by Master Elijah Muhammad


         We are living in the day of judgment and we are forever on that subject. We are not
taking any subject that we don’t add the judgment to. We have been teaching on the
Theology of Time. Of course that is our subject all the time.

        The coming of Allah and the presence of Allah, we would like to know why did Allah
come? What does He want with us and why is it so important that He come in person? We
must remember that we have been taught that God was a spirit and can’t be seen. A lot of
our people believe it the way the enemy has written it, that, “You can’t see God and live.”
The God of freedom, justice and equality is Who we want to see, to live! The God that we
can’t see is the God that won’t let us live.

       We enjoyed our visitor yesterday, the Sultan of Ethiopia. He had dinner with us and we
really had a good time. He was laughing when he came in and he was laughing when he left.
Oh, he is a great man. He and his company of interpreters of the English language. He was
really happy. I’m going to try visiting him again. I have been to Ethiopia, Addis Abba, which
they call it. I’m going to his Mosque there. I looked at it when I was there, but I didn’t go in.
If I go back to Ethiopia, I’m going to visit that Mosque. It is the most beautiful building there
in the city. I told him that next time I go to Ethiopia, I was going to visit that Mosque of his.
After you get the New Islam, that Allah is teaching us, in the person of Master Fard
Muhammad, you’re not going to be too particular about going to hear Islam anywhere, but
among yourselves.

        We have been here in America a long time. Our brothers didn’t know from where we
were kidnapped. Today, we want to get acquainted with our old brother, from whom our
enemies kidnapped, to bring us here in this wild part of the Earth. Of all the wild places, this
is the most wildest country and people who live on Earth. We may say the jungle holds the
wildest people; however, they’re naturally wild, but this is a country whose suppose to be
civilized and is yet wild. We are living in a country which the Bible calls the wilderness. It’s a
wilderness of sin, not of fine civilization, but a wilderness of the worst evil and sinful people
who ever lived on the Earth. They are a people who have no moral love for self nor anyone
else. It’s a terrible country.

         I’m a fellow who’s like this: I love to talk with you. I love making friends with you. If
there is anything wrong with my preaching, tell me so. If there is anything wrong with yours,
I’m going to tell you. If you have proof that yours is right, I will join you today. I won’t go
back and think it over; I’ll join you today. If yours is not mine and yet is right, then mine
must be wrong; so, I would join you today. You would have to prove it.

        I was brought up in a Baptist church. When I was a little boy, my father was a preacher
at that time. I was in his church. I use to sit on the minister’s lap, because my grandmother
would let me go up in the pulpit with my father and he would run me out, because I was a

very preaching little boy myself. I love to hear people preach, but I didn’t love to hear
anyone singing. Around the age of two or three years old, and going up there in the speaker’s
stand with my father, when they would start singing, I would cry. They would frighten me.
My grandmother would take me out and give me a spanking a couple of times. I learned to
keep my mouth shut. I guess that’s why I don’t have no singing in my Temple (SMILE).


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

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