by Master Elijah Muhammad


          I want to see Heaven given to you Divinely. The prophets prophesied that you would
receive this from God in the judgment. You would be given a land for yourself. “It is Allah’s
Own Good Will…” says the Bible, “to give thee the kingdom.” You’re the “Thee” and “the
kingdom” is America. Don’t scorn me. Don’t be suspicious of me. You can’t win by being
suspicious. You got to trust someone. Allah shows you proof that He’s with me by bringing
fulfillment of that which is written by the prophets of your Bible. “Look and see,” He tells the
prophet, “they all come to thee.” It’s not that you have power to force them into love and
submission to you, but I will do that, because you love Me and I love you. I’m going to make
all of them love you. I’m going to make all of them to bow down. I’m going to clothe you,
like one clothing another one with a garment. They shall hear of thee and they shall come
from afar to bow down, that’s right. Those who come from afar, they will bow down and they
will submit and ask Allah to continue to bless Elijah, because he’s the one.

          “Whatever you desire Elijah, ask for it and it’ll come.” That’s what He told me from His
mouth, right here in this city. He said, “You will get it…” He pointed down to the street and
said, you will get it right here; whatever you want. I don’t want nothing but the freedom of
my people and the Earth that they’re on. This is our Earth, not the blue-eyed Caucasian’s.
God didn’t give him not so much as a square foot of this Earth. God didn’t give the devil
nothing but time. Now his time is up! We don’t wait for him to move, we unite with God and
move him ourselves! We want to enjoy that which is ours; ours by nature. It is the Earth.
How can the white man claim the Earth or any part of it, when he had no part in the creation
of it?

          I’m about to try you with fish and clothes coming from the outside of this country. I’ll try
you with what you eat, so I can see how you will go along with me there, then I will try other
vital things towards our work of building up a world for ourselves, which will follow. I can get
you all the fish you want to eat of the best kind for far less than the price you are paying. I’m
ordering a shipload to try you and see if you’ll buy your own good fish at a very reasonable
price. I’m scattering the order throughout the country. Taste these fish, and stop buying
them from your enemies. We are paying enough for a pound of fish to buy a shirt, that’s
right. Think over a dollar and a dollar and a quarter a pound for good fish, that’s terrible. I’ll
get you four or five pounds for that!

          I have sent for every type of merchandise that you need at 1/3rd of the price which you
are presently paying now. We want to do away with our robber. You can’t do away with the
robber unless you can come under his price. So, by my Allah, I have the world behind me.
Everything that you need, I can get it for you for far less than you can get it from elsewhere.
It is being set up for you now. Those fine clothes and fine shoes, I can get you those fine
shoes for less than 1/9th of the price. Yes, I can tell you where I’m expecting to get a ship
load of them, but I’m not going to tell you, because you’ll go there with a market-basket
asking for it to be filled at the same price.

          You are a terrible people to handle. You sit here and laugh and say, “that’s right that’s
right,” and before I can get home, you have told all the enemies what I have said. Then he
goes to put a barricade up again, like he did to us in Japan. He told them all I had said
concerning the trade in Japan for you. The enemy went over there, set up a higher tax on
everything to make it hard for us to get anything. We would have had to pay a larger price.
Now, we broke that down, by our Allah, we are many people and he’s only a few. We broke
it up, yet, we didn’t have to go to Japan. We have lots of people, and they all have ports.

         Most of them are in a position, put there by God, to help you. I am now in that position, I can
help you, not to rob you, but help you to live easier.
From the Atlantic to the Pacific we are gathering your necessities at such a reasonable
price, that you’d be frightened. It would make you think you’re buying inferior goods, but you
are not buying inferior goods. It’s just people who would like to do justice by you.

            Yes, we have some great things in store for you, but we are afraid to tell you everything,
because you’ll tell the enemy as soon as we tell you what we are trying to do for you. You got
to take it over to the enemy and see what he thinks of it. We’ll put a stop to that one of
these days. We are tired of trying to help self and you’re jumping up destroying that self.
Envy and jealousy is the worst enemy that you could house. Just try housing envy and
jealousy, the worst that you can house. That’s our greatest trouble, like it was with Cain and

            Cain couldn’t stand to see Able being respected by God, so he goes out and kills Able so
that God’s respect would be for him only. This is the way you are. You want to destroy the
success coming to your brother, of which he wants to share with you. You’ve got no time to
wait. You are envious and jealous of him. “If I can’t get it now for myself, I will destroy what
he’s getting. We are well aware of your intentions, and with the help of Allah, we intend to
beat being jealous and envious of each other out of our peoples’ heart. “I’ve got to have what
he has; I can’t wait for it. I want it right now.” We’ve got to find ways to destroy that kind of
evil. That’s an evil that will never let the nation rise, so we are after destroying it. We have
learned how to get under it and get at the roots of it.

           I have grieved and cried many times over the way we are being treated by this devil.
Allah has spared me to live, so I could lay hold to the handle that won’t break off. Good
eating fish, caught in good clean water, not in poisoned water of the devil, but in good clean
healthy water where the fish can grow healthy. We are chasing them to give you the best, so
that the Bible may be fulfilled wherein it says that, because of Joseph being thrown into the
well by his brethren and into the hands of stranger, let all good things come to Joseph.”

         Everybody wants to see us enjoying the good things of the Earth, but ourselves. We
would rather let the enemy rob us, destroy us, and take our lives from us day and night, than
to turn and go to our God, His religion and to our people of whom we are true brothers. We
would rather die at the hands of our enemies, be mistreated by them and then help them
destroy us. I say, you are going to be a loser. I’m with Allah for you and I will fight you if you
fight against Him.

           With the help of Allah, I’m going to stop you from opposing each other, unite. The
Sultan from Ethiopia was so happy to learn what I am teaching you, that the man was just
almost shouting, “Yeah, I was there to see him.” These people want to see the western
Blackman get up out from under the feet of his enemy, go for himself and unite with them so
they can unite with you. Get into your own Holy Nations’ name and get out of the name of
the devil. Stop calling yourself by his name. We will give you a name. My God and myself, as
He has taught me, is the “We” I’m referring to. I can give you a name and it will be recognized
all over the world, but I don’t want to try making you think that I’m God myself. I can do that
and He will recognize that which I give to you, because He has taught me.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]