by Master Elijah Muhammad


         The old Christianity, the doom of the black man, this is the thing that dooms you. The
knowledge of it will save you. That cross represents their blood thirst for death of righteous
human beings. All throughout your Bible they were after prophets who would come among
them preaching the truth. Some they beat up, jailed, and some they killed. I am the last of
those righteous reformers. I’m the last one. Your Bible teaches you that, and I will prove it
to you if you come and listen. There is no need for a prophet to come after me, why,
because I bring you face to face with God and man.


       He swung the righteous from the cross he made, following him was his people. Hung
high in the limbs of trees for his body to be riddled with bullets from the Christian guns. So
we are here sent from God, Himself, having the power from God to put an end to it. My work
is to put an end to it, and by Allah, we will do it.


         Christianity, what is Christ? What does Christ mean? What is the real truth of the
meaning of Christ? It means one coming in the last days to crush the world of evil. Christ is a
crusher. You don’t get that name in the Bible until his time; then, you read of Christ’s
coming. He’s the crusher of this religion: a lying religion, a religion that teaches you [that
you] must die before you can see the hereafter or the heaven. This is true if you understood
what the liar was saying. Sure, you have to die mentally, out of the evil death that he put
you in. He teaches you that there is a hereafter after you die, that’s right, but after you die
the mental death that he put you in from slavery, up until now, until the judgment comes in,
then you got to be resurrected totally from the mental death that you died in, not a physical


         There’s nothing after [our] flesh and bones goes back to the earth. I got it from the
earth to build me a body for breath to enter and when breath entered into the body, he made
a sound and from the sound I could walk and I could guide myself – the breath of life. Every
human being that is born from a parent, if it does not breathe the breath that is carrying the
earth, which we all are breathing, it won’t live. We say it’s a still-born, right? He [devil]
made you to look at it differently. He made you look at breath as something like a spirit of
the body that we can’t see; that’s right too. We can’t see the air that we are breathing unless
we get a microscope; then, we could see the very atom of life in the air. Those atoms of life
in the air are the things that give us life and whenever the body gets to the point that it can’t
draw [them] in, then we say he’s dead.


        The biggest soul we have is air. If you deprive the man of air, then he’s dead. You could
come up here now and start [choking] me on my neck, soon you will have me so I can’t
breathe and I won’t be talking. That’s the soul that they preach to you about; that’s the real
soul. It is your breath. There’s no such thing as a little man going out of your mouth and
going to an unknown place; no, no. When you get to the point that you can’t breathe, the
little man in, you don’t be a little man yourself.


       Go take this home with you and study. You will come to the knowledge of truth. You
see people drowning and you see him standing up the man on his head to run water out of his
lungs. If too much water is in the lungs, which brings in the breath of life, then the man will
expire, because he has too much of it. That will kill him. There is no such thing as a spirit
jumping out of your body going someplace. It’s the spirit that can’t come in that keeps the
man alive. No, we don’t have a soul going out; it’s the spirit that can’t come in that keeps the
man alive. No, we don’t have a soul going out, it’s the one we can’t keep in.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

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