by Master Elijah Muhammad


   This teaching must come to you to save you from their doom. In the very beginning there
was no doom written for the Blackman unless that Blackman willfully and knowingly follows
the white man to his doom. The doom of the white man was written in the days that he was

    There was never no doom written for you. The end of your world will never come to an
end. We can change at times with changes, but we never end. No end is written for us. You
can’t find where the Blackman will end up one day and have no world. If he ends up one day
without a world, then there will be nothing. It will be the same as it was with the first life
that was created in darkness to itself. There is no God, nowhere, to take hold of the
Blackman’s wisdom and outstrip him of his own wisdom.

     Once upon a time, a Blackman tried to destroy the Blackman, so Allah taught me, but he
failed. He couldn’t destroy himself, because he was the creator; so, he left some of us back
here right on it. That was a long, long time ago, so God taught me that it was in the making
of the moon. In His effort to destroy the Blackman, He caused a new world of thought to
come in.

     He split this one (earth) in two. He had taken one part of it and put it out before our
eyes to serve as signs, for this part. He wanted to destroy us, but he couldn’t. He wanted his
teachings to go like the one that went into Africa and we came from him.
Fifty-thousand years ago, as God taught me, a Blackman disagreed with the eleven
scientists; the eleven stuck together and let him go and prove his new God wisdom
somewhere else. It was Africa into which he went to prove it, in the jungles of Africa. He
said he could make a people like himself and would bring [everything] to a naught, because
they would be strong, powerful; and nothing could defeat them. So the eleven said go and
make your man, but don’t make him here. So he went into the jungles of Africa fifty
thousand years ago, so God taught me, and He showed me the signs that I could recognize

     He pointed out to me one night, two little stars in the Southeastern skies; a blue one
and a red one. He said, “It’s been fifty thousand years since we have seen these two stars,”
He said, “When they go away out of the skies from our sight this time, it will be fifty-thousand
years before they reappear.” Every time they reappear there will be a universal change.
The white man recognizes these things, their scholars and scientists, but they don’t talk
to you on nothing of the kind. A blue star beside a red one; that means removal of a world
that doesn’t correspond with the original world.

     You say, “Well how many more times is it?” The end is up. The wisdom that this One
brought is to bring an end to these kind of workings, [also to] show forth something to come
after this man’s wisdom. There is no wisdom to come after this that will be able to erase this
wisdom, because this wisdom is brought to you from the root of wisdom from the Originator
of the Universe.

     You notice that the whole universe is egg shaped. The planets in the universe are also
egg shaped. They are not perfectly round spheres. Well, this is leaving a little work for some
wise man; that is, that [which] I am not able to perfect, then someone must perfect that
thing. This is the way that we look at wisdom. When scholars are arguing with each other,
they take one word – most time – they don’t take a whole book, one word is sufficient for
them to argue on. If that is not perfect, then all right, he challenges you to prove your work,
these are scientists. I don’t say that I’m one, but I can entertain them.

    I’m raised up in your midst, which crowns you with glory and happiness. If you can think
of anything in the basic teaching of the resurrection of the dead that I don’t understand, I’ll
give you ten thousand dollars out of my brother’s vest pocket.
We must have a man today to teach us, and who knows and doesn’t guess. We no more
are going to rely on guessing and theories. Theory is not truth until you prove it true. Many
of us can have theories, but not all those can [prove] our theories true.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]