by Master Elijah Muhammad


         I want you to know that I don’t condone falsehood, and if you want to do so, you are not
following me, you’re following yourself. I have some brothers who are just going out making
up text of their own and delivering it to you to believe. I’m going to teach you the history of
Jesus as Allah gave it to me, but please don’t you try teaching it unless you’re going to teach
the truth. Some of you are going wild, telling everything of what you think. We don’t want
what you think, we want what God has taught us. We want His thinking and not yours.

       This is what gives the people a wrong understanding of us. Here stands a liar on this
corner and there stands a truth bearer on that corner. The people don’t know which one to
believe. The liar just says whatever comes up. All you know is how to tell something
different from what you’ve heard. I don’t want that kind of man or woman following me.

       Don’t add to what you hear me saying, nor take from what you hear me saying. It is the truth
that I have received. When you go adding and taking from it, you make it other than the
truth. I want to tell new people to stop listening to any such talk or teaching that is not in
the same words that I am teaching. I would rather for all of them to come hear what I am
saying directly, and if they find me telling other than the truth, then the whole teaching is
other than the truth. You won’t find me telling you other than the truth; not nothing I say. If
you think I’m telling you other than the truth, come and explain to me what you think is other
than the truth and I will give you a check for ten thousand dollars before you leave here. If
that’s not enough, I will make it ten thousand times ten thousand.

       My goal to God is to tell you the truth, because a liar reared us and we can’t leave that
liar with his lie. We have to have the truth to go from him. Anything that I say, you’re always
welcomed to question me on it. I don’t run from you just because you want to ask questions.
I should say not; I’m here for you to question me on the knowledge of the truth which I’m
teaching. You are offered that freedom by God Himself, Who taught me to ask Him questions
and learn all about myself self. I’m equipped with the truth from Almighty God Allah. Some

of it you may not understand, but don’t try condemning that which you don’t understand
yourself. Don’t fancy [imagine] out nothing, just tell the plain old truth.

       I want to straighten out these false teachings, so that you may know the truth from
myself who received it directly from the mouth of God. As I said, I’m willing to pay with my
life for lying to you, if you find me lying. No, I’m not going to lie; no sir, I’m going to tell you
the truth even if only one of you listens to it. I won’t add a lie to it to make a house full of
people listen it. I’m going to teach you the truth. A person could say, “I come to a place like
this and you mislead me, telling other than the truth of what the Messenger has taught? Well
brother, I don’t care to walk with you in the gate.”

      What do you think I am, a liar? Try and prove it. I’m here directly from the face of God,
as it’s written. I didn’t come of my own; I was raised up in your midst and sent to teach you
the truth. No man on Earth could teach you what I’m teaching you. Why do you add to it?
Why do you throw lies into it? As people listen to you, they will tell it, then you will be
brought before me one day and I have the power with God to put a finishing touch to you. I’m
certainly very dissatisfied with you rising up and taking hold of the truth, then putting it back
before the people as lies from yourself. We may not like you after a while and I’m asking you
to stop before we dislike you. When saying “We,” I mean God Himself and I.

      You are doing wrong things. We are here to kill the liar and destroy him who has
destroyed the people of righteousness, by misleading them in the way of other than the truth.
This is a good way to learn who your brother is. Just make up lies and go tell it to the
people, making them think I’m teaching you that. It means you are coming to me. I’m not
teaching the people other than the truth. It is you who are taking and ripping the truth apart
by adding parts of your own lies of it. You won’t get away with it. I’m most certainly that
little fellow who’s called a Lamb in the Bible, bound to get you for it.

       Why would you come here to get truth to go and tell other than the truth with it? Get
truth now, then add other than the truth to it. You shouldn’t come here; this is the wrong
place. This is where you come to learn the truth. I defy you to prove what I teach here is
other than the truth. I do that every time I get on the stand. I want people who love the
truth. I want people who love the results of truth and not the result of the lies and the liar. I
can prove everything I preach to you, everything. I prove to you that it is the truth, not only
that, everything I do can prove that it’s the truth.

      We believe that we have very intelligent people. We want them to listen to the truth,
even to something of business which we should be doing and not to a lot of little brothers who
don’t know what they’re talking about, just opening up their mouths saying what they think. I
want you to know that I’m not participating in such foolishness and I don’t teach any. There
are foolish brothers or sisters who take the teaching and try making themselves look wise, but
are actually making themselves look like a fool. I don’t condone nothing of the kind. The
truth alone is sufficient to make you to admire it or you can disbelieve and leave it alone.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

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