by Master Elijah Muhammad


        We are here to correct you of some of your mistakes, and to declare your innocence of
those mistakes. Some of those mistakes you are guilty of. We want to correct you in the
public so the public won’t think that we are going along with these mistakes, or backing you
up in them. I don’t back you up in that which is other than the truth. I don’t care what you
say, because it could be on me. “Mr. Muhammad, you are God, you are Master Fard
Muhammad,” don’t tell me that. Master Fard Muhammad is the One that I’m representing. I
am the man who just want to take my own place, and then leave the place that I don’t belong
in to the man who belong there.

       I have heard some of you so-called believers putting your place in somebody else’s place
and making yourselves somebody else. What you are making is other than the truth. We
want our people to be converted out of un-truth, into truth. We don’t want to add nothing to
the truth, because that will make it other than the truth. We’re going to make it a habit of
exposing you before those whom you lied to, letting them know that you were not telling
them the truth. I don’t back you up in telling other than the truth. Not only do I not back you
up in you telling other than the truth, I am going to force those who are seeking the truth to
not to back you up in it, and to walk out on you, because I’m going to tell them the truth. If
you tell them other than the truth, I’m going to tell them that you told other than the truth
right before their face, like you told them other than the truth to their face. I’m going to tell
them the truth to their face.

      I’m not here to preach lies; I’m here to preach the truth. You have lived under
falsehood all your lives. The truth has come and falsehood must vanish. We were born under
falsehood; consequently, we love falsehood rather than truth. As the Bible puts it, “They’re

born under darkness, we love darkness rather than light; so, when light comes we flee back
looking for the darkness.”

      You have many things being taught and put out to the people as though I teach you that,
so you will get your lies accepted. Brothers and sisters, I do not teach the people other than
the truth. What I teach is truth. I’m not here to add anything to the truth. I’m not here
trying to make you think I’m something that I’m not. If you think that I’m trying to make you
see me in the light of something I’m not, get your book and come on and I will get my book
and will prove to you that I don’t go beyond the scope of my mission which Allah has given to
me. If I say anything beyond what I’ve been missioned to do, which you can’t find me backed
up in the scripture of truth, come to me and I’ll pay you a hundred dollars for every word – oh
no, that’s not enough, ten thousand dollars then, for every story [lie] that I tell you which is
other than the truth. If you find anything I’m doing that you can prove is other than
righteous, I will give you ten thousand dollars if the answer cannot be located in the scripture
of truth.

     There never was a false prophet sent to the people in the past, and this is not one
standing before you. Some of the things that I do you may label as being other than right, but
that’s just because you have not read the scriptures. You haven’t learned what the Last Man
should look like, what he should do or how that the book teaches you that he is a Fulfiller.
You don’t take the time to read what a Fulfiller is. When a man comes to you and is sent by
another one, and tells you that he fulfills Jonah’s scriptures, well then, you should go and
read Jonah and learn what Jonah did, to see if whether or not this man fulfills his work.

      Fulfills mean to do the same work which that man did. If the man you’re talking to
corresponds, then he’s fulfilling; however, if you don’t see Jonah’s work, in this man’s work,
then he doesn’t fulfill Jonah’s work. Fulfill means to do what another one does. So be careful
about how you label people to be something that they are not.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

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