by Master Elijah Muhammad


         I’ve been looking for the professional people about 40 years. The main thing about
constructing what we’re struggling for, and laying its foundation, is access to the material. If
you have the material, lots of work is possible. When it’s learned that you are going to help
build what Elijah and his followers want, access to the materials are denied or hampered. If
you have access, sometimes they wait until the job is right in the midst of its schedule then
claim material shortage. Obviously, this slows progress down.

      The Muslim Followers of Elijah Muhammad and the professional people must meet
privately in an effort to understand each other. We would love to give you work if you can
get the materials. That’s the thing: get the material to build with. When the whites find out
that you are trying to build for the Muslims, and he wanting the big jobs himself, because he
knows we have awful big jobs that lasts, he doesn’t want our contracts going to you. We and
our professional people must get together and get behind the door and whisper to each other.
There is no one to stop us and can stop us but God alone.

        We know we have to enter politics somewhere, but we don’t want the kind of politics
which the white man has set up for you. We don’t want to follow that way. I am now looking
at an example of clean politics from the nation of Asia and portions of Africa. This type
politics will make you a better man. They don’t have robbery and deceitful politics which you
are born under, here in America’s way of politics. We don’t want no thieves in our nation. As
it is written, Jesus said, and I say the same, “All before me were thieves and robbers.” Jesus
could not have said that, because that would have meant that all prophets before him were
thieves and robbers, but I can say it absolutely and prove it.

        We don’t want to build a nation on the basis of who can rob the other the quickest and
get the most. We want to build up a nation with a clean heart and hands, to deal with their
people in the way of justice and righteous. We don’t want any robbers. We can’t use a
robber; especially, after being robbed to death by our enemy, the slave master’s children.
The professors we’ve been looking for have always been running from us, we are ready to
write you down on our book that you are one of ours. We can’t promise you a roll of money in
both hands and tell you “Here, take it.” You’ve got to help us make that money. We don’t
have that rolled up over here waiting for you to come and use it. No, we want you to help
get that money.

         We want to build a world for the black man. The white world is moving off the scene. If
you don’t know it, I’ll show it to you. You’ve got to do something for yourself or else. I’m not
saying this just to be talking, I’m talking to hear from you. We’ve got to do something for self.
I have the key to doing for self. If you will come get yours, I will have it.

        At the present time, as you probably know, many countries are, for the first time,
uniting themselves. Here we are, the poor forgotten people in America, singing old glory to
Allah, glory to the Lord, glory to Jesus and doing nothing about making that glory. Make your
glory for yourself. Stop laying around the other fellow’s gate, begging him to make you a
glorious place.

        We must go ahead and till the earth. I told you a few years ago that’s where everything
comes from, like your food, your clothes, and your shelter. It all comes from that place we
call the farm. We can’t be too proud to be called farmers, but I say, the day has arrived that
if you don’t have a farm, you won’t live off the other farmer. You got to have a farm to eat.
You’ve got to have a farm to wear good clothes. You got to have a farm to live in a good
home. So, I say, let’s get ready to go to the farm.

        We have to enter into the farming area. We are trying to grow everything that’s good for
us. We need your skill. Don’t give it back to those people who taught you how to farm in
their schools, the agriculture schools of the enemy. You go and get the knowledge, but go for
yourself after you get it.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

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