by Master Elijah Muhammad


      “Christ my Lord,” they say, “My redeemer died for us…,” When would God be foolish
enough to come out and die for the devil? “Jesus died for us”, well if he died for you how
many more Jesus’ does it take now to free you? We have been mistreated by white people
since the death of Jesus, more than before. We were not here in North America for the white
man to mistreat us in the time of Jesus.


       We just came here, or were brought here rather, 400 years ago. If we had been here in
the time of Jesus, when Muhammad was born, he would have come and gotten us, so said
God. When two of his generals got to the ocean, the history teaches us, that the horses’ hoofs
staved at the surf of the sea and they lifted up soil shaking it at the sea and said, “If it wasn’t
for this sea, I would keep on to the ends of the earth putting to death every infidel that I
find.” So, God taught me, He said, “Elijah” He said, “If you all had been over here at that
time…” He said, “He would have gotten over here and got you Himself.” He said, “They all
love you, but the devil and I have spoiled you so much, that they don’t want to take up the
time to try to put you back where you once came from.” He said, “They don’t want to teach
you. You are so spoiled and ruined by the devil, that they can’t stand your insults; so, they
left the work up to me and you to do. We are not going to miss them.


      Marcus Garvey made an attempt” He said, “He loved you all, but he didn’t have the
knowledge that he should have had to have brought you out.” “Noble Drew Ali…” He said, “He
tried, but he was not able, because he lacked the knowledge,” He said. “Now they have all
left them to us, you and me. There is no one to get them now, but you and me. The job is
on us, but when I have finished teaching you, you will be able to get them all.”

       I would not be able with whatever teachings He gave me unless He was with it Himself.
We can’t give life to the dead without His help. Even though we may know the key to the
knowledge of that which the Blackman should rise by. We still can’t do it unless He’s with it.
There is much that you shall know in this day and time. I’m so glad and thankful to God
for giving us this shelter to teach you the knowledge of yourself, because you are a proud
people. You will go to church and wherever you find the finest one, you will try to get in it.


       So now this is the finest one here is in the land. The devil will bear me witness. He has
already bore witness. He called it the ten most finest churches in the country. We went to
an extreme task of buying it. If we had been white, we probably would have gotten the
church for 2 million dollars, but since we are black and “haters of white,” they doubled it.
They charged us 4 million dollars for this church. We have not paid the 4 million dollars, but
having true friendship and brotherhood with our people in Africa, they loaned us the 4 million
dollars to pay it. We have friendship all over the earth, throughout the Islands of the sea we
have friends. This was done to let you know that we have friends. For these people of ours in
Africa to loan us the money to buy this church, they didn’t just give it to us, they loaned it to

us. They may give us some part of it later on when they learn of our great work; whereas,
they too must come by it before they can be saved.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]