by Master Elijah Muhammad


Question: I would like to know if the Nation of Islam teaches of a heaven and hell as in

Messenger: No. Not like Christianity, but it teaches of a heaven and hell, but not in the
same way that Christianity teaches. We teach of a heaven and a hell while you live.
You cannot be tormented in hell if you are not alive. You got to be alive to feel the
torment and if you are in a heaven you got to be alive to feel the joys of heaven.

Question: Then Sir, there is no such thing as life after death.

Messenger: No. If you are referring to a physical death. A physical death does not carry
any life, it’s physically dead. But if you are referring to a spiritual death, that is true, being
dead to the spirit of God, you don’t have His spirit in you, then we call you dead.

Question: I read in the Bible that man will destroy himself, do you believe that?

Messenger: Yes. I believe it.

Question: In what way?

Messenger: In whatever way you build your life up. You don’t have no, nothing out here
that will destroy you just because that it can destroy you only when you go to fight each
other, but there is nothing prepared out here to destroy you, you destroys yourself, so Allah
taught me.

Question: Is it true that the devil has reached the moon?

Messenger: Why certainly, in a physical way, yes, according to their reports and their
pictures on the moon.

Question: [What about the spiritual part?]

Messenger: He has not reached that part, that part that we preach of equality. That’s
spiritual teaching. And that he has not reached the spiritual equality. That’s what we
represents the moon for: Equality between man and man; therefore, that moon have not as
yet been reached by the devil.

Question: How is it that the Egyptians get the pyramids as high as they did and with what

Messenger: The Saviour taught me that they had a hydraulic they used in those days that
they don’t have in use now, and will not put it in use, because of the devil that he will grasp
that knowledge as he don’t know it yet, he has been asking the question himself. He (Saviour)
said to me, he would put that same hydraulic in effect as soon as they remove the devil.
They don’t want him to know.

Question: Since Black man are the original man, are there black men in among other
beings on other planets?

Messenger: I didn’t get the teachings of the knowledge of what was on other planets
from Him, as He was trying to acquaint me into the knowledge of myself who is on this planet
and others who are on this planet.

Question: In the last days of the Lost-Found, how will the Muslims survive?

Messenger: That’s what God came for: to save us from that which He will permit to
destroy our enemies. He have come to separate the righteous from the wicked and destroy
the wicked and save us from the destruction of that that He is using to destroy the wicked.

Question: Since your teaching on the Theology of Time, approximately ten weeks back,
you said that in the destruction of America there were two places of refuge. I was wondering
if you could reveal those two places.

Messenger: Well, if I did, there is two; I can prove to you there is two. Here is one,
number one: refuge with your Lord and my Lord. Good question brother, to know where you
will be patient and where you will be secure.

Question: In your teachings today, you indicated that we as black people should get rid
of the names that the slave-master has given to us over the years. Do you recognize the

legality and legitimacy of non-Christian names assumed by black people by virtue of court
decrees which names have not been given to the black brother or sister by yourself?

Messenger: I recognize any black man’s name if he have some kind of origin for it, but I
know that if you see the hereafter, which is meaning the destruction of this world and the
name of the devil, that you will have an honorable name and a name that will live and a
name that everyone of our people will respect and will admire, but the name of the devils of
this world, their name will be destroyed with them. You won’t have their name around here
to go in. Their language will be destroyed. You won’t be able to speak their language, so
Allah taught me, after 20 years of destruction of them. You will have to speak your own Holy
language, because no one will talk to you in any other language.

Question: How can I strengthen my belief?

Messenger: Just keep coming here brother.

Question: When the world comes to an end, will Allah turn His back on the people of the
East or will He send someone to teach them who the right God is?

Messenger: I am teaching you of who the right God is myself. The Bible say, that He will
send His angels from the East to gather us from the west.

Question: After the visiting the Temple and listening carefully, how could one could
become a Muslim.

Messenger: Believe what I teach you and follow me.

Question: Whether or not the great northern bean should be eaten.

Messenger: We don’t go for eating the large size bean, though they may be the navy
bean, but we eat the small size of them, that’s what He taught me.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

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