by Master Elijah Muhammad


       We are here with truth. We are here to be attacked by the world of the devil and win
over them. Christianity is dying a natural death. Everybody who’s awakening to the root of
the white race’s Christianity is turning it down. Reverend your whole church is getting chilly.
I just want you and I to take our place as brothers. I’m going against you, because pretty
soon, you will surely come over to Elijah Muhammad.

      I read in the Bible, Revelation, that last book, where it prophesies that the devil and his
followers, his representatives will be going down in a lake of fire and I know who this is. This
is the preachers of Christianity of black men and women. Due to the lack of knowledge of
their enemy and his religion, he deceives them. I want to show you that I have the key to the
knowledge of the devil and the knowledge of you. I’m here in the midst of the devil and I
dare not to bite my tongue. I’m going to keep the teeth off of my tongue so I can use it to
speak the plain truth.

       We are living in a time called the resurrection. Resurrection means to rise up.
Resurrection means that everybody comes to the knowledge of the truth on the rise. I am
one who was also dead. Allah, the God of the Universe, raised me to come and raise you up.
This is also written in your book, that this man whom He choose, would be His Messenger or
His Apostle. Although the Bible said prophet, I am not sent as a prophet. I’m the end of

prophets. You don’t need a prophet today, you need direction, and direction comes from a
Messenger to lead you in the right path. He directs you from himself to God in reality. If the
devil had preached to believe in God, the true God, he would not have been a devil.

      They’re out there with the cities filled with [church] houses. They’re only out there
trying to deceive you into believing that they are directly from God and are preaching God’s
Word. Tell him then, “Why don’t you call Him Allah then?” He will say, “Well, we mean the
same as Muhammad’s name for God.” You tell him then, “What is the name of the God you’re
preaching?” Ask him again, “Who made the Bible? Who made the Holy Qur’an? Was it you or
was it our people?”

       If he had anything he thought he could win for you Reverend, he’d come down here and
do it, but he can’t come down here, even with death and win. The truth is here and
falsehood must vanish. If you want to catch the teachings of Elijah Muhammad and his
change of the style of garments, go to Africa, go to Asia. They all will say yes, even those
who are still in Christianity, they will say yes, he’s right. His women that come here, surely
we respect them. His brothers that come here, surely we will respect them. But, go there
with your Christianity and the preaching of Christianity, they won’t pay you any attention.
No, they’ll laugh at you, because those who are already there are laughing at them and trying
to get them out of there. They call them representatives of their enemies, the American

       You must have that new name which God will give to you. There are 99 of them to
choose from; Reverend get you one. Satan is not recognized among the righteous of your
Black people nor will you be recognized if you follow Satan, after the truth. It’s too plain.
There’s no way for you to win by getting on the side of white people against us, because we
don’t care nothing about them.

     If America, England, Europe and Australia, or wherever the white man thinks he has a
stake of power, would rise up this moment and declare themselves together in overthrowing
Elijah and his work in America, they all would fail. You will love me when you really learn
how much I love you and how much I want to do for you of good. And I am doing it.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]