Theology of Time: October 8, 1972 Part 4

by Master Elijah Muhammad


          We are learning all of this wisdom and still walks the Earth humbly. When we see a fool,
we don’t call him a fool. We know how he became a fool; it is not his fault. I am very happy
at times to go into great depths of the wisdom of God. If you have the patience to wait and
[read] it, it’s here. All you have to do is get it. There’s so much that we need to know, but
we get impatient before we ever learn what we should; we get too impatient.

           You are like your enemy. The devil was created in haste, because the time was urgent
on him. If Yakub didn’t hurry him, the other in-coming God would be here before he could
get started; so, he went in haste to build a world and he didn’t lose no time. God, Himself,
told me that he didn’t. He said, “Brother this devil has not lost any time; he made good of the
time that was given to him and look what he has made. He has made himself powerful and a
beautiful kingdom: a heaven for himself.” That’s right, look at what we’re doing here, buying
some of his world and worshipping it. We have to build us something for ourselves and others
can worship it.

          Architects are always in demand in a country where there’s progress being made. You
cannot build up a town or a city unless you have architects; you’ve got to have architects. We
have good ones, but they are handicapped by the enemy. The enemy owns all the materials
which the architect designs out for you. The building engineers have to come and get the
material to build what the architect has drawn out for him. He would have to buy it from the
enemy. If the enemy gets angry with you, they will stop selling it to you. He’s already angry

with you and don’t want you to go but so far. When you’re trying to equal him or overcome
him, then he goes to work. All praise is due to Allah.

          We want to do, so to speak, what he has done; that is, build towns and cities of our
liking over the country. We don’t want his, we have lived in his. We have watched him build
it, and we have now acquired a better knowledge than he. We can do a better job. What’s
hurting him is seeing the slave rise up from under his feet and erect a piece of a building and
engines to work for himself; it hurts him. We watched him build and we know how he built it
and can now improve on it; that’s what we are doing.

       The Muslims will be the rulers after the Christian world. We will rule the next world.
We could have ruled it all the while, but we wanted to try out ourselves at being ruled by an
inferior self. We have learned that the inferior self will never make a world of peace and
happiness for the people, because where there’s disagreement, there is war. Muslim, by
nature, can’t disagree on the subject of peace, we must have peace.

       For 42 years, I haven’t done anything in the world but study and teach the word of God
from His mouth. As it is written, we have the Divine Wisdom from above this world. If we
made the white man, grafted him out of ourselves, that’s what happened. What can you tell
us about it. There isn’t a Black person in this house that will give the white race any credit
for nothing, even their own wickedness. We took that spark out of the germ of the Black man
and made a man out of it, so that he would be totally weak.

       This is what the Gods of the Black man did. We know him; I know the white people. I
don’t study his books to know him, I study him from the Mouth of God. The devil himself has
tried to hide, up until the coming of God to show him up, as the Bible teaches him and you.
The Holy Qur’an is more plainer and more direct and we have it there. We know the man and
are now taught the utmost knowledge of the man to see if whether the God of justice is
justified in destroying him today. This is why you’re taught all the ends and outs of the man’s
very nature; so you can see that God is not doing you and me an injustice for destroying him

       I want you to remember, that you’re making a fool out of yourself, after God has come
and told us the truth of us being the first ones and the last, if there will be a last.
We don’t see through the telescope of the Scientists’ wisdom Who see no end to the
Blackman. You don’t know what He is made out of or how He made Himself out of the
material that comes last. The material of darkness comes last in the absence of light. He
took that darkness, created Himself out of it, which is what comes last; thus, there would
never be a last to Himself. I’m very sorry for you who want to argue for the favor of this
world. You are they who pity this world in exchange of a world that has no beginning and no
ending. You can’t calculate the hour, the day, nor the year of the Creation; it’s impossible.

     There were no writers there at the Creation, because the Creation had to make a writer out
of himself, first. It was six trillion years after that when writing took place. This was after
His own creating. I can be called a liar like all the others before me, who were prophets, and
reformers of people. I don’t expect you to give me the credit, but you will grow into do that.

     I’m telling you today, but you’ll grow into it tomorrow. With the knowledge of this world,
you’re not able to see into what I’m teaching you of a world that has no birth record nor
ending to it. You can’t create a thought that would correspond enough with the question or
answer for you to grasp what I am teaching. I don’t only defy you poor sisters [and brothers],
but I defy the scientists of this world to attack what I am teaching you and to prove that I am
teaching you something false, just because it is not of his world or within their scope of
knowledge. I will give to any professor of the white man’s world, $10,000 and 10 thousand
times 10 thousand, to prove one word I teach to be untrue.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

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