by Master Elijah Muhammad


      Nothing I will say up here on this platform that God has not given me the root of. If you
don’t believe I’m telling you the truth, just, because you don’t know it, then you get someone
who you think does. Ask him to challenge me for you and you won’t find him.
The scientists of the Bible and prophets couldn’t find him, they prophesied of me in
these words there; in Isaiah, I think you’ll find it. They will shut their mouth at him; they
who? It means the scientist class of the white people. They will not try and dispute with me,
and they don’t do it.


     You should have remembered when I went to Washington in 1959, they have great
respect for me. The government sent out its soldiers and welcomed me into Washington from
the airport, right up and down Pennsylvania Avenue. They respected my knowledge, but you
can’t do that. I can hardly get respected in your back yard, because you don’t know; they
know. Twice they did that. They’ll do that tomorrow if I go there. Never have you had a

preacher to go to the government’s capitol and they escorted you from the airport up and
down Pennsylvania Avenue, because he don’t have that kind of knowledge.

     They gave the preacher what he knows, but they didn’t give me what I know. I’m like it’s
written in the Bible, put in the name of Jesus, although I’m the one saying it to you, he says
there when challenged for the knowledge of his education, he answered, “Mine is from above
and yours is from beneath.” They didn’t question further, because what comes up out of
their civilization has no equal with that which comes from God. This is the meaning of mine
from above and yours from beneath. Beneath means, that what you know comes from a
wicked man of whom we made, but mine come from the man above, man’s knowledge, who
has no birth record.

        As we return to our left here on the board [Actual Facts], under the American flag we
find there is a cross outside of his flag. What does that mean, it means that he’s at the
crossroad of the truth. He will lead you either way, because he has no straight path to the
truth. He calls it Christianity. Christian, Christ means the crusher. The plural part of the
word means all that follow such teachings, Christianity. Anything that pertains to the
teaching of the gospel of the Christian religion.

       Christianity refers to a prophet that they killed when he came among them trying to
teach them Islam. They killed that man; they killed and persecuted all the prophets of Islam
who were teaching them the truth. They being made just opposite of the truth, they could
not have truth come up in among them. It would destroy the future of their civilization. The
people would believe in truth and he would not be able to get them to believe in his teaching
of other than truth. Christianity is other than the truth; that’s why white people who are
made of other than the truth want you to believe it. They don’t’ tell you that it came from
God when they made Adam. Adam was not taught truth. He was taught evil so that he could
trick the truth believer and make the true believer believe in their “other than the truth.”
This would get him off the path of righteousness, thereby becoming an evil doer.



[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]