by Master Elijah Muhammad


         This is the time of the removal of the old world, and bringing in a new world. That’s why
you’re sitting in Temples of Islam and not in a churches. Sometimes when talking with some
of the Christians, they refers to our Temples as churches. They’re so use to calling spiritual
meeting houses churches. We do not meet in churches, we meet in the Temple of Islam. You
may ask, “What is Islam?” Islam is the religion of God, if we want to say it in a plain way for
you can understand it; however, Islam is the Nature of God. Islam is the first and the last
religion of man; that is, if there ever is to be a last.

         We’re not looking for it to become a changed religion. It can’t change unless we change
God, and that will never happened. Therefore we have an eternal religion; a religion that
will never leave us unless we destroy ourselves. This is why the moon that you see is up
there, and the devil has been to it to see if it’s real.

          It was a wise Muslim-God that wanted to change all the people into one and He even
wanted to change the language they spoke. He didn’t want any dialects. He wanted
everybody to speak the same dialect, so Allah taught me, and who is better knowing that He?
Allah said that once upon a time their lived a God on this planet Who wanted all the people,
regardless to what part of the planet they lived, to speak the same dialect and they couldn’t
do that, as we understand today. The actual variations of the atmosphere in certain parts of
the earth makes it so that the people just cannot speak the same language of those in
another part. This is due to the changes of the atmospheric temperature and the constant
movement of the people from each other. They acquired a different dialect in their

          We cannot ever make a difference there, nor can we ever make the people speak the
same language. Look in the South how you use to speak there. When you get up here in the
North for a while, your dialect begins to change. That’s caused by the change of the
atmosphere you moved into. We change, since our lives depend upon the breath we’re taking
in and out. There’s nothing that can possibly make a change, but the atmosphere that we

          This Man, before we had the deportation from the moon, wanted everybody to speak the
same dialect; so, He got angry, because He couldn’t make them do it.
Allah taught me, in the person of Master W. F. Muhammad, that this Man said, “I will
destroy us all.” That shows you how powerful a God He was. We knew that he was God and
having power over the Earth and the Heavens above the Earth. He wanted the Heavens, Earth
and the people on it, to obey him, so he set out to make it so.

           He started drilling into our planet, so Allah taught me, in the person of Master Fard
Muhammad, to Whom praise is due forever. He drilled like a man drilling for coals and got

somewhere near half way the planet, then he began to pack it full of high explosives –
dynamite. He said the dynamite was a higher explosive dynamite than that we’re using now.
The people of today use about 70% percent dynamite, but they used 100% percent in splitting
the earth in two and building mountains on top of the earth.

           Once upon a time, He said, we didn’t have mountains. The Earth was smooth and round,
they didn’t think that was so good nor educational; so, they went over the planet with high
explosive dynamite and dropped it here and there on the Earth. When they wanted to bring
up a tall mountain, they would put a motor to the bomb or a bomb to the motor, a depth
motor, which would carry itself down into the Earth. It goes off automatically when it strikes
the Earth, and takes this device all the way down into the Earth according to the level of
power in which the bomb was made. That power may be a mile; it may be nearly six miles,
but she will go down.

         Splitting all rocks, the drill was made to not give way. It batters, as we call it in
common words, right through anything that it strikes. It works like an air drill that we use on
the streets to crack up concrete, according to what Allah taught me. It would not stop until
it got to the depth of its timing. That depended upon how tall they wanted the mountain.
Mount Everest over in India is the tallest mountain that they brought up, somewhere
near six miles. They put these mountains on the Earth, so the Holy Qur’an and the Bible
teaches. The Bible says that God placed mountains on the earth, then He told me Who the
Gods were and we see the mountains. He wanted me to be sure that I understood and would
believe. He said, “Now brother, if you take a little fire cracker and build a mountain of dirt
over it, then leave the fuse out and set it off, you’ll throw up another little mound of dirt
with that cracker. This is the way they put mountains on the earth. They take bombs with
motors on them and drop them at a certain height according to what they want this mountain
to be. If it was a mile high, they drop the bomb and time it to go into the earth one mile
before it will explodes.”

          In exploding these bombs, He said they had 100% percent dynamite, while American
scientists use 70% percent dynamite. He said, “These explosives of 100% percent dynamite
will be put in the bombs they use here, but they are not to bring up a mountain over one mile
high. These are the kind of mountains that will follow after the wake of their bombing of

          After these mountains go up one mile, these are going to be new mountains, they will
kill the civilization for 50 square miles around. So, brother, don’t be in the way of that bomb.
This bomb will hit the Earth and go into it a mile, then when it explodes, it sends up a
mountain a mile high, killing the civilization around it with a crater made for 50 square miles
round. I don’t think you’re such a runner that you could out-run or out-fly this if a bomb can
bring up Earth from a depth of 1 mile. You must remember that you don’t only need to get
out of its way down here on the ground, the concussion from the explosion will spread out in
the atmosphere, and if you’re a mile or two up in the sky, you’re subject to be destroyed.
The Bible and Holy Qur’an teaches us that He’s All Wise, referring to God. He’s the Best
Knower and that He doesn’t have to build up nothing to bring about His Will, He just Wills that
these things happen. They have prepared these bombs, and they are ready to let you know
that 66 trillion years ago they did make mountains and parted the earth; hence, you won’t be
able to say that God cannot do this and He cannot do that. You must know this today. I will
show you a little proof.

          He came and taught us what the Moon was and how it came about; then He let the devil
go up there and test it to see if whether or not the matter from the moon corresponded with
the matter of the Earth. The devil found this to be true, because he brought back rocks from
the Moon and compared them with the rocks of the Earth. The only difference was that the

rocks from the Earth are saturated with water, and those rocks from the Moon doesn’t have
any water, but use to.


[Excerpt from  Theology of Time lecture series]