by Master Elijah Muhammad


      So we have this sign before you so you can read and learn something from it. You see
stripes of red, stripes of white, and then you see a blue square here full of stars. “What does
that mean Elijah?” It means truth in the American people, this is their flag, the root meaning
of themselves. It means that this white represents themselves – their color. That red
represents the Sun and the red representing the Sun beside an equal stripe of white
representing the truth and the white represents the white people and that blue represents
untrue like the sky.

       We say there’s a blue sky, but you can go up there a billion miles and you will never find
any blue. So today, God has given me the secret of all these things and I’m here to teach you
the secret. That blue represents untrue, just as the sky looks blue, but there’s no blue sky;
so, you may chase it all day and all night long in your planes and you won’t find no blue sky up
You may say, “Well Mr. Muhammad, I see you have on a blue suit, does that mean you’re
untrue?” No, this blue I’m wearing is so, because I live among untrue people and to get among
them to get their attention, you look like them and you can creep up to them; he thinks that’s

      The American flag and it’s true meanings: When the original scientists designed it for
white America, he told him, he said, “I put the blue in here for you, because you will not be
true.” Blue represents untrue color.” See there is nothing by nature that is actually true in
blue; it always can disappear, because that’s not the true color of nature or the universe’s
signs. The true color in the universe is the Sun, and the Sun is something that is fire, it’s red
and it produces color. Whenever there is an artificial like plant, it can change that artificial
plant into another color, because it is the master that does this. The Sun brings up the colors
out of the earth into plant life and into other creeping, crawling, walking life. The Sun can
change it to whatever it wants it to be or change it to something else.

      You that have never studied the universe and the planets in the circle of the universe as
it’s a circle itself, the whole universe is a circle. You that have never studied this, though you

have studied Astronomy, some of you have not gotten this deep into this, because the
teachers that taught you knowledge of Astronomy didn’t have it themselves and if they had it
and knew the meanings of it, that the end of it is you, he’s not going to teach it no way. This
is why they don’t attack me and put in their paper to make me prove what I teach. It makes
him so little until you have to take something like a magnifying glass to find him. Therefore,
he doesn’t want to challenge me out here before you. I would love to have him stand here
and challenge me. I would give him $20,000 dollars every hour if he would come here and try
to contend with me.

      “Well Mr. Muhammad, I think you’re talking too fast,” No, I am not. I have mine from
God and what he [devil] has also came from God, but God gave him the worst that he had in
his store house. He made the worst man that ever lived in the Sun, although we have not
gotten to that yet. You will agree with me when I have taught you how he was made and give
you the knowledge of how you can test the truth. You don’t know how to test real truth,
because you have never heard real truth. I can teach you how to test it. I can teach you how
to attack me and how I can ward you off.


       The scientist that gave America a flag was a black man. He [white man] didn’t know how
to make one with science like the black man, because the black man was the maker, so he
made America a flag with truth, justice, which will ultimately destroy the falsehood that will
come with fire in the Sun. He put it there before the white man’s face in that color.
Don’t call it “Old Glory,” it’s old hell to you. They are fighting the truth and putting other
than the truth with truth. You can’t call it an old glory for you, because you are made of
truth. A deceiver of truth deceived you of the knowledge of truth; therefore. you think
you’re the same fellow that he is. You are not, because one like yourself made him. He
didn’t come with us. We made him just 6,000 years ago and he will tell you himself that Man
has been on this earth for hundreds of thousands and millions of years, and the man he refers
to is you.

    The man that didn’t’ come with the Sun, Moon and Stars is not referred to as the Man.
The human made into man is called a human man and not to be called Man. Man is you and I.
The white man is called mankind, and he knows himself to be that. He refers to himself as
mankind. In the Bible, it says He made him like a man, but he yet was not the man. So
that’s pretty good, he admits these things.

    When he says mankind, he’s referring to white people; he’s not referring to you. You are
not to be called or represent yourselves as mankind. You are not a kind-of- like man; you are
the real man. “And the Lord said ‘Let us make man;’ think over that. You have believed and
thought that meant all of us. There was no such thing as God saying ‘let us make a black
man,’ because no one knows when the first Blackman was made. There was no diameter
measured through the darkness out of which we created ourselves. We can measure it now,
but not then.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]