by Master Elijah Muhammad 



          I am your good old brother, but you don’t know it. The time is not very far off when you
will say, “He told me he was a good brother and today we see,” You will come to me on your
knees and beg me to forgive you of any evil thought that you had of me. I know it now and I
don’t pay it any attention when you’re trying to act evil against me, because I know you’re a
dead looser. Remember that, a dead looser. I know you can’t do nothing to me, you’ll hurt
yourself. It was designed that this Last One will not be overcome by the people, regardless
of their power. He’s well protected going out and coming in. You can’t think nothing against

him, nor for him that is not heard. Remember, that’s your thoughts, and not your words, are

        My beloved brothers and sisters, I only say this to keep you away from throwing your
good self down for an evil self, the devil. These white people are pure devils, they’re not
even mixed with good. They’re pure devils without the mixture of good. There is no good in
them, so our God has taught me. They weren’t made for good. There are some who try to do
good things every now and then, but their nature, in which Yakub made them, just can’t be
taken for a good person, not Just because he does one little good thing for us. He has done a
thousand things of evil to just that one good thing.

       Brothers, wake up and try to protect yourselves. Help yourselves with others who are
trying to help protect you back into what you were when the Heavens and the Earth were
created. You were created in good. You can’t be nothing but a good person, that’s why the
evil person takes advantage of you, because you don’t know the evil person. I teach you what
God taught me to teach you; that is, to never trust white folks. Those who follow them falls
in love with them, because the evil Caucasian captivates them with his unlikeness, both in
person and in words. Here’s a little boy whom God has remade, that now knows the
Caucasian from the very beginning of him and knows the end of him. You probably want to
say to me, “Well when will they be destroyed?” Well, it may be earlier than you think.

        Islam is like the Sun. As the sunlight bring out what is hidden in darkness, so does the
truth bring out that which is hidden under falsehood, to manifest it to you and I. This is why
we glorifying our God, for revealing to us that which is hidden.
Some of you who disbelieve, it has made me know that the truth of the disbelievers
rising up in the judgment is verified. You’re always what you are; whatever you do is written.
Thank you, and I turn you back over into the hands of our minister, assistant ministers.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time series]

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