by Master Elijah Muhammad


          I am a Messenger. I have a message to deliver to you from the Lord of the World. We
need professional people to get going. Get going on what? To get going on building us a
world of our own. We want a world of our own. We need professional people to get started
with that world. I no longer want the world that I was born in. I want my own world. I don’t
want you to be so absorbed or immersed in the world that you can’t get out of it to build you
one of your own. Looking forward to the white man for everything, this was conditioned in us
when we were babies. This is why it’s so hard to get you to do something for yourself. It is
because you have always depended on the white man. You let him take care of self, and you
did nothing but play like children. This thing must be stopped and the only way to get it to
stop is to stop it yourself.

         We want you to know that the Islamic believers are now in for building a world of their
own. They are not satisfied with this world and we are trying to build a world of our own.
We don’t have to try much, for the world is already carved out by divine; therefore, it stops
us from trying to carve out pictures trying to make a world. The world is already carved out
for us and the Architect is Allah, Himself. I don’t think you have much to argue with.

         We want you to pay attention to what we are saying. We don’t want you to think that
we think the way of this world’s thinking. I want to change your way of thinking. Once that
has been done, then you are on the road for self. We have great men and we have great
women with plenty of know-how, but they lay down at the gate of their enemy, the devil
blue-eyed Caucasian, begging him, because they don’t know how to get started for self. We
must learn to get going for self. Since we have this type of knowledge that we’ve learned
from our enemy, put it towards self and not the enemy. Look how silly you are. God sent the
Christian and the Buddhist to fight a war killing each other. You jump in there trying to help
save both of them. Just think over that. You had no rights in that war anymore than a turtle
have rights to be standing up here trying to preach to you. You say, “Well I was fighting for
my country.” When did you have a country to fight for? Just tell me that and then I am

         Back in the days of the first war, I joined up for that. Allah must have known that I
didn’t belong in it. One day before they called up that group which I was in, they declared
that the war was over. I never have seen people so in love with going to war as you had been
in Viet Nam and the one before it. I wasn’t thinking about going to the war. I even went
fasting, trying to get as little as possible, so I would not be in that war. They said that if you
didn’t weigh 112 pounds, they wouldn’t take you. I tried my best to come down to that. Even
if they had waited until today, I still would not have had to fast to get down to that weight.
I’m not much over that now. I’m one of the happiest men on the Earth to own a whole nation.
That must be a rich man, to own a whole nation.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

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