jesus?

Messenger: We find here in the New Testament where they were inquiring of Jesus while
he was teaching that someone told Jesus that his mother, brothers and sisters were out there
inquiring and the Jesus made it clear that none could be his mother, nor brother or sister
unless they believed like him.
This showed that his mother and his brothers was not disbelievers in him if he turned
them down like that. He said these are mine, that stand here, meaning those who were on

the inside with him. That is true. And the way of the believer: you can’t be the brother of
the believer of sister of the believer unless you believe like them.

Question: Were the Original Scientist Black?

Messenger: Yes, according to what God taught me. The original ones was black. They
have a kind of circle to them themselves, and they all was black.

Question: Why do we now have to go to the devil to get our knowledge as far as science?

Messenger: Well, it is not my and your way. I’m not in that way. I don’t go to the devil
to get knowledge. If I had went to the devil to get knowledge you would attack me on that
knowledge, but since I didn’t graduate from college and universities of his, my knowledge is
not of the world. All that I teach came from Allah under the Name of Master Fard
Muhammad, to Whom praise is due forever. I got nothing out of the schools and colleges and
universities of the white man, I have none of them.

Question: But we have to go to the established schools and universities in order to build
a Nation.

Messenger: You don’t have to go to the universities of the devil to be able to teach the
Nation. As I just told you, I didn’t go. I never have been. This is why you must have a change.
You can’t have a change unless that you get out of what you are in, and getting into another
civilization, you will have to have the knowledge of how to get in that civilization. So, I teach
you something new. It is not out there in this civilization. You can’t find a step of it.
Everything that you teach me even from “A” in the kindergarten of this devil’s schools have to
be changed from that way and that way of understanding of “A” and “B” over here with us.
You say, “Well, go ahead and tell me,” Oh, well, let’s go ahead in the back and write your
name on the book.
This is why the devil puts science to every letter of his teaching of the alphabet and
reading. He got science in his letters for you to pay attention to that if he has recorded it to
be understood in another way, but we have something already recorded and have done away
with it if you will understand what we are telling you. I want to teach you that which God
has given to me to give to you, and the knowledge of that which the enemy gave you so you
can know how to compare the two. That’s why I’m inviting you to come. If you will follow me
around in the teaching of the other, I will teach you the meaning of things when I can get you
to understand first yourself, then the understanding of the signs into higher learning will
become clearer to you. I am not raised up among you, who are blind, deaf and dumb, to use
the signs he uses for his higher knowledge and understanding in his educational system. I
know this, but I want you to learn yourselves; so, when I teach you, and go with you over in
your own higher education, you will not call me a liar.

Question: Why don’t we know the actual time of the beginning of the first God?

Messenger: Because there was no one there to record it. He is the God. There is no God
in the Sun before you. The Blackman has no beginning.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

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