by Master Elijah Muhammad 


         “Who am I,” he said. “I am that I am.” “Who shall I say sent me?” Tell them, “I am that I
am,” Is Who sent thee. Oh brother, that’s pretty strong. “Tell them I am the God of their
fathers.” He’s a strong man talking. If He is “I am that I am,” I am to believe “I am that I am.”
Tell them that I am the God of your fathers and I heard the moaning and groaning of my
people. I couldn’t be satisfied sitting in Heaven and hearing the groans and the moans of my
people under hard task masters; so, it moved Me and I have come down, think over it. I have
come down, not out of the sky, but I have come down from my high place, to get in your
place so you may know I love you. You have been hung up by ropes, chains, and burned at
the stake in the fire by a blue-eyed devil, that Yakub made to do just that to you and me. “I
God have come down from my high place in the Heavens of the righteous to you who are
bound in hell. I came down to loose you. I came down to free you and to kill your enemy.

         After reading all these things of the past, similar things are now coming to us at present.
“Where did you come from?” “Don’t worry me in that, I came alone, by myself,” “I came
alone, by myself, having the power to walk alone, and having the power to destroy my
enemies and my enemy. I am alone; I am the One God. I don’t need no help. I’m alone, but
you were brought over here, and I come to free you from the tip top. You did not want to
come with that enemy, but they put you in chains, you couldn’t help yourself. I have the key
to unlock that chain from around you. I can teach one of you to do that. I will pass the key
over to Elijah. Every since he’s been in his boyhood, he’s been craving to see someone come
to the rescue of his people; so, I’m going to give him the key. He will unlock the doors. He
will let you out; I’m going to put power in that key so he can use it to lock up your enemies.

           He has the key to both hell and death. He’s going to put a stop to bleeding you to death. I’m
going to let him go; he’s already angry. Elijah doesn’t have to get angry at him, he has
already been angry with him, but he didn’t have nothing to fight with. I’m going to give him
something to fight with and I’m going to fight with him.”

          The Lord said unto Ezekiel, “Son of Man, can these bones live?” He said, “Thou knowest,
the All-Knowing One. If they can live, you know that.” Neither argued with the other; they
all were in agreement. Go tell them to hear the Word of the Lord, which didn’t work too
well; they’re too stubborn. He said, “I will give you an instrument. I Will make you a better
one for you to use. Go call on the winds. Tell them to come from all four parts. Call on
them Elijah; they will hear you. They will come and help you. Tell them to help you with
these who are slain. He saw us as a slain people and told the Messenger to call on the nations
that He called “winds of the earth” to help him.

          The nations of the Earth are now shocked in their souls to help. It is wonderful to know
that you have a God on your side today. He looked upon us and saw how pitiful we were. He
said, “I found you in a day of love. It was the time of his love for us, but we were wallowing
in our blood or rather, I should say, in our ignorance of God and of ourselves, like a baby who
has just been born and he’s waddling in the blood of his mother. “Poor little fellow.” He says
in symbolic language, there was no one to put a skirt [cloth] on him, no one to wash him,
clean him up. He was just a new born baby rolling in his own blood, with no one to cut the
navel cord, he’s alone. That was a time of love, He said. He came, and after He had washed
us with the waters of Islam, He then bandaged us up. He said to us, “You shall be mine. A
mother coming from abroad, this is wonderful. The baby’s here, but no one had thought
enough of the baby to wash the baby up and put it on clean clothes to send it out among the

           My brothers and sisters, Allah and myself are cleaning you up and you have on beautiful
garments, in which you’re not ashamed to go out in the public. The public stare at you and
they wonder, “Who has did this job for you?” Tell them a man who calls himself Elijah
Muhammad. Both Holy Qur’an and Bible says that after this work, He tells us “Me.” “Me and
Me alone should you fear. I am your Lord; I have got you.” Think over this. “I have now taken

you and gave you my name; a name that the world must respect. It is my name. I will call
you by that name and the world will know that I have visited you.” All praise is due to Allah.

          You are now going around here calling yourselves angels of heaven, when before your
were calling yourself Mr. Jones, Mr. Culpeper, and Mr. Jackson. Who is Jackson? You are a
fallen angel from heaven, caused by an enemy who pushed you out of heaven with his way of
doing things. You don’t have no name. All the names of God have a meaning to them, but
the devil’s names have no meaning. He that has the name of Allah will live forever; for that
name will live forever.

           Go along with us and the world will admire you. I don’t care where you go on this Earth
today, and tell those people that, “I came from America and I follow Elijah Muhammad,”
they’ll say “come in.” Any place you go, you will be recognized and respected. Some of them
have gone over and told stories that they were following me just to see what would happen.
The people took them in so fast they got excited. They knew they was telling other than the
truth. That made him to join up with us.

           We are in Russia, we are in China, we are everywhere. You can’t go no place without
finding us. Just go and try it for yourself, and if you return, tell me if you didn’t get respect
by claiming me to be your leader and I will pay all of your expenses. I will go over there
myself and ask them why. Naturally they’re not going to pay too much attention to you if you
go over there looking for whiskey and beer, even if they drink it themselves they know you
shouldn’t drink it.

            Any man loves his family. If he doesn’t, he shouldn’t have family. All men that have
families, they should love them. Do good to the wife who brings an increase of yourself into
the world. We can’t do nothing but plant seeds, but we should watch the seed and help it to
grow. One thing we must remember again is that we are up from slavery with slave ideas
towards self and towards our wives. Our wives are far more better than we think they are. If
we show better to them. So let us do that. Let us show them good and that we are good
men. They won’t want to go away from you. I don’t see nothing out of your house that you
should go after. If you have a Black woman there, you have the best. We know how the devil
has made us ugly, disfigured and what not. We don’t want to be like that, so He told me out
of His own mouth that we will be a different people. So, I don’t think you have to ask me will
He make us ugly. He can just leave us alone, we’re already that.

         He said to me that He will make us the most beautiful people that have ever lived. Yes.
If He’s going to make us the wisest, surely wisdom brings about people contacting you. You’re
not going to be sitting before people ugly. You must look beautiful to compare with the
beautiful wisdom you have in your head. If you’d just follow me, I think you will have
everything you ever imagined that you wanted. Remember that. Everything you ever
imagined you wanted will come to you, just stick with me.

Question: Sir, you said something about that you would have to go and have one of God’s
names. I noticed that friends of mine started naming their children certain Asian names. I
would like you to clear that up.

Messenger: You and all your children can be named at once and that’s what you can get.
I can name you, and He’s not going to take the name away that I give, but I don’t want to be
so smart in taking over the naming of the people. I do know His names, which you have to be
named in, but I expect Him here pretty soon and I don’t want Him to come and find me taking
over His job.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

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