Theology of Time: September 10, 1972 Part 4

by Master Elijah Muhammad


          I want you to remember that the day has arrived when we all must be separated and go
for self. This day is now fast approaching us and we are living in it. I want to teach you how
to go for self, as Allah guides me into the knowledge of how to teach and train you to go for

yourselves. I want you to remember that this is my greatest job: To teach you how to go for

          We are now farming in nearly every aspect of life. We are farming and trying to grow
meat, bread and everything else that we need to keep hunger and nakedness from taking hold
of us. I have now nearly gotten our nations of the earth to help me see that you have
clothes, and see that you are not going hungry. I have now made such trades with the
nations, that I can assure you that if you follow me and do as I tell you to do, you will not
hunger nor will you go naked. But, I warn you to stay out of my path of trying to make a way
for yourself personally.

         I warned the nations of ours, that if they see you coming with a bread basket to buy
from them, I will stop and cut the plan short that I have made with them. I also will become
an enemy of your country and see that you don’t live so happy.
We cannot be successful in feeding and clothing our 30 or so million people here in
America with anyone of that 30 million grabbing up a basket and running over to the
wholesale house and tell them to, “Give me mine separate.” They and myself have talked
over this and they have told me how you want them to serve you. I told them, “Go ahead and
do it if you want to.” I said, “But, you may find yourself clashing with me again.”

         I am, as it is written, the right hand of God, and as the Holy Qur’an teaches you and me,
that Allah says in it, that He and His Apostle are not to be overcome. No, we’re not to be
overcome. We are together like life veins, and if you try to overcome us, We will send death
among you. This Holy Qur’an teaches the Messenger, “Do not you see that I have sent death
among you?” We are not to be overcome. He did that in Moses’ time with Israel. He sent
death among them. The Bible says, “A Death Angel went around” and that was a very trying
time. Remember, that is directed at you here. It is reminding you of what I did to an enemy
like you. It is a warning that I will do the same to you.

          Go to them Son of Man and call upon them to hear the word of the Lord. They’re not
going to hear you, because they would not hear me. But call on the winds. Tell the winds to
come and blow on these planes that they may live. This means war, fighting, revolution, and
bloodshed. Don’t lose your sane way of thinking in these trying times. Don’t get so happy off
the devils’ world of foolishness, less you find yourselves like the Sodomites, waking up in a
rumbling earthquake and homes afire. He’s telling you how God is punishing him here and
there. He’s warning you of how the earth is trembling in certain places in this country. He
knows you’re not going to pay any attention. They’re not going to pay that any attention until
it tremble in Chicago. This is the type of people Sodom and Gomorrah had.

         I say my beautiful brothers and sisters, judgment is after America. America is in the
throes of divine attack. They know it. They know I’m preaching right to you, but they know
that you are not going to believe it until they tell you to believe it and that will be when
you’re all washed up. One was bold enough to tell me, “Isn’t this true Elijah, that your people
will not believe none of its leaders unless we put our own finger of approval on what you say.”
I said it has been, but I meant to let him know that it won’t be like that from now on. Then
he told me, “Elijah, I’m sorry for you. You certainly have a big job.” I said, “Who made it a
big job, was it me or you?” He laughed it off.

           You know, they can rip your heart open, telling you something they have done to hinder
you from being successful in uniting your people, to the God of mercy and truth. They can
burn you up. They made him like that, then laugh at you trying to make him other than that.
But, Allah has come in person brothers and sisters. He’s with me and I am with Him!

          He’s angry with the wicked world and so am I. As it is written, they both were angry, for
the wrath had come. It was time to get angry, because the enemy was trying to prevent the
dead from rising. God and His Messenger are here for that exact purpose. It is to see that
they rise, regardless to opposition. They must rise. God intends to make a new nation out of

us, not to keep us like we are now. Some may say, “Where are we going?” We don’t need to
go no place. Hell is made by the people and not by the nature of our reactionary Earth. We
make the hell and we make the Heaven. What is hell? It’s a place where people are
disagreeable to live with in peace. Heaven is a peaceful place where people live in peace.
Every man would like to enjoy peace, though he breaks the peace and contentment in the
community, he would like a contented place for himself . My God and myself, we want to see
about all of that.

         Some of you say, “I want to go to Heaven.” You make Heaven where you are. There’s no
certain place that we call heaven. It’s only that place where a man makes peace for himself
and is able to produce the great abundance of nature for his wants. When we remove evil
and the cause of evil, then we are making a Heaven there. The Earth has always been at
peace with itself, but the people on the Earth are the ones who are not at peace. As the
Bible and Qur’an teaches us, “He created the Heavens and the Earth in peace.” We don’t hear
one planet up there racing with the other one or trying to destroy the other planet. They are
at peace with each other. When one seems to drop into space losing his hold in the orbit of
space, this is done for signs. It’s not that they voluntarily do these things, they’re ordered by
God to do these things. They show us signs of ourselves.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

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