by Master Elijah Muhammad


       You go into Japan, Korea and other places where you have learned that I’m going, trying
to get something to sell to the people yourself, to make personal gain for yourselves and not
your people, you’re going to fail. I’m going to fight against you. Everything that I make
known to you, which I’m doing for the good of the whole of us, you go in for yourselves; trying
to get something for yourselves so you can commercialize on your people. I’m going to put a
stop to it. I’m going to stop Japan and other nations from letting you have anything over

       I’m trying to set up freedom, justice, equality and love of the brotherhood of the
Blackman and you’re trying to steal by taking the good which I’m offering to you and through
other nations of ours. You want to take it and scrap it for your own cause of robbery. You
want to rob your brother. I don’t want not one penny that is unjust coming from you. The
merchandise that I’m after is for you, coming from Japan and other nations over there in the
East. You are like one trying to get in.

       Everywhere that you hear that I’m going, you hasten yourself there to try and get
something so you could come back to America and make merchandise out of your people like
the devil. I’m going to put a stop to this kind of thievery. If it be the Will of Allah, I repeat,
I’m going to put a stop to you. You are a very wicked and low-down person, for you to go in
front and get just a small stake among these nations to commercialize on your people back
here. I don’t care if my people want to trade with you; I’m going to show you up, then I’m
going to the people that you’re going to and tell them the consequences of what they are
doing with you. I’m not here with only a little power in Chicago, and don’t have any in New
York, Allah has given me power over the whole entire thing!

       It’s a shame for you to act like you act. Everywhere I go, you follow me up to see if you
can get a chance there to come back and commercialize on the people like the devils are
doing. I’m going to battle with you. I’m going to battle with those of whom you’re trying to
get the outlet to do the things you’re doing, which is unjust to the people. You want to make
yourselves rich, but I say to you my friend or my brother, you haven’t awakened wide enough
to do this. I have help from God against you and those with whom you’re trying to make
friendly relations with, to get their merchandise at a low price and come back here and get
rich off of it by selling it to your people. You’re not going to do that. That’s why I’m over

        You have studied that if I can get a thousand dollars worth of merchandise for a hundred
dollars, I can make a thousand off of it here. Think over that. I’m after the robber of my
people so that it may come true that, before me they all were thieves and robbers. I must
prove myself to be a defender of the prey and I’m going to do it or die trying. I mean to do it.
I mean to defend you. I started in the Pacific for fish for you. I went to the British Honduras
to get fish for you at a cheaper price. You followed me right along. Everywhere I stopped,
you go there trying to get you a trade to win money for yourself, while I’m getting it for all of

      I’m not getting it for myself. I wouldn’t need no boat and no such thing as airplanes.
We’re even trying to dignify the Blackman here by buying an airport out here and getting
planes for them. You don’t have that to do. We have already opened the door for that. You
are following along with your idea of robbing brothers. We have the airport in our hands.
We’re offered plenty of planes at just a word, “If it’s from Elijah let him have it.” But the
fool, you are very wicked and deceitful, whereas, you will say yes to Elijah, before his face,
and soon as he turns back, you’re trying to rob his plans for good for the others. We will fix
you, even if we have to go to war.

       As the Holy Qur’an teaches you from Allah, “Do you not see that we have sent death
among them.” We are not to be overcome. It is written here. Read it for yourselves in this
book. It is also written in the Bible, where God sent death among the Israelites to get them
to bow to Moses.

        I say my friends, don’t play with us, we mean good for you. You can’t get help from your
enemy and mine. His help was cut off before the appearance of Allah. Allah cut his help off
so that He could put you at His servant’s mercy. It is not that Allah, God will stay among us in
Person, but He raises up One just like Himself, having the same ideas. I don’t want to see a
one of you lose your life, but you are attacking death when you try bringing the work of God
that’s with me to a naught. You are inviting death.

        I was so ashamed when I was told what you were trying to do in the East, where I’m
preparing a way for the whole nation. You want to prepare a way for yourselves alone.
Leave us alone, brother, if you don’t like us; just leave us alone.
I’m the last man to attempt pulling you out of the power of the white man, and putting
you in the power of divine. I’m the last one. There is no other one coming. The Others that
will come, they’re coming to destroy you for not listening to what I’m teaching you.

      You want the wealth that I want for you, but you can’t get it like you’re trying to get it.
You’ll destroy yourself and the plans of others; meaning myself and God. To get what you
want, you will destroy them yourself, by the way you are doing it. Everyone wants his own
way; well, why didn’t you start it first? You didn’t start the way. You’re commercializing on
the way of another one.

       You go to Africa, trying to make your black brother there a Christian; yet, Christianity
has you as a prisoner here in America. We are raised up to show you a light to freedom,
justice and equality for self. Come follow me and God will set you in Heaven at once. Money
is only a means or a medium between each other to get what each other wants.

        Come preach the preaching of truth, Reverend, which is Islam. Come preachers, if you
don’t know it, I will teach you. Let’s be brothers in that which is good for the brotherhood of
the original man, the Black man. Lets join together and not follow the ways of our enemies.
Forsake his ways. He has no church that will take you to Heaven. They are for hell. That’s
the deceiving house which the white man built for you.
Believe the truth of Islam when it comes to you. Of the people of yours in the East and
in the West, join on to them who say they are Muslim, and respect and honor will join on to


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]