by Master Elijah Muhammad


       The devil, blue-eyed white people, love to get around Reverend. They call him their
man, you know, and Reverend calls himself their man. Reverend believes in that blue-eyed
devil, because he calls him Reverend and pretends to be backing him up, but he’s not backing
Reverend up into nothing but the fire of hell. Reverend, cannot you see that he can’t do
nothing with me? He don’t call me no Reverend. They can’t stop me and I did not get a
license from him to preach. When a man say that he’s God’s preacher and then has to be
licensed by the world of his enemies, you have not yet become God’s preacher. You’re the
devil’s slave-making, white man’s preacher. These are truths. These licenses ordain you to
preach and you must preach like he says. If you don’t, he will come over and tell you, “sit
down reverend.” He didn’t license me nor ordained me. I just went to preaching by orders of
my God.

       What does a God-ordained minister of the spirit of himself, look like going over to a devil
asking him for a license? Oh brother, it’s sickening almost to talk about it. My people are
ordained and sent by the devil, to preach what he tells him to preach to his people. Brother,
I would kick him in the face. Don’t be afraid Reverends. Don’t be afraid. As long as you’re
here with me, they’re not going to run in here and bother you. Remember how Elijah fought
with Ahab and proved his 400 preachers liars and he took them and chopped their heads off.
I’m not going to chop your head. Don’t be thinking that, but I’m going to chop the head of the
one that put you out there.

       I want my God and myself to save you out of his clutches. We want to take you away
from that. You will be preaching Islam overnight, but little do you know it. If you take time
and read your Bible, you will bear me witness that you have nothing that you should do but to
come and follow Elijah. Elijah must first come. If there was an Elijah that was capable with
the power of God, and wisdom of God to save the people, why do they look for him to come?
Thousands of preachers all over the country, but you can’t make a way for your God and my
God, because you don’t serve Him. You don’t convert people to our God, you convert him to
save the blue-eyed devil. All the converts that you make in your church today, you are
making them for him, not for Almighty God, Who has power over the Heavens and the Earth.

       Have you made one convert for Him? Of all of your preaching that you have preached, all of
your life, how many have you made converts to the God of Heaven and Earth? Not even one.
You made him for the white folks. I don’t care if you make a thousand a day, as long as you
are preaching Christianity, you are making them for the white man. He claims them to be
his. Every Christian he claims to be his. Every Muslim I claim him to be mine.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

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