by Master Elijah Muhammad


         Beautiful sisters, stop sweet hearting with the blue-eyed Caucasian. Your days are
numbered for that. Brothers stop turning in your brother for a dollar from the enemy. The
time is out for that. They’ll see you laying around somewhere not talking. The time is out for
it. Sisters must stop driving by in their cars flirting with white men. They’re our enemies and
your enemy. They’re going to do an about face on you one of these days. Don’t you feel
ashamed of yourselves, sitting up in the car with the enemy of your people, letting him take
you in the bushes somewhere on a dead end lot. That kind of work is going to stop someday.

        You may not feel so happy when you meet the gang that will stop you.
White people use to kill their women if they caught a Blackman with them; they’d kill
you too. You think it’s an honor to be sitting around grinning with white folks with their arms
around you. They got their arms around our pocket book, keeping you from enjoying the
wealth that your fathers and mothers suffered for. Be careful about this, I’m warning you. We
the Muslims are not going to stand for it. There is some we call good Christians, but they just
don’t know how to be a good Christian, because they don’t know the truth. We are the best
Christians on Earth. Christian means to be crystallized into one. So, if you go by the meaning
of Muslim, we are the real Christians. We are one.

        My beloved brothers and sisters of the church, I am certainly happy to see that you are
bold enough to come in that door and learn what Christianity is, and learn what Islam is. You
were made a Christian, but you were born a Muslim. We were created Muslim. From the very
beginning, our Father Who created the Heavens and the Earth was a Muslim. We who are
from Him are Muslims by nature; therefore, you don’t join Islam to become a Muslim, you just
come on back to Islam, into what you where created to be. The Holy Qur’an says, “We are
that which by nature we were created.” The church can’t tell you that you are a Christian by
nature; they can’t do it. They tell you that you are a Christian by faith and hopes, but you
are born a righteous person. Muslim means a righteous person.

       We want you to remember to meet with us every time that we call on you to do so.
Whether you say you are a Muslim or not, you are saying that through the undeveloped
knowledge of self. You were created a Muslim. If you reject it now, you are rejecting
yourself, because Muslim is what you are. What can you find in Christianity that exceeds us?
Nothing but evil. You can’t boast that you are an evil person as a result of yourselves. The
Man Who made you evil was Yakub. He was one of us. You didn’t have sense enough to build
up a race of evil people. It was one our evil people who taught you how to build one out of
evil. He did so, but for a limited time.

         After you have lived here for 6,000 years, your brothers coming from the East is going to
eat you up. I’m snacking on a few of them now. I love black people. I love black. I work for
black people.

        I just want to let you know that I am your brother and will fulfill my appointments with
you, whether you like what I say or not. I know you will love what I say pretty soon, yes.
I have a home that God has given to me for you. Let’s move in it. What is any better
Heaven than plenty of money, a good house to live in, and good peace among the bretheren

and the world of man? What is a better Heaven than that? I don’t want to try preparing to go
up in the sky with you. I don’t know what kind of vehicle you have to fly me up in the sky and
I might drop back. I certainly don’t have no wings growing on me. So, let us try and stay on
this good Earth and get the things out of it that we need for our time on it while we live.

       I don’t say that I hate you and call you a Christian. I don’t hate you, because I know you
are not a Christian. I hate you if you deny yourself. You are one of the righteous. You are
Muslim, that’s from the creation of you. “I don’t recognize it” You’ve gotten that from the
devil, the blue-eyed Caucasian. That’s the real devil. I was almost about to dismiss myself
from you and had not told you who the real devil is. The real devil is the blue-eyed Caucasian
people and in the Holy Qur’an, you will find it written there, “On the day,” referring to the
judgment, “On the
day when we will gather the guilty blue-eyed on that day.” The Holy Qur’an is an exact,
righteous, and truthful book. The blue-eyed are being gathered together now. This is the
time they are being gathered.

       We do own the heavens and the earth and we are taking it over. You are so beautiful.
The devil himself knows that you are the most beautiful people on Earth, but he don’t want to
tell you, because he, with his short temporarily made self, want you to think he’s the most
beautiful. He has just been here six days and we’ve been here years without number. I say,
go on like Isaiah teaches you, “shine, shine, shine.”


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

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