by Master Elijah Muhammad


         We only want to prove to us and the enemy, that He created the Heaven and the Earth
and He knows what’s in them. The Holy Qur’an says, when He gets ready to destroy a people,
He opens the doors of Heaven and let them see in it. The enemy we are referring to is the
devil. He was made to try proving God a liar; that’s what he’s made for. Everything which
God says is this or that, the devil says that or this; he tries to change it. Everything that God
makes, he tries to remake it so you will worship what he made and not what God made. The
devil’s no fool. Don’t think that you can just show off just because you are directly from the
Creator, you can’t call him a fool in wisdom. He’s no fool in wisdom; yet, he’s not equal with
the God, the Creator either. Nevertheless, he’s no fool. He builds what you see from what
we already had here. This is why we say he can’t say that he made anything, because all the
material he used was from material that we already made. He can’t claim himself as being
the Creator. Creator means one who creates a thing, not one who borrows the essence to
build something out of the essence made by someone else. You have to create your own
essence; that’s what God did. He did created this out of nothing. The whole atmosphere was
void of any matter until He made matter in the atmosphere.

         When the Bible reads, “And the Lord made thus and thus, and the Lord created thus and
thus, and the Lord said to thus and thus, be this of thus and thus,” you’re not talking about
the devil. You’re talking about the God of the Blackman. How powerful you are and didn’t
know it. He says in the Bible, “If you had the faith of one fourth of a mustard seed, you could
say to the sycamore tree, “Be thou plucked up and planted in the depths of the sea,” and it
will be done. These are wonderful things; yet, you are too proud and can’t make a flea obey
you. If you make a flea, he wouldn’t bite…. Well, it’s the truth. This is why we are teaching
you these things. We want you to know God and teach you what God does. God means
something of Power, Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding. That’s a God Who’s superior to
others. His Knowledge of the Creation is so deep into the visibility of things, we look upon
Him as having the power to make things do what He wants them to do, because the Father is
of our own kind.

        This is what He wants to make out of you and me, not just believers, but Gods. Every
one of you, according to what He has taught me, will be Gods. I found myself saying one day,
“I have learned quite a bit from our Lord, so I think I’ll try some of it on myself,” and I did. I
just said, I hope this will be thus and thus, and I went on and forgot about it. Before I
realized it, it had materialized. There is no doubt that it is a true thing. There is no doubt
that we are Gods, but we lost our power and knowledge, like the parable of Jesus stated,
“Salt is good so long as it have savoring power, but when it doesn’t have no savoring power,
it’s no good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.” This “he” of whom
Jesus was referring, is us. We have power if we are restored to what we originally were, but
we have been robbed of power through being deprived of the knowledge of self. Just think
about it, you’re bowing to the creature instead of the Creator; you are far off. You are from
the Creator and this is a creature of the creator. You are also the brother of the Creator; you
should also be able to create.

           Allah wants to restore you. I would like to talk with you about the wisdom of Allah, Who
has taught me. You’ll read in the Bible wherein it says, He wants to restore you. You have
lost everything of self, so now, He wants to restore you back into self so that you can do what
He’s doing, if we will believe and follow Him. He didn’t come here just to show us Who He
was; He came here to show us who we are, and then make us rulers. To be rulers over rulers,
you have to have superior wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

          It took an architect to design the universe. Our First Father formed and designed
Himself. Think over a man being able to design his own form and he never saw another man

before he saw himself. Powerful. We are not only out to build some temples, but we’re out
to build some towns and cities of our own design, and not out of the design of Satan, who
stole his design from us. We want to create a new Earth, a new us, and build a new world
unalike Mr. Yakub’s devil. We want to make a new world.

        I don’t think I have the power to say “be” and there it is, but I have the power from my
God to make it hard for you. If you’re trying to make it hard for me, I can make it pretty hard
for you. The man you see here speaking and standing here may act and look so common and
foolish to you, but he has power with God. When a man has power with God, he has power
with a mighty good man.

        I don’t have time to preach those shouting sermons, but I have time to teach you. You
need teaching; you don’t need no jumping and hollering sermons. I can do it if I want to, but
I don’t want to do that. You’ve had too much of that, and still without knowledge. I want to
teach you; that’s what I want to do.

        We tell the world that we want this and we want that, and we are asking you to help us
to get this and that. We want airports. We want airplanes to go in and out of them. In your
mind, you’re just sitting and waiting for us to do it, but not helping us. We want you to help
us do these things; not come up just looking for us to do something, you help us to do it. I
hear much of that kind of talk. They’ll wait and let the Muslims do it. Help the Muslims to do
it, as you are Muslims yourselves, whether you believe it yourself or not. You were born
Muslim; you were not made a Muslim, you were created a Muslim from the start. God,
Himself, is a Muslim and all of His people are Muslims. Don’t deny yourselves and let the devil
laugh at you. As he’s saying now, he wish he was a nigger.

        You want to show how less we care about being anything, just watch us go when it’s
being taught that we are something; the lease amount of people are there at that time.
You’re being taught the depth of the wisdom of God, Himself, and the beginning of creation
and how He’s about to destroy that which He made, not what He created, but what He made.
He made it from us; we were already created. Human beings were used like cattle to change
their breed. Cattle are breaded from other cattle. Didn’t he take it and breed it with
another one? This is the way that people had been made into other people, since the coming
of Yakub. We never had but one nation and one race. We didn’t have a race, as such, we
had a Nation. Race comes from the making of something from another.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]