by Master Elijah Muhammad



          The Holy Qur’an is a book or scripture of which you don’t know anything about. It verifies
the Bible and the Bible verifies the Qur’an. The Qur’an is a late scripture, revealed to
Muhammad around 1,400 years ago. If I wanted to challenge the Author of the Bible, I would
first ask, “Who made the Bible?” Did the white people make it or did the Black people make
it? Who made the Holy Qur’an? You say Muhammad, Muhammad will say to you, “It was

revealed to me,” but who was the revealer? Oh yeah, we want to attack some of these know-

         Do you think a spook came down to Moses and questioned him on what Moses said the
spook said to him? Spirits don’t talk like that. Moses said that he met God and God told him
after Moses asked God Who He was: “Who shall I tell them who you are?” He was so mighty in
wisdom and in strength. He just told Moses, “Tell them I am that I am.” That’s a mighty Man.
I’m not particular about whether they know me or not, but I am that I am. When I let go “I
am,” they will know who it is. He said to Moses, “I am the God of your fathers. You’re asking
Me who I am when I’m the Father of you?” You know, these are beautiful answers. He said
again to Moses, “Come Moses, I want to send you to Pharaoh.” Moses didn’t want to show his
mighty self. He said, “Who am I to send to Pharaoh?” He said to Moses, “You go and tell
Pharaoh that you have met with me. Pharaoh is a scholar, he should know that you are not
talking about yourself. You are talking about a man that he’s been dreading to look upon.”
“Who am I to go to Pharaoh” I’m going with you Moses. If I go with you I’m going to bring
Pharaoh to his knees. This is what he meant. Moses was scared of Pharaoh, but he went. He
found out that Pharaoh was nothing to this God. That’s what I have found out.

         If the Holy Qur’an does not verify the Bible, the scripture in which the prophets brought,
how could we recognize a book that you gave a name to that doesn’t verify the truth of the
book which we have? We cannot do that. When it verifies the truth from the book which we
have, we got to believe it. We want you to know that we live at the end of both these books.
You won’t study the Bible in the Hereafter, nor will you study the present Qur’an, no. You will
have a new book and the new book will replace the present Bible and Qur’an.

         Didn’t you read in the Bible where it teaches you that the prophets or the spirit of the
prophet, according to what he heard, “Go take that little book and read it, eat it up.” A new
book coming into being and that new book is the thing to which the people must give ear.
Now we’re going the right way. These two former books, the old Testament and the New
Testament have served their purpose. Now we have to remove them and get a third book and
a forth book. They’re two more to come. One is for you and the other is for the Orthodox
World. It takes a little more for them, since they are the fountain of scripture. You never
had any. No prophet has ever come to you before, so says the Holy Qur’an. We know we
didn’t see one. We were here and we haven’t seen any prophet. The Holy Qur’an says to you
and me, that I am the first whoever was sent to you. “To a people …,” the Holy Qur’an says,
“to whom no Warner has come before you.” So, I’m here. I hope you will learn to love me.

          I have worked as hard as any other prophet to pay for His choosing of Allah. I have if you
remember, did everything but died physically, and I have my life for that. He brought me up

on that bond of my word, that I would give my life for you, if necessary. This is the only way
that God uses a man to teach people. He’s got to be willing to give up his life.
You read in the Bible how prophets, a long time ago, were killed by the people, while
trying to teach them to come to God. Devils and the people killed them. They have been
killing prophets every since God sent prophets, because the prophets of God destroys their
work. They would put dents in evil’s attempt at coming in, by their truths. Now comes
Elijah. If you start on Elijah in the book of Kings of the Bible, you read of him until you get
into the Revelation. This is an important little fellow. He never attacks the servants. He
attacks the kings. From Genesis to Revelation, you will find him attacking kings, not the
servants. He fights them. He’s some tough little fellow.

          That man spoken of in the beginning of the book is spoken of as straightening up the old
path and making a way for God to come to the people. He makes a path and then your Lord,
your God, Whom you wish to see, will come suddenly after Elijah makes a path for Him. The
path is too crooked for God to come on. Elijah must come in and make some followers. This
is what they call the pathway. He’s got to have something of His own to come after. All He
wants you to do is just give Him a chance to claim you, so He can fight the enemy that has
held you in the bondage of sin. So the book teaches us that Elijah must come and make a way
for his God to come and get His people. Elijah just make a few people, so that God could
have a claim on the whole. This is wonderful. Elijah straightens out the world of his people
with just a few. Immediately, here comes the owner of all.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]



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