by Master Elijah Muhammad


     So, what you have been told, it was told to you to understand. It was not given to you to
understand before time; this is the time that you must know the secret to all truths which has
been put into symbolic language. Now, today, the veil must be lifted, do you understand? If
you believe that I’m he, then you are a very lucky man or woman. It is not that I want you to
believe and worship me, but believe and worship Him of Whom I teach to you.

     It’s been a long time since I had a chance to get on the rostrum to teach. I don’t come
out very often due to the fact that I’m forbidden to do so, until the proper hour.
We are going into the theology of time and history of the people. We were not to do this
until time. This is the time and end of what we call the white race. They are white and the
only people that were made white. You are to know who they are; you are no more to be
blind, deaf and dumb to the knowledge of people, races and why we have races.
Everything that we say to you today, it must be proven. God gave me the proof. I’m the
little fellow in your Bible of whom it is written, that they will shut their mouths at him. If
any man will be able to condemn what I’m teaching, you bring him to me.


    We pay no more attention to magicians; they are considered liars and they can be
proven liars if you understand the truth. Why you are so far behind is due to the white man,
who knew the truth of you. He took it and veiled it, put it in books and into symbolic
language so you wouldn’t see and understand it until time and this is the time that you must
know the truth regardless to how it hurts; you must know it. Regardless to what becomes of
the speaker for teaching you, he must teach it if he knows it.

     So today, we’re going [to] the root of the creation of the white race and how there came
to be a white race on our planet. As you use to think and I use to think the same, that God
made them all at once, No! Or that the white man was the first, No! I was wrong! It is not
possible for black babies to be born out from white parents, no. That black one has got to
come first and let the white one come after it. You can’t bring them both here together.

      “Let us make man,” remember that phrase: “Let Us make man.” Well, if “We” have to
make man, then what were “We”? Who was the “Us” that must make man? What man are you
talking about? All of this you will learn. You will learn the first step before you leave here. I
won’t be able to teach you all of it here this afternoon, because I got to go step by step to the
first step to get you to see, but once you see you will be like the donkey Balaam was riding:
Remember the donkey had never met an angel before and he had never had no talk with an
angel. He was confounded to see an angel standing before him; teaching him the knowledge
of what he was carrying on his back. He spoke with man’s voice; very good.

     This is what we want you to do. We want you to speak the knowledge that he has, not
the original man, but the made man. You don’t have to teach the knowledge to the original
man, because he was the first – he knows it. But the made man, you must have the
knowledge of him and that’s my subject today is to start you off into the knowledge of the
made man. You are the original man, there is no such thing as a birth record of you.
The Adam in the Bible, you have never understood who Adam was. You have been
calling Adam your father, Adam is not your father! We are very happy to teach you if you
would but listen, and I will assure you, that if you listen to me teach you how all of this began
and how it will end, you will never be able to thank me for it.

    In the past, where we found in history when God got tired of people being so wicked and
so far off from the love and worship of Him, He raised up among them a prophet who began
warning the people of a terrible destruction coming upon them; whereas, if you don’t believe
what I have received from God, then the same thing is here today.

     You hear and you see many changes coming to pass throughout the world of man. You
have never seen it nor have you ever heard of any such things going on. Today you can listen
to your radio, look at your TV’s and you see things and you hear things that you never have
seen and heard before. This is due to the removal of a world and setting up a new world on
the old foundation of the other, which has been removed.

    We no more can accept the guidance of this world, because it is turned down. The
people have become so dissatisfied with the white man’s world that they too, being white,
would like to remove it. This is why they both are going to clash with each other, they are
moving towards each other closer and closer every hour.



 [Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]