Theology of Time: September 3, 1972 Part 1

by Master Elijah Muhammad



        I have what’s kind of a new book to you. It’s called the Holy Qur’an and it verifies what is
written in the Bible and the Bible verifies the Qur’an. The Bible is ahead of the Qur’an. The
Qur’an is a late scripture. The Bible is an old scripture. The Holy Qur’an is nearly 1,400 years
old, and the Bible is 4,000 years old or more. It was given to Moses upon being chosen and
raised up by Allah. He was raised up from among the well-to-do, and not among the white

race, of whom we have learned to be definitely a race of devils. This is what we are teaching
you, and if you don’t believe it, I’m sorry for your future.

        I don’t think it should be hard for the Blackman of America to learn that the white race
are devils. It shouldn’t be hard to learn, but it was the devil who reared us. We did not rear
ourselves up in North America; it was the devil who reared our parents up from slavery. Some
may say, “No, no, no, he wasn’t a devil, because we are here and we are preaching and
singing and we all feel happy,” but that was created in you. You are from the Creation and
the white man is from being made. We made the white man. “Let us make man.”

      I want the Christian preachers to listen to all I have to say, then you ask me anything
that I don’t make clear to you, to make it clearer. Since you are a student and preachers of
the scripture, then you ought to know me, because the Bible prophesies of Elijah coming to
you and I am Elijah. This man prophesied in the Bible teaches you that he must first come.
He must first come, meaning, he must come before God to make a way for God to come.

    ` If that man has to come first, not God coming first, but He must send this man first,
then He comes after this man. What is this man and what and why is he so important that he
must go ahead of God? He must prepare the way. Why doesn’t God prepare the way? Why
should he send Elijah to prepare the way? Because, He prepared Elijah to prepare the way.
This is done by governments, and nations all over the Earth. They send an ambassador to a
foreign nation, to get acquainted with that nation so that the king, president or the people of
a foreign land may get acquainted with a foreign nation. They see if they can make friends
with each other. I’m here to get you acquainted with God, so that we can see whether or not
you’re able to live with God after your acquaintance.

       It is impossible for an enemy of God to make people friends or establish a friendship
between the two; that’s impossible, unless you change their nature. We cannot recognize a
preacher sent from the devil to lead us to God, because he will try acquainting us with the
true God, but according to his training by the enemy of the true God. I’m not trying to make
enemies between us; I’m trying to make friendships. The thing that has happened between
our black Christian preachers and the preachers of Islam, is that the black Christian preachers
actually believe what the blue-eyed devils have taught them is right. They are being lead to
believe, by the blue-eyed devils, that they will get to heaven, even ahead of us; when in fact,
he’s leading you directly to hell. This is what I’m raised up in your midst to put a stop to, you
following an enemy of God when you think he’s a friend. To stop you from going to his hell
which he has made, because by nature, he was made to make hell for the righteous.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

by Master Elijah Muhammad


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