Theology of Time: JUNE 4, 1972 Part 4

by Master Elijah Muhammad


     I hope you have patience with me a little longer. You did not see this board [Actual
Facts Board] here last Sunday turned this way [towards the audience]. This is the thing that I
am going after: the root of the signs and [its] making. We must go [to] the root to prove that
the All Wise, the Best Knower, is with us in the person of Master Fard Muhammad.
Fard is a name used by the God of the last day, Who is opening up the kingdom of
heaven to you and me.

      The name Fard is a name outside of the 100 attributes of God. It’s an
extra name to itself. The Bible give it to you like this; “He had a name written up and down
His thighs that no man knew but He Himself.” So, all of this is understood now. God has
taught me that there is nothing of the Bible – nothing else of the Qur’an, that is yet to be
misunderstood; it’s understood today. This is the little fellow [with] whom God has made all
of those secrets known, and I don’t say that I’m guessing at anything, it’s all what God has
given to me.

      If you take it and tell it to the scientists of this world and you find one that can
dispute with one word that I’m telling you, I’ll give you ten thousand dollars out of my
brother’s pocket. You should be happy if you know that these are truths that have been
buried from your ears all of your life and all your parents’ lives. This is the first time that you
ever heard this and they are true. I don’t say that, because I think you never read nothing
about it, no. You read about it, but you were unable to understand what you read.
You should come out and listen to truth and stop listening to guesses. The Bible has
been taught to you through people who’ve guessed at it, not knowing the truth, but guessing
at the truth.

     Well, it’s time to give that fellow the truth and stop him from guessing at it.
The Bible teaches you in the beginning that God made the heavens and the earth, right?
That is true; in the beginning, but when was the beginning? You say in the beginning, when
was that beginning? And how did He make heaven and earth? You see, you must know the
truth of these things and if the truth does not compare with what you see and what you hear,
then you don’t have the truth. So, I don’t run from you when I teach. You can question me all
you want, because I have your answer. God has given it to me, not just for me myself, but He
gave it to me to give to you and if you use it, lucky are you.

      We see here on this board [Actual Facts Board] before our eyes, two flags [Universal Flag
of Islam and American] and we see under one flag [American] here a cross and a man hanging
on a tree. All of this you know to be true. I thought I’d wait until you go over [ponder] this
drawings a little bit as I [was] coming in to teach you the understanding of it. Here on this
board you see the flag of America and you see the flag of Islam. In the flag of America here,
you see the sign they use for their religion. You see red, white and blue as colors. Over here
you see white and red only.

     These are very good teachings that you should know. In between
the two flags you have these words written: “Which one will survive the war of Armageddon.”
When will that be? It’s on now. Armageddon is on now. You would not be hearing the truth
of these things. The truth is only to come when the falsehood has failed. As long as

falsehood can rule, it remains like night. As long as the night can rule, you won’t see any day.
So, we use all these signs and truth teachings to contend with each other daily.
Now between the two flags we have written, “Which one will survive the war of
Armageddon.” What is the Armageddon war? It’s a war where truth clashes with falsehood
and falsehood clashes with truth. Falsehood will try to continue to rule and truth must
overcome it and cast it out. That flag to our right here [flag of Islam] contains only 2 colors,
red and white.

    The meaning of these two colors are [as follows]: Red represents truth. This
is the first thing that we have in the universe. It was a red ball of fire to lighten up the
universe, that’s the Sun. The Sun is a red ball of fire [approximately] 800 thousand miles in
diameter; that’s a very big Sun, 800 miles in diameter right through it. Now, the Sun is
nothing but a big ball of fire. Don’t get it mixed up with some old slavery teaching. It’s no

     We’re sure it’s fire; we have tested it and drawn fire out of it, so it is a ball of fire
that warms up a circle with nine planets. That Sun strikes all of these 9 planets and the
farthest of all planets is the one you call Platoon. That planet is 4 billion 600 million miles
from the Sun; yet, that Sun strikes it just a few hours in our regular day and makes it revolve
around it, what sign is that? Whatever amount of the light of truth touches us as human
beings, it changes us. Since God teaches us the science that the planet Pluto or Platoon is 4
billion, 600 million miles from us, He uses it for a sign of us.

     We being 4,000 years off from him; 4,000 years off from the history of the 6,000 years
that Moses taught Israel, Moses’ teachings didn’t touch Israel until after they already had been
cast out from us in Arabia 2,000 years; that left us 4,000 years to work with him. Now since
we worked with him for 4,000 years he clipped us for 400 years of it. We have been blinded
to the knowledge of ourselves for 400 years.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

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