by Master Elijah Muhammad



            We have to import much of what we are after, because here in America we deal with our
enemies and they don’t want to give us the price that we can get elsewhere. America is still
America. We are a nation growing up in America to become an independent nation within an
independent nation. We have our flag to go forward in making a move for self. We have
brothers all over the earth. We are a people that outnumber our enemies eleven to one. We
are a people who are not going to [just] make an attempt, we are going to do what we
attempt to do. We want people from out of our own people to help us, but let us teach you
how to help us. We don’t want you to be like the fellow in the book; wherein, it said he was
told by one of the officers to help Jesus bury his crop and he barely knew where to dig a

whole. He took hold of the little part, which was too heavy for him. I don’t want you picking
no parts. I will tell you where to lay your hands.

           I don’t like to criticize anyone, because this is not what we are after today. We don’t
want to criticize each other. We can get together and squash that thing called criticizing. In
fact, that’s what Islam has come for: to put a stop to Black men making fun of Black men.
Islam is here to make us brothers, and if we can’t be brothers, we’re here to push him out of
the circle. God Himself is here for the purpose of showing you and me that which will help us
and do for us. If we can’t, He’s here to push us in the lake, and not a lake of water, it’s a lake
of fire. That’s what He’s ready to do for us.

          The world has lingered around too many years over the righteous’ time. They are
overtime doing this to us all, because you would not be on time to wake up and join on to
your own kind. If we had been swift and eager with our ears open to hear the trumpet of self
blowing we would have been a long ways toward the gate of Heaven.

          We want to get together here in America first of all, and build us something of our own
that the world will recognize. There is no work going on in America that you can compare
with our workers. No worker has the progress as our workers. They don’t enjoy progress. I
don’t care where you’re from, brother and sister, you are the best. We are able to get the
confidence of the nations of the Earth. They will help us in every way that we call on them.

         They will do it. God will make them do it. We are with God and God is with us.
If you are so proud, feeling that you can make a way or can get anything on this side and
make the same progress, without going on your knees and submitting to a Superior Supreme
Being of righteous, truth and justice, then go and try it. We care nothing about the rulers of
evil who want to keep you and me down, so that we cannot progress in our efforts to do
something worthwhile for ourselves. We care nothing about their dislike and their attack of
trying to halt, stop or injure our progress. We care nothing about their effort. If we have
God with us who is it that can interfere with our progress and win?

        We don’t preach like the average preacher; whereas, you don’t get, “God told Jonah to
go to Nineveh with little twang to it,” we tell you why God told Jonah to go to Nineveh, what
His aim and purpose was. That’s the way we preach. I know you’d like to probably hear me
come out with, “Ohhhh, yeah,” but you see, I can’t preach like that. My father use to preach
like that. We use to sometimes have to run up in the stand and pick him up, carry him out,
then pour some cool water over him. I can’t preach like that. I’m not that type of preacher,
I’m a teacher.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]