by Master Elijah Muhammad


       I think you should be happy to know what time you’re living in: A time when the world
will be changed around. There will be a world of peace and security in which you will own
what you already have owned and you will have the freedom to use it as you please. Build a
world that the people will be happy to live in. We cannot be happy living in a world that we
are afraid for our own lives and our children’s lives every day and night . We don’t want a
world like that.

       The root of it is the presence of an enemy on our Earth that doesn’t belong on it. In the
creation of the Heavens and the Earth, our fathers didn’t make enemies. They had peace.
Here come an enemy of ours just 6,000 years ago. He goes and makes a people to be our
enemy, but he can’t last longer than 6,000 years. We’re ready to throw him in the fire,
because we can’t live with such people. You can’t get along with them in peace, so they must
be removed. We’re not saying go and isolate them into some part of the Earth, he will come
out, for he’s too smart. Go and kill them, then burn him. Burn him up. The Bible says,
“Leave neither root nor branch.” Kill him, and don’t save nothing of him. Oh, poor devil, I’m
so glad for you.

       Look at our poor brothers and sisters in the South. The whole thing began to move North
out here in Indiana, the killing and burning of our poor innocent people. You love a people
like that? I should think you were insane if you did. We see them and read of them killing
and burning your parents, your sisters and brothers. Here stands God with a sword of eternal
death in his hand, to rid you and me of this type of people, but you love them so much, that
you start defending him, trying your best to find some law of the scripture and will try
defending him, but the scripture doesn’t defend him now. The scriptures condemn him.
It is you that he made ignorant, blind, deaf and dumb and fill you full of fear of him.

        That’s why the Bible teaches you and me throughout it to fear not. “Fear not, oh yes my little
flock. I, your Lord, will do great things for you.” He’s so wise; He’s so mighty;, He found me
shivering, and shaking. He said, “Come on, go with Me. I will take that fear out of you.” He
took it out of me; now, I go through the valley, as it is written, in the valley of death; for He
is the death that’s producing the shadow, but I fear no evil.

        You that follow me, you are the same. You don’t fear no evil, because you have Allah on
your side. We are a most happy and worthy people for God to choose us to be His people,

and will kill nations for you. Your Bible teaches you that, He will destroy nations for your
lives, and He’s doing it. Why shouldn’t we fly to a God like that? “I’ve been following Mr.
blue-eyed Caucasian all my life and I have come to love him. I wishes to kill your God and my
God to save him.” Oh brother, that’s bad. That’s just what you say in your heart. I wish they
didn’t exist. I would kill them if I could.

        Many times you have wished that my God and your God, Master Fard Muhammad, and
Elijah Muhammad were dead, so you could cling on to your devil. The devil said himself that
if they could get me out of the way, they would have a glorious kingdom. If they could get
me out of the way, they would have a glorious future, but I am here. I’m here and no one can
move me, but He Who put me here. If the devil and you would unite together and try putting
me out of the way, you wouldn’t do anything but put yourself out of the way. Allah has power
over everything. Since He has power over everything, He most certainly have power over me,
to keep me, and protect me. That’s not going to happen with me and you, no way, because
He loves you; I love you and you love both of us. We don’t have nothing to fear. We have
been out of our brotherhood so long in this world. We are joining up again, and we are so
happy to do that until no one can now come around trying to make trouble among us, because
we both love each other. I love you and you love me.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

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