by Master Elijah Muhammad


      You notice that all of your life, you can get a good laugh out of white people as long as
you act a fool, jump up on the stage dancing and singing evil and filthy songs, pulling off half
your clothes and showing the filth of yourselves, you’re alright with them. All they want the
so-called Negro for is to show the world that he, the white man, has made a fool out of one of
your members who you now don’t want. So, as long as your own people and my people of the
good and of the good world refuses you, then he can laugh and say, “Oh I beat your God. I’ve
taken him away from you even though he’s one of you. I’ve robbed your God of him and he
follows and obeys me.”


        So my friends, brothers and sisters of the nation who has no birth record and has no end,
there’s no such thing as a beginning to the Blackman, nor is there such a thing of you proving
truthfully that there’s an end of him. You can’t prove truthfully his birth, though we can
pinpoint him after his birth, but we can’t tell you of the life after which he started into
perfection as a stature and form of a man. We can’t tell you that part. We can get back
there. God has taught me so near to it, although I will not go into that kind of teaching with
you, because I don’t believe you have enough knowledge to go halfway with me. I have been
taught so near to Him that you would have to put the counting of years on it yourself. I am
not able, because I would have to go through how long darkness took to produce the atom
from which the man was made.


        For 400 years, he [white man] made our fathers and ourselves bow to death. The cross
is a sign that represents death. The corpse hanging off the tree shows you what he will do for
you in Christianity. He can’t do that so easily when you come out into the Star, the Moon and
the Sun.


       He will be overtaken one day and slaughtered. He will not be able, out of all the Muslims
in the country, be able to kill 300 before the end of himself would come. That number 300, is

not from myself, but from the mouth of God. He won’t be able to kill over 300 Muslims before
they kill all of them; he knows all of this. He’s bound to attack us one day, but we have, what
they call in the Bible, seven angels with us and Allah told me he’s not enough for one. All of
the seven would like to get a hold of him, but he’s like a mouse among seven hungry cats and
there is not a full meal of the mouse for one of these seven cats.


        I’m challenging the root of what you’ve been listening to; therefore, I cannot tell you the
root of the creation of man, his characteristics and what he’s to end up doing in a few
minutes. I don’t care how fast I talk, I couldn’t do it. The best time I have made of teaching
this history is about five hours. I cut it down from six to about five, but it takes hard work to
do it. The world of the white man was given 6,000 years to live, rule us and take us to hell
with him if he could. It takes six hours to teach that history. I have worked on this history
for 40 years, 40 years. I didn’t say four years, 40 years I have been teaching this history, I
have taught it at times when the spirit of Allah would get on me until I couldn’t hardly lie
down when I got home. My wife, if she was here, she would tell you so.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]