by Master Elijah Muhammad



           Our God, Master Fard Muhammad, taught us His name Himself. As the Bible teaches you,
that He had a name that no one knew, but Himself. Mahdi is His real name, so He taught

me. Mahdi means one Who is Self-Taught. In the Arabic language, it means one Who is Self-
Controlled and controls others, guides others, because He’s self-Guided. My beloved brothers

and sisters, I have learned enough from God, of which you hardly know and to stand here
talking with you in that which I love to do, I could stay here until tomorrow this time if you
would like me to. I would keep you fully awake if you stay here.

         There’s very little of God’s Creation that He hasn’t taught me something about, because
He put me as His Second Self; that’s what I am. I’m the Second Self of God Almighty. What
you hear the Muslims saying in their prayers for the Messenger: “That He grant him what He
promised…” This is a little higher [subject]. I don’t want to go into that, because He has told
me something of that, but told me to wait. If you’re not taking this least so well, how could
you take greater?

         We are that people directly from God. We are the people that got His message. I have
His message which the prophets didn’t get and didn’t understand, from Moses until
Muhammad. There is no prophet, up through Jesus, that understood the things that is coming
about today. They have told you in black and white. Moses told you in black and white,
Jesus told you in black and white. He told you to wait for That One. The One that God will
send from Himself. I am the first one since the Creation, whom the Wise God of creation has
sent. Some of you knowing my humble origin here among you can’t believe these things,
though it’s written, but I tell you. The time will come when you will believe. You can’t get
away with this proud stuff of saying I won’t believe in that and it being the truth. The God of
truth dwells among us in Person. You won’t get away with saying you don’t believe in it, if
you want to, but He’s not to be overcome, nor he whom He has before you, His messenger.

          You can’t overcome me. No. You can’t do it; you can’t hang me on no tree like you did the
Jesus. You can’t destroy me by getting behind me, nor can you destroy me on the side of me,
nor can you go in front of me and destroy me. I’m not making no boast, but God [backs] this

         The Bible says, “Twelve angels protected him.” We know it wasn’t Jesus, because Jesus
was destroyed at the hands of murderers, but you can’t do that to the Last One. The Holy
Qur’an as well teaches you that God sent two destructive angels in front of Him. These are
destroying angels. He sends two in front, then He has one on each side of him and one
behind; he’s in a circle of power. I am that man. For 42 years, everywhere I go, enemies
have failed to kill me. The Holy Qur’an tells Muhammad, “That we make an enemy for you in
every town,” and Muhammad knows this, but he’s not afraid of them, because God has given
him power over the wicked; whereas, they cannot approach him with murder, they fail.

          He did that by raising up my brother in my own house as an enemy like Cain was to Able,
but he failed to get through. Many have made the attempt and are still making attempts to
get rid of Elijah Muhammad. They want to make his boast a lie, but they can’t do it. Not
because I have power of myself, but it is Allah who protects me. Muhammad believes in his
God so much, until he says, under the name of David, “I walk through the valley of the shadow
of death, I fear no evil.”

          Many of you have seen me driving up and down the streets of Chicago. I wasn’t afraid of
nothing and don’t fear nothing yet. The only thing I fear is He Who has made me, raised me
up and gave me this job to raise you up. He’s the only One I fear. I don’t fear your planning.
You can plan all you please, until you go to sleep and wake up, go back and plan some more,
and go to sleep and wake up, and every time you look around you will see Elijah Muhammad.

         That’s why the Bible said he walked through the shadow of death, but he fears no evil,
because he has God on his side and He’s powerful enough to take the power of the enemy
away from him, which the enemy designed to hurt Muhammad. Allah shows me that before
my face, by dropping them down right before my face. They’re unable to do what they
trailed me to do and they fall just as stiff as death itself. They can’t even move, or even
blink their eyes. I’ve seen that done. Allah did this to let me know that He had power enough
to save me. They couldn’t even open their mouths nor blink his eyes. I have seen this happen
with my enemies more than one or two times. They never said a word; yet, wasn’t able. I
was standing there before him waiting for him to say what he was going to say and he
couldn’t; his tongue was locked to the roof of his mouth and his eyes were set and couldn’t
blink. Oh, brothers and sisters, there’s plenty more I could tell you of what happened, here
and there, to people who tried to rid me of my life for teaching them righteousness, for
teaching them the good things of themselves, which they wasn’t able to. They became
jealous and they tried to treat me like Cain treated Able, but I’m still here. These are some
of the powerful words Allah said to me, “Whatever you will brother, it’ll come to pass. If you
put them out, I’m not going out there after not one of them that you put out. He’s [or she’s]
just out there unless you go out and get them.” So, I went home and I began thinking, “This
teaches me that I’d better be careful about who I put out, because I may not mean that the
person stay out forever, but that’s what He told me and the Bible teaches you that God will
accept the judgment of that servant, that Last One he choose.” In some places it says, “By
him, the Heavens were built. He was the One who designed the Heavens that you’re going to
and He bearded that scientist witness.” He said “Brother, whatever you want, ask for it and it
will be given to you.”

          So, you have a mighty good fellow in me, but In cold weather, fire is good for us; yet,
the fire can be evil to us if we play with it. Therefore, let’s not play with a good fellow. Try
to be good with him for your own good. In one place I found in the Qur’an, similar to that in
the Bible, referring to Muhammad’s forgiveness and love for you, it said, “If he would forgive
you 77 times, that doesn’t make Allah forgive you,” especially if He knows you need to be
punished. He will punish you whether Muhammad desires it or not. In order to keep the
creditable characteristics of a good God, which keeps others good, He will whip some of us
for our evil that’s affecting others.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]


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