by Master Elijah Muhammad


         He’s the warrior from the beginning. He was a such warrior in the beginning, that when
He appeared Himself, He made Himself to appear out of darkness. He went to war then with
the darkness by raising up light to lighten up the darkness, so the darkness could not triumph
over Him. He made a great light for Himself. He made His own house to rotate, so that it
would stay in and of out the light, making it a sign for us here today. Praise be to Allah.

        What was His idea spiritually, for coming to us and bringing us out of darkness into His
marvelous spiritual light? What does He want with a people who’s like the prodigal son? A
people who had not served God, but served the enemies. What does He want with us? He
doesn’t want us as we are. The Holy Quran says, “He will cause us to grow into a new growth,
and make us new again.” This is to rid us of the mark of the enemies. That’s a good God isn’t

         He hates the enemy so much so that He removes the scar or the coloring of the enemy
from us and changes us into a new growth. No more shall you go along with the scars which
the enemy put on you. Allah will put you into a new growth and make you look like Him. As
the epistle of Paul says, “We don’t know what we will be like but we will be like Him.”

      What does He want to come to us for? To take us and give to us that which by nature
belongs to us. We were brought from our home, following and worshipping an enemy. Now,
the enemy has made us like himself, both spiritually and physically, so that God would not
want us, but He does. It is written that He would seek and find us, then bring us back to our
native people and country. Yet, the enemy has spoiled us so much. What does God want
with such a spoiled people who will run from Him, who will hate and curse Him out to His
face, and then keep the enemy in his glory, worshiping him as his best friend while he’s his
worst enemy and murderer? What we are talking about here is the good of a God that loves
you and wants you to be His people. What will you do for us? “I will give you money, good
homes, and I will make friends for you in all walks of life. I will destroy those that hate you
and bring their kingdom to naught.” You say, “I won’t follow a God like that?” I say like the
Holy Qur’an, “Oh foolish, do you call Me to believe in a God other than my God?” No, no.

        What is your God doing for you? Nothing, only trying to get you in trouble.
After all of this glory that He offers to you and me, some of us are too proud to accept it;
yet, we are in trouble, hungry, naked and living in old, broke down, worn out old houses. You
would rather stay there and worship the enemy, who is depriving you of a good house to live
in, just to have him smile and say, “You’re doing fine.” You’re doing fine for him, but not for
yourself. I say, we should wake up.

      The Bible teaches us that He came to save His people from their sins, not charge them
with the sins of their enemies, but forgive them, because they were not at fault. It was the
enemies who deceived them and made them worship that which they knew not.
Allah says, “Submit to Me, I will sit you in Heaven at once.” You don’t have to wait, like
the enemy teaches you, saying, “Wait until you die.” No, you have already died. I’m saying

this to let you know how much love God has for a people who don’t love Him; you don’t even
know Him and don’t even want to learn who He is. It is awful. They want to sit them in
Heaven at once. “Well, where is your proof?” I’m the proof. I’m in heaven myself and if you
follow me, you will get in Heaven too! Heaven is a place where you don’t want for nothing
that you cannot reach.

        You get what you want of good. Yes brothers and sisters, that’s right. We have to
remember that we are trying to learn to toil and walk into the path of truth, justice and
equality. We must not forget our duties to ourselves. If we see a brother or sister sick who
are trying to recuperate, try and help them. All of you Muslims, help your brother and sister
when you find them sick and unable to help themselves. Go to them and see what need you
can help them with. Don’t be ashamed and stingy. Go and open up your purse and help that
brother or sister who is unable to help themselves as a result sickness.

       Don’t send them to me. You have a habit of sending everyone you find to the
Messenger, for me to give them some money. You have money like the Messenger. Where do
you think I get mine, you give me mine. Now when the poor brothers and sisters are sick, you
give them some of that same help then. This has been coming to me too much. I had the
secretary to write it down so I would not forget it.

       You go and learn that the brother or sister is sick, and you come directly back to me and
tell me indirectly, “Help that one, they’re sick.” Why don’t you help them. I want you to
remember, when you go to your sick brother or sisters’ home, give them something yourself
and don’t come hurrying to get back to my home, telling me, “So and so is sick, go help them.”
You didn’t help them. Do unto others as you desire done unto you. I had intended to tell you
about this. I’m the first one, like a physical doctor, you notify, “So and so is sick, you go help
cause I need my money.” You stop that or we’re going to lead you out of the presence of us.
When you were in the church, I remember sitting there watching you take up a
contribution for your sick. Continue to do that for your helpless people. Let the brother
know, “So and so is sick,” they won’t say another word, because they know he’ll give them
something and I won’t have to give them something.

       You go give brother something and come tell me, “Brother so and so is sick and I left all I
could there with him to help him until he’s well.” But no, you tries to find a way to find the
Messenger. “Go tell the Messenger so and so is sick,” for him to give it. All I have to give is
what you give to me. If you’re going to give it to me and want me to give it to the sick one
who gets sick, then where is your charity for the sick? You go and help them yourself, like
you did when you were over there in the church. Do that, and don’t be looking up the
Messenger. You know I will do so, but you do so first.

       We are a people who are so backwards in that which we should be doing for self, that it
makes it hard for a leader to lead you. We want you to know that when coming into Islam,
we’re coming into being a people that do what the law of righteousness teaches us to do. It
teaches us to never forget your brother or sister. We’re sneaking around and going around the
other block to keep from passing by a person’s home, afraid that you’ll have to give him
something. That’s what righteousness and justice will do for you, it will remind you of the
good things you should be doing and the evil things which you should be leaving off.
Islam is not here for you and me to take advantage of our brothers. It’s here to bring us
closer to our brothers and to our sisters. If we don’t love one another then how can God love
us? If we ask God to help us and with that help, we won’t help one another, He should not
help us.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

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