by Master Elijah Muhammad


          The roof of the starry canopy is put there for us to learn the wisdom of Almighty God,
the Creator, and that is a great lesson. We can study the wisdom in the canopy over our
heads, all our lives, and follow after it and we will be a blessed people. Why is it so hard for
us to accept the God of goodness and freedom, and do the will of good. We have to move the
hindering cause out of our way, who is the 6,000 year old enemy that Yakub made to be an
enemy to us. Allah is pushing them together, to destroy them at once. You and I, by right
and justice, were created to rule the Heavens and the Earth. When we find the disobedient
one in our midst, we are to remove him out from among us. The day has arrived wherein the
blue-eyed devil must go.

         I was talking with the Sultan of Ethiopia yesterday [9/9/72]at my home. He was a big
heavy fellow, but he was not much taller than I am. Oh boy, he was much larger than me.
We had a big time. You never dream of having such a peaceful and loving time with your
brothers abroad unlike these who’re here living next door to you. Did you know we live next
door to each other and hardly ever speak to each other. Someone lives way across town
comes up and ask us, “Do Mr. Brown live here,” and we never knew he was named Brown,
because we don’t associate with them. We don’t act like brothers of each other.

         We move in the neighborhood of the other, and it’s very seldom that you find our people
going over trying to get acquainted with them or to show to the new neighbor that, “I’m your
neighbor here. You have moved among us. We want to live in peace, love and friendship
together, and I’m over anxious to get acquainted with you.” We don’t do anything like that.
We can live here, side by side, next door for years, and never know each other’s names. This
is terrible. That shows you how divided we are and how much love we have for ourselves.
We don’t have any.

          If there is a white fellow living next door, we want to get acquainted with him, so we
can show him what a fool we are to love him. It can make me so sick to hear our people
speaking to the devil living next door over in his yard, “How you do Mr. so and so; how you do
Mrs. so and so.” I live next door to a devil, but they never find me coming out morning nor
evening trying to get a chance to speak to them. I never speak to them, unless they speak to
me. I’m not seeking their love nor friendship whatsoever. No, I don’t want it. So, brothers
and sisters, this poor little fellow don’t have enough love to spare to an enemy for wanting all
the love I can give to my brother.

           The Sultan of Ethiopia, who visited and dined with us last evening, is a very fine man.
We must school our young children. How can we create love and unity among ourselves

continually dividing ourselves up with the destroyer of peace and unity among us? When we
accept Islam, put your children in the Islamic school. We will never teach our people to love
and respect self as long as we send them to a troublesome devil school. The schools of the
land are at war with schools which are of Islam. They try to break us up, but they were
babies at the game. Allah’s showing them how to break the people up. They have not had no
peace since they tried to destroy our school.

          They can’t get money enough to pay off the teachers; even with our help in taxes. Our
school has plenty of teachers. Here we have so many teachers, that we could hire out some
of ours to them, if they had the money to pay for them. Everywhere we begin teaching belief
in Allah and His true religion Islam, it puts us to scuffling for a place to build up a school for
ourselves and for our children.

           I want to get fine merchandise for you and me, not for wealth, but to save you from
giving your wealth away to your enemies for his high priced merchandise. I’m putting in an
order for two or three shiploads of food and merchandise for you to eat, and wear. You are
following me up everywhere I go trying to get the same people to sell to you personally. You
don’t want that which Elijah ordered. “I want some for myself. How come you can’t sell it to
me like that?” They’re complaining and I’m complaining; so, this week, we agreed that they
would not sell you nothing unless you put your order in with me.

         They wonder how in the world are you ever going to get along, being so divided?
Everything you see one do, that you like, you grab or jumps on his back to pull him down. I
can get you all you want from the nations of this Earth and get it cheaper than you can get it,
because you are not going to buy that much. I want to buy by the shiploads. You want to buy
by the hundreds, or thousands of pounds. I want to get hundreds and thousands of tons!

         The nations have offered me a very, very, reasonable price on all merchandise coming to
us. At the beginning, I was willing to let you know where I was looking to get that people to
sell to you and me at a very, very, low price, but I found out soon as I get it out of my mouth,
you flies over there to get yours separate. You don’t want to order with me. We are talking
on this brother and I don’t know who’s going to win, but I think I’m going to win.

           If I were like you and I saw you being helped by the nations of the earth into millions of
dollars, I would say to you: “Let me live under your flag,” but you can’t do that. You can’t go
over to your people of the Earth and ask them for a million dollars and they give it to you.
They’ll look at you and want to know, “Who are you?” I am asking people to give me a million,
50 million dollars, 100 million dollars to help this people here out of the trouble and mud
which they are in. You can’t do that. I can do that for you, why not let me. You know this,
but you want, deep in your heart, to get something for yourself to rob self. You want to rob
your people. Why don’t you get out of that old stubborn, devil way, wanting to rob each
other. I think the enemy has robbed us enough. We should not look at one another seeing if
there’s a little meat left on the bone to get off. Don’t do that. Let’s get together and keep
anybody else from cleaning our bones. This is what I’m trying to do for you. I’m trying to help
you. “Well, you’re trying to help yourself.” Certainly, if I help you I am helping myself.

          Being suspicious is a bad path to be on, especially when you are suspicious of a man of
God who’s been raised up by Him to lead you into a better life. I want to see you living in
Heaven, where you once lived in hell. I want to see you passing by each other as though both
were brought up in the same family and by the same father and mother. That’s what I want
for you. God has made me love you as He loves you Himself. I want to see you blessed, not
proud, but blessed. You don’t want to let me and my God bless you into salvation, out of the
poverty stricken condition that you’re in now and the condition which is getting worse every
day. There will be no jobs. The government is afraid to let their soldiers return home,
because they don’t have jobs. The country is going down, down, down, and you can be
blamed for it; yet you believe that in that fall, you have salvation. Stick around brother.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

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